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Jesse's Pov: I couldn't believe that I just did that. I tried to help the girls out and see if they were ok. "we are fine but we have to check on Kimiko." Cammie said as she was running over to Kimiko.we all looked at her and when she opened her eyes,we all stepped back a bit in shock.we got her inside to see a we were sitting in the waiting room,Camilla spoke. "so how many diamonds does that bitch has and how many do we have?". "she has two,the Yellow and Purple diamond while we only have the orange diamond.there are five diamonds left out there and she has the ultimatum" Melody answered while looking out the window. I looked around the room and could see that they had looks of disappointment and sadness." how are we going to save Serena?" Camilla walked up to me and said "Jesse you idiot,that is not Serena.Isabelle is trying to destroy us and the universe.what don't you understand about that? the sooner you figure this out,  the more of use you will be to us." she walked off and Cammie ran after her. we have got to get ourselves  together or we might as well just kiss the universe goodbye and hand it over to Isabelle.

Isabelle"s Pov:I looked at the Ultimatum to see if there is a spell I can use and so far it was mostly spells that unavaliable.I turned the page and there was a spell that interested me.this spell said that I was able to time travel back in time or to the future.this would be a pretty useful spell in the near future. "Hey Isabelle,Adrian wants to know weither we are going to your former mothers castle or to that ditzy little place that they call a high school?" Digital asked.We can go to the school later but tomorrow night we are going to the castle on earth.Their defenses will be down because of the ball that Queen Daphne is going to hold." Do you think that your sister's will show up?". I looked at him and said " that's a possibility but if they show up this could be fun". I ran down the foyer and ran into Jose. " Isabelle are you going to get an outfit for the ball?" he asked. "Jose were you eavesdropping on my conversation again?" I questioned back.he smiled and I had a smile on my face as well. "yes I am and I need to change my appearance because I don't want to be recognized and I want to trick my sisters in case they come.I looked at Earth and Serena's memories started to flood to my mind."well I see you are still fighting to gain control Serena" I said to myself. I knew that Serena had some control but I was in command.

Serena"s Pov: I looked around and it was horrible in here.The glass walkway was clear and as you looked down you feared that you were walking on air and could any second fall to the lava below.there was Black and Red diamonds floating in the sky and little particles falling at the bottom of them.mirrors were also sitting in the felt so lifeless and depressing.I looked around thinking how am I going to escape when she came into view."Serena you can't leave here and I want you to stop trying to interfere with my plans" she said while walking over the glass walkway. "I have to stop you and guess what weither you like it or not I am going to get out of here". I walked past her and felt something was thrown at me.I turned around and was an inch away from the knife hitting my face.I started throwing balls of water and she threw lighting at me. I ran away trying to find the exit and fire wall was blocking my way. I turned around and she snapped her fingers,the fire wall was gone and behind the wall was a dead end.As I was backing up, I could feel vines form a somewhat hammock behind me. I looked to see she blew some dark blue powder in my face and said "go to sleep Serena when you wake up everything will be the way it's suppose to be". I tried to fight it but ended up closing my eyes.
This is chapter 3 of Darkness and it is getting more interesting and is telling more of what has happened and a little bit of foreshadowing. I hope you like it and plz comment. All the outfits that are above are dresses that isabelle is wearing in this chapter.
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