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Rifts: Chibi Shemarrian

A chibi Shemarrian D-Bee from Palladium Books' Rifts. (Intro'd in Sourcebook One,… and now with their own book in Shemarrian Nation…

The Shemarrian's armor is usually a lot more Baroque in styling, but when I sketched this tonight I didn't have any reference material to go on. Besides the idea was to get a more "16-bit" look to her, like how one would appear in the manual for a FF Tactics release or somesuch.

So I've got it in my head to do more Rifts Chibis. Any ideas on where I could take this? And yeah... I don't dabble in Bead Sprite art... but I've friends who do....

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Chibi glitterboys would be very cool.
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Maybe you should do some chibi Xictik and some Glitterboys.