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Silly clown girl  by baquarius13 Silly clown girl :iconbaquarius13:baquarius13 2 0 Rini/Sailor Mini Moon  by baquarius13 Rini/Sailor Mini Moon :iconbaquarius13:baquarius13 2 0 Winx Club OC Isabella fairy of the water dragon by baquarius13 Winx Club OC Isabella fairy of the water dragon :iconbaquarius13:baquarius13 2 0
Darkness Ch.3
Jesse's Pov: I couldn't believe that I just did that. I tried to help the girls out and see if they were ok. "we are fine but we have to check on Kimiko." Cammie said as she was running over to Kimiko.we all looked at her and when she opened her eyes,we all stepped back a bit in shock.we got her inside to see a we were sitting in the waiting room,Camilla spoke. "so how many diamonds does that bitch has and how many do we have?". "she has two,the Yellow and Purple diamond while we only have the orange diamond.there are five diamonds left out there and she has the ultimatum" Melody answered while looking out the window. I looked around the room and could see that they had looks of disappointment and sadness." how are we going to save Serena?" Camilla walked up to me and said "Jesse you idiot,that is not Serena.Isabelle is trying to destroy us and the universe.what don't you understand about that? the sooner you figure this out,  the more of use you will be to us." she walked of
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Darkness Chp.2
Isabelle's Pov:
I simply dodged all of Amy's attacks and yawned as she stopped from lost of breath. " awwww is that the best you got Amy.well its my turn now." I started punching her and all my punches made contact.i stopped when one of my punches made her go flying but the wall stopped her from going to attention turned to Melody and Symphony or the twins as we call them.I stepped back as Adrian used his knives to pin them to the wall. I walked up to them and looked inside of them because I felt one of the diamonds was near and one of my sisters have it.i saw that neither of them had it so i tried to focus on its location.suddenly I fell to the ground because some threw a powerful sound wave attack.
Adrian's Pov:
I saw as Isabelle got up and turned around to see Cammie was the one who threw it at her.I could see the she had a cut on her cheek and the minute she felt it, I could sense that it was about to go down.Isabelle conjured up a storm orb and threw it directly at Cammie's
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Darknesss Chp. 1
Isabelle's Pov:
I felt the dark moons beaming down on me as we sat on the beach at midnight and my brain was thinking of plans and tactics for our next move even though we are suppose to be on vacation. my name is Isabelle and I am on the offense from some people after me.they want me for a few reasons.One I have become a so called traitor by my fair sisters.Two I have the ability that I never could have before because of my new dark powers.Three I betrayed the person who I once called my boyfriend and last but not least I am trying to take over the universe. I looked at the people who have decided to join me in my quest and started to feel light headed.I looked at myself in the waters and kept thinking of how I am two people who were sharing a body. I had to take over the other half of me,Serena  because she was too sweet and she wouldn't have allowed me to do what I wanted so I had her locked up.I kept thinking of how the 8 diamonds could help me with my quest but at the same time co
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Love is like a flower
sometimes it blooms into a rose
other times it can turn into a weed
it can be beautiful and yet so ugly
love can make even the smartest human do the dumbest things
it is a human emotion that is so strong, its like mother nature
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  How could you do this to me, break my heart
it shattered and it echo's as it hits the ground
i trusted you with my treasure's that you swore you would protect but you let other pirates take it
now i can trust no one
I lost all respect for you when I saw your lips on someone else
his sweet kiss on other lips tasted to me like bitter poison
i was speechless with a loss of words like a book with empty pages
my heart dropped and the pieces walked away like lost travelers
I thought the world had set loose 2 billion phoenix's set out to destroy me
i screamed and yelled but did nothing
i wanted to slap the darkness ,to kick the jewels
i wanted to hurt you the same way you hurt me
but i knew that i could not do that unless i move on to someone else who can make the world bright when you made it pitch black
:iconbaquarius13:baquarius13 1 2
I Don't Get It
I don't get how you are so happy all the time
how you seem to know the right answer to everything
I don't get how at times you can turn your back against the world and then turn it right back
how you seem to make an impact to every person you meet
I don't get you
I want to have the courage that you have,the strength,the determination,the will and above all the heart that you have
there are so many things that I want to learn from you but I feel like it will take me years,decades,centuries even milleniums to be the kind of person that you are
I don't get how on this earth that we live on,that there is only one you
how people walk in mad but when they talk to you and walk out,they leave  with a smile on their face
there is little that I understand and more things that I want to know about you but your time with us is slowly decreasing
I don't get why people are crying and boo-hooing and stuff when you havent even left yet
All I know is that no matter where you are or where you
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How I met him
  Hi my name is April Rivera and I will tell you a story of what happened to me on my eighteenth birthday.I went to Wallenberg High School and the minute i walked through the door i received balloons from my my Best Friend Serena.I went to first period Honors English,Second period chemistry, Third period Art, Fourth period Physical Education, Fifth period U.S. History  and sixth period Geometry and everywhere i went to everyone was giving me adulation.i felt like the happiest girl in the world until I got home.when i got home my parents had to go to work because they got called in at the last minute.they left me my favorite food, which was clam chowder with bacon and my favorite dessert of Caramel Apple Cheesecake.
I threw my backpack on the floor and went into the living room.I turned on the TV to watch Yugioh Gx.i was just about to eat my birthday dinner when i heard a strange noise upstairs.i thought that it was my puppy,snowflake so i tried to ignore it but it k
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My Break up Poem
why are you playing with my heart
was this your intention from the start
you always said that we were over before we even started
you make me feel like we are always departed
you say we are as different as big bad wolf and little red riding hood
we knew each other since childhood
you told me that you were cool,sweet and tall
but you are as hot headed as a basketball
you say that all i do is spread nothing but drama
and that i should save the drama for my momma
you told me that you were a rude boy but plz to me your just a toy
whenever i have something to say,i say it to your face
but when you have something to say ,you dont say it to mine
just like drake and timbaland said"say something baby"
we go to places like the exploratorium or the beach
but when we are apart you tell people that i am the leech
Plz  i'm not the one calling your phone every five minutes
and im not the one leaving you twenty text messages a day
you better stop lying or else you will be the on who is crying
i don't
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Mature content
High School Love chapter 17 :iconevilpagemistress:Evilpagemistress 34 14
Mature content
High School Love chapter four :iconevilpagemistress:Evilpagemistress 54 14
Commission: Sailorrob Harems by jadenkaiba
Mature content
Commission: Sailorrob Harems :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 956 35
Winx: Fairyx Villains by DragonShinyFlame Winx: Fairyx Villains :icondragonshinyflame:DragonShinyFlame 76 36
Tony Stark x Reader (One Shot)
Tony Stark x Reader
(One Shot)
"(Y/n)! Can you come here?" Tony yelled from his spot in the lab.
Sighing, you ran a hand through your hair. "I'm busy Tony!"
Hearing him groan, then the sound of him yelling. "(Full name)! Get your ass down here and help me!"
"Fine!" You shouted back, stomping down the stairs. "What could you possiably need?!"
Tony looked at you before pulling his arc reactor out. "Come look."
Walking over, you looked at him. "What? I don't know what that stuff does."
He turned it around, showing one side of it. It had your name engraved on it. "You like it?" He asked, putting it back in; instantly taking in a deep breath.
"You know I love it. I love you Tony." You smiled, wrapping your amrs around him while you gave him a hug.
"I love you too (Y/n)."
:iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 60 6
Red Eyes!! You...!! by CPoring Red Eyes!! You...!! :iconcporing:CPoring 243 49
Jaden x Jesse - Confessions Chapter 1
Warning: This is a yaoi.
Everyone at DMA were excited, even the teachers because today marks the beginning of spring brake! Two weeks of no school, no work and tons of family fun. Yes, a stress free vacation for everyone. Well almost everyone.
Jaden and Jesse stood side by side looking up at the plane that would be taking Jaden home for the holiday.
"Well bye then." Jesse said in a solemn voice. He turns and pulls Jaden into a tight embrace.
Jaden returned the hug with one arm, the other arm holding onto the handle of his suitcase, well aware of the giggles coming from all around them. He never understood why girls thought it was so adorable when two boys hug. Wait till they find out Jaden's gay.
"Bye. Have fun with your family." He said braking off from the hug to prevent his feelings from getting ahead of themselves.
Jesse seems to become a little awkward as he starts to rub the back of his head.
"Actually I'm staying here for the brake." He confesses.
"What!?" Jaden blurted out conf
:iconanimelovelover123:AnimeLoveLover123 39 13
Harpie Queen by snowy-inferno Harpie Queen :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 35 5 Haou Judai by Yuri-chan24 Haou Judai :iconyuri-chan24:Yuri-chan24 93 6 Teddybear Love by Colorful--Melody Teddybear Love :iconcolorful--melody:Colorful--Melody 464 87 Hop Hop Bunny by Furihime Hop Hop Bunny :iconfurihime:Furihime 697 56 Two Snow White II by XiaoBaiArt Two Snow White II :iconxiaobaiart:XiaoBaiArt 341 12 Two Snow White by XiaoBaiArt Two Snow White :iconxiaobaiart:XiaoBaiArt 860 22 Muto Yugi by Maronz1223 Muto Yugi :iconmaronz1223:Maronz1223 185 18 Starlight Yusei by AncientMagician Starlight Yusei :iconancientmagician:AncientMagician 31 5



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Ok i am back on after a long time and i am putting up a new story that i wrote called Darkness and i must tell you sometimes i might put it up but it might not be completely finished so it might be longer the next time you click on the story.i hope you like it and if there is any suggestions of stories or poems you want me to write just talk to me and i will do it.i missed deviantart so much while i was away and hope i will not have to go away like that again


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