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Left 4 Dead - Witch + Zoey

By bar1scorpio
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A lil' obligatory Rule 34. Well, this might be one way to avoid taking damage. Or make the "Crowned" achievement.

Part of the joke is, Francis hates everything. Vans, the Woods, Elevators...

Good lord, this is by far my most popular piece...

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Gotta agree with Francis on that
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Bro2494Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, I had a shirt of this years ago. It wasn't official, but it was the first shirt I'd even bought off of the internet. I lost it about a year ago and the site I got it from isn't selling it anymore. I doubt it, but do you think you could put this (as well as a few other pieces of your art) on shirts? It'd just be nice to have this again.
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bar1scorpioHobbyist General Artist
I was thinking of it, but I'm not about to do fanart on shirts. Only originals.
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Bred4ThotHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes! Lesbianism! Its good to see LGBT getting into art pieces!
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bar1scorpioHobbyist General Artist
I know. It's so rare. But I like to think of myself as particularly courageous
I don't like to say the word "hero" but if you want to call me that, go right on ahead, I'm too humble to stop you.
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Bred4ThotHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wasnt gonna say hero, but as i personally am a lesbian, its just good to see adventurous artists depicting things like this!
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This pic inspired me to make a re-enactment in gmod years ago. People loved it, so thanks for the inspiration!
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Geez I remember one of the times that I played L4D I had to make progress through a garage of some sort. Had to climb a window to get into the garage to start the crescendo event but the Witch had blocked the window I needed to go through. So me being a hopeful dumbass startled the witch and hoped that my AI teammates would killher before she got to me but that was too much to hope for. I was nearly clawed to death by the witch but I survived and made it to the end of the game.
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^,^ 성지순례
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paishiriHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg i remember when i was younger and i saw this and was like??? These are Lesbians?? But i like it what?? Long story short i figured out i was gay bc of this pic haha!! Its still v cute if we forget that weirdo francis lmao
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bar1scorpioHobbyist General Artist

That is possibly the most unexpected comment of the year.

Okay, wait, scratch that, I think some other works of mine have also outed women.
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FrostfaunaHobbyist General Artist
I've been wondering where this pic originated for years. So glad I finally found the artist. Very funny piece.
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wow good job....everytime i search zoey x witch this one came up first!
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toxicdragon1997Student Artist
LOL that’s funny
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I ship it.
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bar1scorpioHobbyist General Artist
Great, now that song's stuck in my head.
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Adry42Hobbyist Digital Artist
who is this Zoey?
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angeld11Student Writer
Look up left 4 dead shes the white girl
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i love this..
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AnotherFrickenArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
That Francis joke is clever af
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I ship them so much.
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AngelzDesignzHobbyist Digital Artist
LMAO too funny

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mike1045Hobbyist General Artist
:lovelyeyes:  i gotta say, i can't really understand the whole Zoey+Witch things. but i can say i love the whole idea of it, because it can cute...and sometimes kinky  :lovelyeyes: 
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