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Isabelle's Pov:

I felt the dark moons beaming down on me as we sat on the beach at midnight and my brain was thinking of plans and tactics for our next move even though we are suppose to be on vacation. my name is Isabelle and I am on the offense from some people after me.they want me for a few reasons.One I have become a so called traitor by my fair sisters.Two I have the ability that I never could have before because of my new dark powers.Three I betrayed the person who I once called my boyfriend and last but not least I am trying to take over the universe. I looked at the people who have decided to join me in my quest and started to feel light headed.I looked at myself in the waters and kept thinking of how I am two people who were sharing a body. I had to take over the other half of me,Serena  because she was too sweet and she wouldn't have allowed me to do what I wanted so I had her locked up.I kept thinking of how the 8 diamonds could help me with my quest but at the same time could also destroy me if placed in the wrong hands.

the eight diamonds were created because me and my sisters were created. the eight diamonds come in different colors representing the eight of us and can awaken our full powers and potential.I only have the purple gem which when it touched my fingers it color changed from light purple to a dark amethyst.I looked at the moon and kept thinking of how I am suppose to be ruthless and merciless and yet have not killed anyone who tries to get in my way.maybe Serena is making sure that I won't at least do that.I kept thinking of Jesse, the boy who Serena was madly in love with until she found out that he was somewhat still in love with his ex and only stayed with Serena because he was conflicting his decision.I saw this and took it as an opportunity to take over with the help of Adrian, my right hand man and the person who understands my plan more than anybody. Adrian has gone undercover and somehow made them think that he was kind and good and when I first met him or should I say when Serena first met him she was convinced that he was good and caring but somehow she knew before I did that when he saved her from death that something wasn't right about him..

I walked off the beach to our castle and I ran to the foyer.I sat in my throne and thought that this will soon be the throne which everyone will be bowing to me, Adrian, and our accomplices.I could hear his footsteps making echos in the hallway. "Isabelle we are suppose to be on vacation relaxing while those idiots are worrying about you and our plans." his voice projected. he was right and I knew that he was right but I still couldn't relax. "Adrian i want to go pay those idiotic morons a visit and get a new diamond to add to our increasing collection." I said with a wicked smile. he looked at me and held my hand. " what about the others?" his question in my opinion was simple yet stupid. " I want only me and you to go on this little outing so we can leave them to the rest of there vacation."I got dressed and so did Adrian.we decided to take A portal to that bright floating eyesore they call the magical palace also known as U.M.I  AKA the Universal Magic Institute which is suppose to be in the center of the universe.

We stood on a cliff which gave us a perfect view of the palace and an advantage of not being seen.he looked at me and I knew what that look meant. I closed my eyes and made four clones of me and Adrian. I looked at them and they were perfect replicas of made me think of how Serena tried to make a duplicate of herself but every time something was wrong with it.I asked Adrian if I could be the one to send them a wake up call since the last time we were here they put up a shield to try and keep us out and protect there precious students.I made a Black and white guitar appear in my hands and plucked a few strings.the sounds echoed and broke through there shield in seconds making the pieces look like broken glass.I also summoned a little blue orb in my fingers and as I made the guitar disappear,I threw the orb and the blast made hundreds of guards and Adrian decided to let our clones deal with them and cause havoc while we look for the we appeared in the dean's office we could here and see the students running and screaming in made me laugh to see see how much fun I was having.we decided to go through the mayhem and ended up in the center of the palace.I could sense the diamond in here but I could also feel my sisters coming.

as I predicted my sisters came in with Jesse and he looked at me the same way he did when he thought he freed me from the being in cased in ice. "Serena why are you doing this to the place you love and to the people who love you?" he asked coming closer to me. Adrian stood in front of me trying to block him from me.I blocked all the exits with my illusion ice which is ice magic which blocks off an area and if someone sees it think that it open but walks to it and is not only trapped in my illusion but trapped in ice."Jesse your so stupid. I don't love any of these people or this stupid flying piece of junk.all I want is the diamonds." one of my sisters ,Amy came from behind Jesse and said " well if you want them then you are gonna have to fight us for them and find them".this was what I wanted her to say and I knew this was going to be fun.
this is a story i am writing and will be updating new chapters every now and then so i hope you like them. the dress above is the dress she is wearing.
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