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Isabelle's Pov:
I simply dodged all of Amy's attacks and yawned as she stopped from lost of breath. " awwww is that the best you got Amy.well its my turn now." I started punching her and all my punches made contact.i stopped when one of my punches made her go flying but the wall stopped her from going to attention turned to Melody and Symphony or the twins as we call them.I stepped back as Adrian used his knives to pin them to the wall. I walked up to them and looked inside of them because I felt one of the diamonds was near and one of my sisters have it.i saw that neither of them had it so i tried to focus on its location.suddenly I fell to the ground because some threw a powerful sound wave attack.

Adrian's Pov:
I saw as Isabelle got up and turned around to see Cammie was the one who threw it at her.I could see the she had a cut on her cheek and the minute she felt it, I could sense that it was about to go down.Isabelle conjured up a storm orb and threw it directly at Cammie's chest.I saw her sister Camilla came up in her face and say "Serena if you want to be bad then try and fight me with no magic bitch" a few seconds pass before Camilla grabs Isabelle"s hair and Isabelle starting laying punches to Camilla's head. suddenly Camilla dropped Isabelle and started landed punches to her face.Isabelle got on top and started punching and wasn't stopping until Jesse came in and grabbed her off of Camilla.Vanessa tried to hold Camilla back. "Jesse why the fuck would you get in the way?".

Jesse held her in his arms and asked her why was she doing this.she broke out of his hold and looked inside of Camilla and Vanessa.she found nothing.suddenly I felt something sharp pointed at my neck.Isabelle turned her attention towards me and a smile appeared on her face.I flipped my attacker on her back and it was her younger sister Kimiko who was blind.Isabelle walked over to me but before she could say anything Jesse threw her into her ice illusion.I was shocked that he actually had the guts to do that.Jesse ran to the twins and unpinned them from the wall.they all looked at me trying to think of how to attack me when ice shards starting flying at us.I looked to see Isabelle's eyes were bright red which met that she was pissed. the clear skies filled with clouds and purple lighting struck down.Isabelle moved her hands,making a magical gesture towards the twins and in seconds they were trapped inside a red and black egg with a red crescent moon lock.Vanessa and Camilla charged at her but she smiled and blew them a kiss which turned into a tornado and caught them.Jesse was standing next to Cammie and Amy and they were ready to attack.

Isabelle made a sickly green music note appear in the air with her finger and the three of them were on their knees due to the horrible sounds they were hearing.As Isabelle was having fun,I decided to look inside Kimiko to see if it one of the diamonds were there and right there inside her heart was the yellow diamond. I reached inside and grabbed it.its color changed from a sunshine yellow to a dark topaz.We now have two of the eight diamonds.I look up to them still in pain but Jesse is standing up he looks mad and is looking at Isabelle like as if he was going to do some harm to her.he did something that seemed so animal like. he roared like a mighty and powerful lion and the roar echoed so far it made Isabelle hit the wall and as she tried to get up,she fell to the soon as she fell,all of her spells came undone.the twins were released from the egg prison but,they were unconscious, Camilla and Vanessa were free from the tornado and Cammie and Amy were able to stand and stop hearing the horrible music that Isabelle had played for them.I quickly grab Isabelle,being like a ninja and leaped off the pointed towers,knowing that if all of Isabelle's spells have disappeared then so have our clones.I was able to make it to our portal and get her to our castle.

Isabelle's Pov:
I woke up in my bed a little confused on how i got here until I remembered Jesse and his attack.Adrian and our accomplices were looking at me. "Isabelle you should have let us come with you." Victoria said.she and her sister hated me at first but we joined forces because we are pretty powerful and evil and also have the same goals.there was also Jose,Charlie, and Digital.I looked at Adrian and his eyes were looking out the window."Adrian did we get another jewel for our collection or do we have to go over there and try again?" i asked while getting out of bed."don't worry Isabelle we have a new diamond" he said with a smile.Digital handed me the most powerful book of magic in existence.we simply call this book The ultimatum because it is so incredible and mysterious.when we first stole the book, we knew what it was we just wasn't sure how to open it.we found out that the ultimatum will show you very powerful spells but you have to have the diamonds in order to to use a certain spell.lets say i have a spell that needs only the purple diamond then i can use it but if it requires the red and blue diamond,it will show me the spell but i wont be able to cast it until i have those spells.

I put the two diamonds in the book and it opened itself to show me the spells i could use."so Isabelle where's are next stop?" Jose asked me while putting the ultimatum away. "We are going to have some fun on earth" i said while getting dressed.
Chapter 2 of darkness and has a few girl fights in it so enjoy.
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