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3. Ezoder - The Revelation of Baaltazach

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Chapter 13.


1. This is what Satan says: “Cast out from you all who feed on the riches of your spirit, giving nothing in return; 2. and those who make you feel constantly obligated by flaunting their weakness. 3. I know those; They feed on the blood of the mighty, and helplessness is their weapon. 4. Indeed, there is nothing worse for the strong than to devote his life to serving the unworthy. 5. Strength can only honor strength - when it serves weakness, it is stupidity and a perversion of all laws. 6.If you see that the weak is taking advantage of your generosity instead of himself achieving the fulfillment of his desires, leave him without regret. 7.My followers have many, and others want to receive the same without making an effort. 8. Not for your shoulders someone else's squalor is intended - it is lightweight, but burdens; Petty, but hard to carry. 9. So, free yourself from those who impose on you the burden of their duties, and your path will become shorter. '


1. I asked Satan: “Teacher! How to combine the freedom of the faithful with the destined? For if I am chosen, and my destiny is predetermined, then where is my freedom? ' 2. This is how Satan answered me: “Know that every faithful person is free in all his deeds, 3. But the Founder, Prophet and Messenger do not have full freedom. 4.Be under the law, but the elect are under my special will, for from birth I prepared them for the fulfillment of my plan. 5. The fate of three before my eyes, I keep them and instruct them; 6.but the fate of the rest of the faithful is not predetermined. 7. Could I wait for the Founder to appear by law? For enough time, the white-litters spread their lies with impunity. 8.Three obey the law and appear according to my will; Their freedom is limited, but their reward will be greater - 9. my other sisters and brothers are free in all their deeds as much as a person can be. '

3. Need.

1. This is what Satan says: “May the hierarchy of the white light disappear, for my faithful do not need it. 2 What are my enemies without me and my faithful? They need me so that they can pour out fear and hatred. 3. There will be no my faithful, and the white-light hierarchy will collapse, because for its existence it needs an enemy. 4. The Whites have one goal - to destroy me; And I want to destroy them, but besides this, I also strive for many other goals. 5. The slaves of the white light destroy ours, but they cannot create anything, and we both create and destroy the hostile. 6.What is the white god without me? To whom will he turn his hatred if he remains alone? 7. He strives for autocracy and sees nothing more; I am already thinking about where I will go after my victory. 8. Do you really think that if all the Dark Gods had united now, they would not have destroyed the Prime Creator? If so, then you are wrong. 9. Know that the war with him and his slaves is not the most important thing for us, and we spend most of our forces not on it, but to achieve other goals. '

4. Mercy.

1. This is what Satan says: “Be merciful to your friends and those close to you, but show no mercy to your enemies. 2 Your sisters and your brothers in faith and knowledge are one with you, for they bring me one sacrifice. 3. It is worthy to show tolerance and condescension to the faithful, no matter what he does, unless his deed serves the good of my enemies; 4.but it is unworthy to do good to enemies, for this is a sign of weakness and foolishness. 5. Behold, today you helped your enemy, and tomorrow he will come to kill you, and you will repent of what you have done. 6 Have your enemies, the people of white light, been merciful to you? Did they let you make excuses? No, but they destroyed you at the first opportunity and with cruelty. 7. The time of mercy is a time of peace, but now you are fighting and mercy will destroy you. 8. Say: “There is no forgiveness to the enemies of Satan!” And you will be blessed. 9. Hate your enemies, and destroy everything that was created by them - only in this way will you preserve your teaching and your way. '

5. Signs.

1. This is what Satan says: “My prophet! Do you know about the signs that I showed you during your life? 2. As it was predicted, it happened - your mother was not defiled by the white-light rite, entering into marriage, 3. and from birth I chose you, for you possessed much, and was able to receive much. 4. And do you remember how many times you stood at the gates of death? Only my strength saved you from inevitable death. 5.And you were marked with my seal - I touched you and inscribed on you my sign by means of fire. 6. You came into the world when the Founder of the hierarchy died in order to continue his work; And in the year of your birth the stars pointed to you; 7.And I led you along my path, getting rid of the unnecessary and indicating the necessary. 8. Do you know what I am talking about now; But all the signs are for you, and not for others, 9. so that you do not weaken in your determination to fulfill the purpose for which your life continues. '


1. This is what Satan says: “I am filled with Darkness, but at the same time I am light, black fire, dispelling all delusions. 2. White light is like the light of the moon - as the moon shines with reflected sunlight, so my enemies receive black fire, reflected by the Prime Creator. 3. Kills the power of white light - there is no vitality in it, and therefore there is no joy of life in those who accept it. 4.My light will be likened to the sun - it is bright, hot and gives life to everything that perceives it. 5. I am the God of Darkness, but I also have a share of the qualities of light that the Primordial Creator put into me before my birth. 6.Therefore, my nature is dual - I appear as a quality of the light of Darkness and as other qualities of the Mother. 7 Do you not see my fire? This is what motivates you to rise. 8. Indeed, the depths of light are black, and those who do not know this are deluded. 9. So, accept the black fire of life's joy, and transform it in yourself, making it your light, which will show you the way to me. '

7. Strength.

1. I asked Satan: “What is power?”, And the Highest answered me: 2. “Look at yourself and tell me - what made you strong? Is it the strength of your flesh? 3. Behold, many of the animals are stronger than you, but they are your slaves, which you dispose of at your own will. 4. It was not the power of the flesh that exalted man. But the power of reason and the power of his will, directed towards self-exaltation. 5. Power is the power of your will and reason, combined with external power. 6.Outer power you acquire by making sacrifices and following my path with confidence and firmness. 7. The power that is within you is given from birth; External power is acquired by you. 8. My faithful, wanting to gain strength. Must strengthen the unity of will with reason, as well as make sacrifices; 9. However, you should not neglect the strength of the flesh, for any weakness is disgusting to me. '

8 crosses.

1. I saw a cemetery from edge to edge; And I saw numerous crosses made of stone, 2 that they stood around me as an indestructible wall, and I could not overcome it. 3. Then I exclaimed: “Satan! Show the power of destruction to your chosen one! ”4. And a tornado appeared in the sky, and he rushed to the crosses, destroying them with fury. 5.And I saw around me a flat field, strewn with fragments of stone, and stood for a long time in bewilderment. 6. Then a voice was heard by me, saying: 'Truly, it is not easy that you cleanse yourself, but that which you will transform.' 7 And I saw myself in a red robe, the likes of which I had never worn; 8. in the stone fragments my face was reflected, and its color was crimson. 9 Then I began to ascend into the air, and my every step was easy, for the weight of the earth was imperceptible.

9. Interpretation of the crosses.

1. I asked Satan to interpret this vision for me, and Satan answered me: “My chosen one! 2. You have seen the human path from delusion to the highest initiation. 3. What is the uninitiated? He can neither see nor know, for his mind is shielded from the higher. 4. How false ideas prevent him! But he defends those, considering them comforting. 5. The one who invokes my strength will witness the destruction of all his ideas, 6. for self-deception is hateful to me - it is better to inflict pain by destroying the most precious thing. Than to admit foolishness and ignorance in oneself. 7.However, it is not enough for the faithful to kill the former in themselves; it is necessary to give birth to something that will doubly replace the lost; 8 and in doing so, the faithful will be washed in the blood of a worthy sacrifice. And the manifestations of his nature will be red from the blood. 9. Then he will find lightness, and nothing will seem difficult to him, and such a follower will enter the Upper World not as a blessed one, but as a conqueror. '

Chapter 14.

1 key.

1. I saw the Founder at a time when he had not yet become the God of Darkness, but was a man. 2. The White Men triumphed then, and the Founder concealed his belonging to the hierarchy; 3 and a cave opened before him, into which he entered and wandered around it for a long time, not seeing anything in the darkness. 4. Then the Founder said: “Highest of the Dark! What should I do? ”5. But Satan was silent, for the time had not yet come when he should have spoken with the Founder of the hierarchy. 6. And the Founder wandered around the cave for a long time, until his hands came across something that burned them. 7 Then the Founder took what was lying in front of him, and his hands burned like fire; 8 and his eyes were opened, and he saw that he was holding a fiery key, burning with a black flame and not burning. 9 And the Founder took him, and the key led him, until the first chosen one left the cave and returned to his house.


1. I saw a black stone that fell from heaven, which was highly revered by the faithful; 2. And the signs inscribed on it were signs that were inaccessible to a complete understanding, but familiar to me. 3.And many came to that stone, and read the signs, and to everyone who came with understanding, the stone gave good. 4. But the enemy appeared, and the hammer was in his hand - he hit them on the stone, so that it was split into two parts, 5. and the people read the signs, but everyone interpreted them falsely, for the stone was split by a hostile force. 6.This is the knowledge that we have lost through the hatred of the White people; 7.but our teaching will be resurrected, just as Satan rose from the dust of the upper world. 8.And the stone will be united, so that the faithful will be able to read the signs written on it, 9.and then our eternal power will remain, for those who are armed with knowledge are invincible.

3. Destruction.

1. This is what Satan says: “The White Saints! What have you created worthy of eternity? 2. Your creations are your spirit, pitiful and striving towards squalor. 3. I know that you rejected everything that I had blessed, but what did you give in return? 4. Indeed, your lies surpass everything that has been up to now, for it is a thousandfold more harmful. 5. My chosen one, my sisters and brothers, who have dedicated themselves to our Mother of Darkness! May you not have agreement with my enemies. 6. I give you a weapon - it is in your hand, and with it you will strike those who are enslaved by the white light. 7.My disciples! Destroy everything that was created by my enemies, and be magnified. 8 There will be no word left of their teaching, and there will be no stone upon stone where they built their wicked temples; 9. And if you see something generated by a white-light, then let your hand be firm for destruction. '

4 Babylon

1. Behold, before me is the new Babylon, the great capital of the world, 2. and there has never been such greatness that will be found in the new city; 3.And the Messenger will sit there in his glory, so that the uninitiated may honor him in the name of the Master Satan. 4. What can I say about you, eternal city? Your restoration will become the triumph of the entire Dark Hierarchy. 5. There will be no gates to this city, and everyone will be able to enter it, if only he will honor the hierarchy. 6. Verily, the new Babylon is the center of the faithful, and as it previously owned the land, so it will continue to own it. 7.What are other cities before his power? Only dust swept away by the word of our god Satan. 8. The city of the East will be resurrected, for it is immortal in the minds of the faithful, 9.and its life will be eternal, may Babylon be restored, the unity of our will.

5. Death of Astarte.

1. I saw how Astarte appeared during the battle with the Prime Creator, 2. and was defeated by the enemies of the great Satan, for the female power cannot openly resist the male power. 3. The light pierced her body, and the servants of the white god spat on the corpse of her, 4. hating the Lady and suffering from their hatred, for the white people cannot hate us according to the law. 5. Then Astarte was defeated, following Satan in her power - our enemies did not find reverence for the black mother of the world. 6 Didn't Astarte lead them? Didn't they turn to her during their life? There is no gratitude in the hearts of the lower ones, 7 for they are like dogs, who first tear the corpse apart, and then howl, mourning it. 8 the Whites! Do you really think that the black mother Astarte will die? It will not happen as long as the laws of Darkness rule. 9. The goddess will rise, but you will not greet her resurrection, for by that time you will be gone.


1. I saw two faces of the Messenger's mother, and the first appearance of her surprised me, for there was no greatness in him. 2. Indeed, greatness is not always obvious to those who do not have a feeling of it, which is bestowed by the power of Darkness, 3.and not immediately, but at the highest stages of initiation - only the archons of Darkness can see all the virtues of a person. 4. What can I say about the true appearance of the mother of the Messenger of Satan? There is a silver column on her, and her eyes are full of power. 5. Here, not only with the assistance of Satan and by our will power is given to us, but it can also be acquired from birth, 6. for if nature manifested in the form of an animal is powerful, then it will be powerful in its human manifestation. 7 And does not a mother pass on some of her power to her daughter? The higher is born of the higher, and the fruits of the insignificant are known to us. 8. So, the mother of the Messenger will be great in the face of the Ruler of Satan, and the greatness will be acquired by the one who helps her. 9. Here, I predict the birth of one of our powerful sisters; A queen worthy to rule the world.

7. Wonderful.

1. This is what Satan says: “What is beautiful? That which bears the imprint of vitality and strength. 2. Human deeds are beautiful if they stem from the power of man - and they are ugly if they stem from weakness. 3. Beautiful are the thoughts, sealed by sublimity and wisdom - when you think about insignificant, your thoughts are ugly. 4.Flesh is beautiful if the nature that manifests it is full of Dark power, 5.except for the time when the manifestations of nature change and you are born in new flesh. 6. But truly, there is a lot of false beauty - I know that this beauty often serves nothing. 7. Great destruction is more beautiful than insignificant creation; And a worthy death is more beautiful than a life full of unworthiness. 8. There is no beauty beyond power; And therefore, my followers, be careful not to be carried away by you weakness, which appears in a beautiful guise. ' 9 So it was revealed to me by Satan, and this now I convey to the faithful.

8 murder

1. This is what Satan says: “My disciples! There is murder, lawless and lawful. 2. When is murder legal? When it is done for the good of someone's life. 3. Higher life destroys lower life, and through this continues to exist - here is the wisdom of the Mother of Darkness. 4. It is legal to kill an enemy, especially if one threatens your life and everything that you have created. 5. Everyone kills a living thing from birth to death, and if he does it according to the law, then he is exalted. 6. Treat all life with respect, and do not kill in vain, for senseless killing hinders your rebirth. 7. The people of white light say: 'All living things were created for our sake,' and therefore they sometimes kill in order to acquire unnecessary things or just for pleasure. 8. It is legal to kill a victim, but when they kill unnecessarily, what do you call it? 9. So, always ask yourself whether death is necessary to sustain life, and then act according to the law. '


1. This is what Satan says: “Know that I will forever be present in you, and in every one of my faithful, and in the entire hierarchy. 2. I am not flesh, but that which is above the flesh; And I am not a spirit, but that which is above the spirit. 3.Therefore I live in the initiate not in spirit or in flesh, but part of my consciousness, sometimes you can hear me and relate to the world order like me, 5.although not to the same degree of perfection, for you are weak in front of me, And therefore much is not available to you now. 6. Baaltase! Remember my eternal presence and that I will always try to show you the true paths. 7. Unity is one of my gifts, for by uniting with the exalted, you will become like that first name, and then also nature. 8. What keeps the hierarchy of our Mother from separation? My strength and the fact that I am present in it from its very foundation. 9. You and I are one, but at the same time different - whoever has attained this will truly manifest himself in dignity. '

Chapter 15.

1 envy.

1. This is what Satan says: “There is no feeling from which one cannot derive benefit; 2. the same and with envy - it can be very beneficial for the follower of Darkness. 3. It is not worthy to envy something that does not matter before eternity; It is unworthy to strive for the insignificant, forgetting about the highest. 4. On the contrary, it is worthy to envy the power of the flesh and spirit, for such envy prompts to achieve the same. 5. If the uninitiated is jealous of the knowledge of the initiate, this will exalt him; 6. and if a disciple envies the power of my archons, this will serve the good of the entire hierarchy. 7. See that your envy is not petty; And she should not be blind, so that you do not reject the merits of another, trying through his humiliation to equal him - 8. but have such envy that would help you to equalize with a worthy one through the acquisition of what he possesses. 9. The highest envy is envy of divine power; So, being jealous of my strength, you do not humble yourself, but become like me. '


1. This is what Satan says: “Do you think that I will forever be your ally? 2. Behold, the best of you will attain divinity and surpass me and become more powerful than me. 3.What should I humbly give you all my power and my high position? Remember that the gods also have the right to exaltation. 4. Who is the enemy? This is the one who interferes with the cultivation of others, but not the one who cares about his own cultivation. 5. Now I am your ally, but the time will come when many of you will become my rivals. 6. Rising above your God of Darkness, you force me to compete with you for the highest place in the hierarchy of all beings; 7. as well as my power makes you now strive to receive it in its entirety. 8. Our opposition is not like the war that we are now waging with the white-light god, for it does not destroy, but promotes the growth of the world and the improvement of every creature. 9. Remember that the supreme god will be the one who deserves it, not the one who once achieved it. '

3. Wolves.

1. I saw black wolves, the fury of the world, which is directed against all those who violate its laws, 2. who persecuted the white people and ran after them wherever they followed. 3. And the chase was long, for there is still strength from the slaves of the white light, which they borrowed from the First Creator. 4 And I saw how the persecuted walls of stone were erected, but the wolves easily overcame them. 5. They protected themselves with signs of light, but these signs were dissolved in black fire; 6 and the persecuted cried for help, but no one could help them, 7 so the wolves overtook them and began to tear their flesh to pieces. 8. And behold, before me are corpses devoured by wolves; The wolves, having devoured them, disappeared. 9 Then I saw something from its roots to the top, and there was nothing more that stopped my gaze with death.

4. The interpretation of wolves.

1. I asked Satan to interpret the vision of wolves for me, and Satan answered me: “Baaltazah! 2. You have seen the path followed by the White-litters from birth to death. 3. Behold, they break the laws, despising the flesh and desires of the flesh, accusing the world of impurity and injustice. 4. The world takes revenge on them for this iniquity, turning its fury on them; 5.therefore they flee from the fury of the world, and are saved, and try to protect themselves, wasting their strength for nothing, 6. while all such should stop and look at what they are so afraid of. 7. In this is the truth, that white-light people are both pursuing wolves and those who run away from them - are frightened by unworthy reflections of theirs in the world. 8. The passions of the faithful are united with reason, its freedom with the law, the flesh with the spirit; 9. Whites are divided in themselves, and they devour themselves, so that one emptiness of them remains, for you are told that no God will save a person from his own insignificance. '

5. Time.

1. This is what Satan says: “Separate the necessary from the unnecessary, and do not waste your time on the last, 2. for life should be enjoyable, but at the same time lead to perfection. 3. Is pleasure in vain? Know that this is one of the ways to exalt and serve your will. 4. So, enjoy, but combine pleasure with preaching and ritual, 5. for rituals reveal your goal, and enjoyments facilitate the path to it. 6.How many are busy now useless! They think they are doing something important, but most of their actions are unreasonable. 7 To what should the deeds of my faithful lead? First to elevation, then to enjoyment. 8. Do not put off for the future those pleasures that are available to you now, 9. and do not refuse the ritual if you have the opportunity to perform it in dignity. '

6. Reality.

1. This is what Satan says: “Here is a man who has never heard of my teaching - how does he live? If the white-light god does not interfere with him, he will live according to the laws of Darkness, because these laws are natural, and it is easy to fulfill them for those who have not ranked themselves among the deluded servants of the white light. 3.Look into yourself impartially - does even a single word of mine contradict your desires? I teach you only that from your birth you should have known yourself, 4. if you did not succumb to the influence of the white-light false teaching; However, the Primordial Creator follows the Dark Laws in many respects. 5. The state of my faithful is the natural state of man, while the state of the white-light is contrary to all nature. 6. Initially, you are disposed to fulfill each of the laws of Darkness, and hypocrisy alone prevents many from realizing this. 7. The faithful sees reality, the white-light sees fiction; And in doing so, he rejects the natural. 8. Now, if the preaching of the First Creator and his power disappear, then who will remain with him? No one will live by his word. 9. But if my teaching and my strength disappear, the world will still live according to the laws of Darkness, for these laws are universal and are present in you. '

7) awake.

1. This is what Satan says: “Behold, many of you live as if in a dream and do not think about what they are doing; 2. events affect them, but they cannot influence anything, for they are asleep and carry the course of life. 3. The consciousness of my faithful should be awake, and he should always think about the meaning of what is happening. 4. The existence is disorderly in the eyes of the unreasonable, but the one who knows understands that it is ruled by a super-order. 5. Make sure that everyday life does not block the true path from you, 6. and wake up your consciousness, knowing the unity of all oppositions, laws and manifestations of being. 7. My faithful sees everything, and benefits from everything; The unfaithful person sees nothing, for his consciousness is asleep, even when he himself is awake. 8. How can you achieve understanding and all-seeing? Through the performance of rituals, communication with me and constant reflection, 9. for where a thought is born, a dormant consciousness dies there; The ritual will give strength to your thought. '

8. Will.

1.This is what Satan says: “Truly, your will is not dead, and it is the manifestation of the will of the world - 2.because what you wish will be fulfilled firmly and in clarity, if you perform the rituals that are known to you. 3. The ritual will direct all your will, and it will enter your nature, and in the true face of the world will be transferred to an alien nature, 4. so that you can act on it in a way that is beneficial to you; And no man can then stand before you. 5.Prayers are powerless before the will of a follower of Darkness, and therefore the White-Believers are so afraid of you; 6.However, showing the will when performing the ritual, do not strive for the impossible and do not break the law, 7.or breaking the law of Darkness by the will is identical to breaking it by action. 8. Will and ritual are your weapons, with which you destroy our common enemies; 9. But with the help of this weapon you can also assist the faithful in fulfilling their lawful desires. '

9 betrayal

1. I saw the Founder in the days when the doctrine of the white light prevailed, but signs of the beginning of the triumph of truth were already shown; 2. he kept the Dark knowledge, and followed the teachings of Satan, for the faithful of Darkness cannot act otherwise, even if danger threatens his life. 3.And the Founder had a friend, clothed with his trust, and he knew many secrets of our teaching, 4.but he did not rise, but began to worship the First Creator again, and once said in his heart: “Isn't love for God higher than our friendship and respect To my mentor? ' 5.And he appeared in a white-light temple, and repented, and told the unworthy who the Founder was and to whom he offered sacrifices. 6 Then the slaves of the white light came to the Founder and killed him, and set his flesh on fire. 7. The faithful will say: “What is to the Founder? His nature again manifested itself in our world, for he has not yet fulfilled his due. ' 8.However, death frightens even those who are sure of the eternity of their existence, and therefore it is never easy. 9 How many of the faithful are now willing to give up their lives for the sake of true teaching without hesitation? May the Founder and all his deeds be glorified, and may his sufferings be avenged.

Chapter 16.


1. I saw a wheel of fire, which revolved, so that streams of fire escaped from it, 2. and around it was the Void; You can see Her with fear, for the incomprehensible inspires terror. 3. This is what Satan said: “You will have two wives, and you will continue your generation within yourself. 4. You will return through him again and again, rebelling and improving from the beginning. 5. Here, the great mystery - look how our world lives and everything that dwells in it, 6. returning and not returning; Growing and remaining itself, 7. for any existence has two sides - it is motionless, and at the same time moves outside itself. 8. You cannot understand this, but I tell you for the future, when you reach the fullness of knowledge 9. and you see movement in immobility, and the end of eternity is next to its beginning. '

2. Destiny.

1. This is what Satan says: “Whatever happens to my faithful, everything is for his good, 2. but he can not always understand this, complaining about his fate, and this is unworthy even for a white-light; 3.However, it is doubly unworthy for one who knows the law and follows the true paths of Darkness. 4. Baaltase! How many times have you complained about your life, thinking that what happened to you brought you only harm? 5 But time passed, and you saw that what happened was necessary, and therefore my strength did not stop you. 6.Thank fate for everything that it gives you, and remember that not always the value of its gifts can be realized immediately; 7. However, this is wisdom to understand the meaning of what is happening and to separate the harmful from the useful. 8.You have stood the test a lot. And what? They made you stronger and more determined. 9. Remember that my faithful are elevated in pleasure and in suffering, they are perfecting in joy and misery. '

3. Resurrection.

1. I saw a corpse lying four steps away from me, and its appearance was disgusting; 2.but Satan gave me secret words that could resurrect a dead body - and when I said them, the corpse rose up. 3. And so, I tried to leave, proud of the power given to me by Satan, but the resurrected one with a fury attacked me and tried to kill me. 4. I did not know what to do with him, for he was stronger than me, and then I again began to speak the words that Satan had taught me. 5. I had to repeat them ten times before life left the risen one and he again took death. 6 Then I crushed his skull with my foot, for I was frightened by what I had done and did not want a new resurrection. 7. The same words kill and resurrect, but it is easier to do than to destroy then the fruits of their deeds. 8 And I turned to Satan for a long time, asking him to interpret this vision for me, 9. But Satan did not answer me, and I trusted my mind in everything, which helped me to realize the truth.

4. Unknowable.

1. This is what Satan says: “What can you say about the unknowable? 2. Unknowable Darkness, taken in its entirety; But you also do not know that part of Her, 3. which is in your nature, but meanwhile you are considered dedicated. ' 4. And I answered Satan: “Highest! Should I not know myself? I see my nature to the very depths of it. ' 5. Then Satan said: “Baaltazah, may your pride not turn into the foolishness of the unbelievers. 6. If you knew yourself to the end, then what would I teach you? Your nature is like the nature of the world; And knowing yourself, you would know everything else. 7. Do you now have the fullness of this knowledge in you? You have comprehended a lot yourself, but I have given you even more. 8. So, a teacher is needed by someone who is not able to know himself - and this can be said about everyone. 9. Learn from me, and teach others yourself, promoting their self-awareness; And so the hierarchy will come to the highest wisdom. '

5. Spring.

1. Behold, the circle of life is over, and everything is renewed, repeating itself on a higher level. 2. Just as many were recently awaiting death, so now they are awaiting birth. 3 Have we come to the end of our journey? No, but only to the beginning. 4. This is what Satan says: “The spring is coming, and the morning, and my star will light up your path. 5. Old is your wisdom, and your steps are heavy - the burden of unnecessary knowledge hinders you. 6. Here, it seems that there are no secrets left for you; And the wise one is afraid to say his word, if his wisdom is not confirmed by those who were before him. 7. But just as in the spring the spilled water washes away everything that is not held firmly, so my teaching will destroy that which has burdened you. 8.Vot, spring brings a taste to life, and morning encourages new deeds - so is my teaching. 9. So, throw away the old, accept the new and free yourself, for the time of heavy wisdom is over. '

6. Conversion.

1. This is how I turned to our Dark God: “I praise you, Satan, the black ruler of existence, the abyss of wisdom and power. 2. I thank you for the strength that you have given me; You have fulfilled my requests and provided assistance in exaltation. 3.Now I ask you, Satan, to support me in the struggle against my enemies, of whom there are many, for the slaves of the white light hate your word. 4. Few of them I can destroy with my strength, and therefore I ask for your support. 5. Satan, may the Dark deities, in fulfillment of my will, bring down their terrible anger on those who oppose me, hindering the spread of the truth. 6. Here is my enemy - let his nature be perverted, let his body be afflicted with diseases, let his spirit suffer until the end of his life. 7. May he not be successful in everything, and whatever he does, let it only harm him. 8. May the earth reject him, and all living things be hostile to him. 9. Satan, send misfortune and death to my enemies, and I will bring you a worthy sacrifice, so that your hierarchy will be strengthened. '

7. Universality.

1. This is what Satan says: “Look, Baaltazakh - who fulfilled the commandments of the world? 2.They are performed only by the most faithful of the White World, mired in their slavery, and even then not as they should, for their commandments are difficult. 3. But the law of Darkness, which I gave you, is a universal law, for everyone fulfills it, unless he is a white-light, rooted in his delusion. 4. Such are the wicked - they more readily believe in lies than in truth, if only the lie pleasantly flatters them. 5. Even animals that do not have high consciousness fulfill the laws of Darkness; And most people do too, although not in the right way. 6. I tell you, the law should be obeyed by any living being, for otherwise it will die; And you yourself can be convinced of the veracity of my words. 7. So, the fulfillment of the laws of Darkness is the only way that leads to a life that the best and the strongest deserve. 8. The laws of the First Creator are unnatural - whoever tries to follow them opposes his own nature. 9. The voice of the law is your desires; Act according to them and you will be perfect. '

8. Anger.

1. I saw the Dark Goddess Astarte, and her appearance was terrible, although she is supportive of her faithful. 2. Astarte's many faces - she creates worlds, assuming the appearance of a majestic and beautiful, 3. but she destroys them in the form of anger, embodied in the higher flesh; A terrible and murderous anger. 4.Vot, during the last war between Satan and the First Creator, she will perish, and will be reborn after a while, 5. and upon this rebirth, she will cast off her destructive appearance, for the fire of her anger will be balanced by the fire of the fury of the god of white light. 6. As long as Satan calls on his faithful to turn to the Goddess of Darkness with caution and respect, 7. for that lawlessness, which he does not pay attention to, can offend the highest. 8. Astarte is powerful, and has many faces - it depends on the faithful which of her guises they will see in front of them. 9 This is what Satan taught me, and I wrote down all his words, as I should have done.

9. Compliance.

1. This is what Satan says: “The teaching of each corresponds to his nature, 2. and what kind of faith a person chooses, such is his essence, close or distant to the true path. 3. Because there is the teaching of the strong and the teaching of the weak, there is no agreement between them. 4. The strong are the best of the world, chosen not so much by me as by the law of Darkness; 5. and the doctrine that they adhere to is the best that is available to people - 6. the doctrine that affirms the dominance of the strong is the highest truth. 7. There are few strong, but now there are many weak, and therefore my teaching will at first be accepted by only a few, 8. until it restores human nature, distorted by the white-light will. 9. Then the strong will prevail over the unworthy, as it should be according to the eternal laws of Darkness.

Chapter 17.

1. Teacher.

1.Thus I said: “Satan, teacher of the world, may your name be glorified in all the earth; Let the names of your enemies be forgotten in eternity. 2. Mighty lord of Darkness and giver of Its power, come to me and teach me the ways of power. 3. May my deeds serve your greatness and increase the number of your faithful followers. 4. Satan, your archons are next to me, and I ask for them, as your chosen one, to manage the hierarchy with dignity. 5. Most High, strengthen the strength of my nature and grant me victory over all the enemies of the true teaching. 6. May the power of white light not touch me, leading away from the true path and defiling the faithful follower of Darkness. 7 Satan, give me the opportunity to make worthy sacrifices to you in the joy of my growing power. 8. May my enemies perish from your anger, with which you have filled my heart, so that I cannot endlessly look at the white-light iniquity; 9. Grant your high protection to those who love me, so that they too will know the power of the Dark Forces. '

2. Inequality.

1. This is what Satan says: “The faithful are not equal before my face, for they have different merit and different degrees of consecration. 2. And many of those who have already attained deification are not equal either, so some of them are stronger and some are weaker. 3. The best of my faithful, after their imaginary death, are made gods of the upper world; The worst remain the gods of the earth and have the opportunity to continue their paths. 4. So, it depends only on you what place you will take next to me and what degree of divine power you will be endowed with according to the laws of Darkness. 5. Who is loyal to me and the hierarchy created by the Founder; Whoever confesses the words of my Prophet, which are my words, 6. that will be the deity of Darkness, powerful and who has comprehended the wisdom of the law. 7.The one who, having taken initiation, treats the affairs of the hierarchy with negligence and does not listen to my words, will not achieve what he could achieve, 8.but he too will receive his reward, for it is better to follow the true path slowly than not to follow them At all. 9. I tell you, your strength is in your hands, and how much you do for the triumph of Darkness and the laws of the world, you will acquire so much power and divine power. '

3. A lot.

1. I asked Satan: “Highest! Why can't many gods of darkness destroy the only god of white light? Or are all our strengths insignificant before his strength? ' 2. This is how Satan answered me: “What can you know about the deeds of the gods? And the human nature is difficult to send into oblivion, even if all the forces of the upper world are against him - what can we say about the nature of God? 3. Strong is my enemy, but I am stronger than him. And yet I cannot destroy him yet, just as he could not kill me in my weakness, on the day of the first collision, which ended with the transformation of the world. 4. Who is fighting? I, Astarte. Some other gods, but by no means all, are like one. 5. A lot of people obey the laws of the world, but do they all fight with the White people, like you and your brothers? 6. also the gods of darkness, they know. That my strength is enough for victory, and therefore they perform divine deeds that are not related to war. 7.Can we destroy the Primordial Creator, and he will be killed at the best time for us, 8. for our power increases, his power decreases, and it is unworthy of my wisdom to sacrifice much now, if after a while it will be possible to sacrifice a little. 9. The white-light god is doomed by his own lawlessness, but the day of his death did not come yet ”.

4. Transferred.

1. This is what Satan says: “Be glorified, my brothers and followers, who endured much in my name from my enemies. 2. Truly I promise you that neither word nor action against you will go unpunished, 3. and he who raised his hand against my faithful unlawfully will perish without seeing eternity. 4. You, Baaltazakh, are a witness to the fact that the White people oppressed and are oppressing my faithful; You will testify before the Messenger and indicate those who hated my name. 5 Then their false god will not help them, and they will cry in vain to him. 6.My sisters and brothers! Meet with firmness the hatred of your enemies; Firmness must flow from the knowledge of the inevitability of vengeance. 7. Am I the head of the hierarchy? So, he who has offended my faithful urges me to avenge. 8. Let the wicked be deceived, there will be a day when they will be burned by the fire of anger of the greatest god of Darkness. 9. The life is short and the death of the one who has offended my hierarchy is terrible, whoever he is - a man or a god ”.

5. Disciple.

1. This is what Satan says: “Let the disciple who demands initiation from the hierarchy come with firmness and knowledge of the first principles of teaching, 2. and stand before my altar with confidence, making a free choice. 3. Then let the one who has been initiated utter all the necessary appeals, and let the disciple take upon himself the signs of my might, 4. the signs of the mother of Darkness and wisdom, which from now on is accepted by the new faithful. 5. And let the disciple partake of the drink of life by participating in the offering of the sacrifice; 6. and may some part of the knowledge be revealed to him, which is not written down and is transmitted at initiation. 7. Then let him not perform any rituals for a while, so that his nature could transform the power of Darkness transmitted during initiation. 8.And after that, the student must choose a mentor, hierophant or archon, who will help him to follow the true path. 9. My sisters and brothers! So initiate disciples; The ritual necessary for this, you know. '

6 the hierophant

1. This is what Satan says: “If my follower is worthy of the hierophantal initiation, let the supreme one call him, 2. and give him a new name, which will remain in his divinity, and grant him new knowledge. 3. Then the initiate will receive a great power of Darkness, and will take the appropriate place in the hierarchy, so that he can teach others. 4. Let the sign of his merits be given to the hierophant - a black ribbon decorated with my signs, 5. and let him rightfully wear it during the performance of rituals. 6.And the consecrated hierophant must partake of the drink of life, after which the higher one will anoint his forehead and his right hand with the sacrificial blood. 7. This blood should not be washed off, for these are my seals; And let the hierophant not wash his hand and his forehead for exactly four days. 8. Then the fullness of dedication will be reduced to nago, so that he will become my son, leaving the first discipleship. 9. May the hierarchy honor its hierophants, for by my will they became such, by the will of the supreme god of Darkness. '


1. This is what Satan says: “Behold, the highest consecration is to become my archon, and may the best of the most worthy be consecrated. 2. An archon can only be ordained by another archon, and may special rituals be performed that are known to you. 3. Let the one who wants to become an archon lie on my altar and replace it with his own body, and the highest initiates make a worthy sacrifice on it. 4. Let the drink of life be poured on his bare chest, and he will become perfect as a man; A new archon, marked with the victim's blood. 5. Whatever he does, everything is right and serves for the good of me; therefore, in all his actions, he is free. 6 And let his sisters and brothers exalt him, and glorify him, and add a new name to the hierophant name. 7. May a red ribbon be given to the archon, decorated with signs and words that I revealed to the highest of the initiates; 8. And let the archon from now on wear it when performing rituals, for the ribbon means the blood of the sacrifice, poured out into the Darkness of the archon in perfection. 9. Only the gods surpass the archon of Darkness, who possesses the fullness of knowledge available to man. '

8 rite.

1.I saw myself sitting in a circumscribed circle, and opposite me stood the archon of Satan, 2.and between us there was a certain elevation on which lay the corpse of the victim 3.and bread next to a bowl filled with her blood. 4. I heard the archon invoke the many gods of Darkness; At that time, I sprinkled the sacrificial blood on the bread, 5 and we knew that we had to divide the bread into two parts, and this would make one of us the God of Darkness, while the other would die after eating the bread. 6.Then we divided the bread and ate it, after which we began to wait for death or exaltation; 7.but none of us perished, and we did not look at each other as brothers, for our essences exchanged strength among themselves. 8.The power increased, and a relationship was established between us, similar to a kindred one, 9.and we left the outlined circle, being one with the archon; The other sisters and brothers were not with us, and they did not participate in this rite.

9. Interpretation of the rite.

1. I asked Satan to interpret to me the vision of the rite performed by two faithful, and to reveal to me the meaning of it. 2. Then Satan said: “Behold, you have seen the ritual performed by the teacher when he takes someone as a disciple. 3. Through this rite an inviolable bond will be established between the student and the teacher, and it will not be interrupted by anything until they are equal in initiation, 4. so that where the teacher is, there will be the student; And they will exchange a part of their strength, received during initiation from the Eternal Mother of Darkness. 5. Here, bread is a sign of the eternity of the four elements; The sacrificial blood is the image of the one in whom they were born. 6. You come to deification through apparent death - the union of the student and the teacher leads both of them to him, so that they will simultaneously perish and become gods. 7. Know, then, that no outsider, including even my faithful ones, should see this rite, for it is a sacrament that unites the archon or hierophant only with his disciples; 8. While the sacrifice unites the entire hierarchy with me and the Dark Force. 9. So, let the higher sisters and brothers take disciples for themselves, performing this rite, and teach them to follow the paths of Darkness, leading to endless power. '

Chapter 18.

1. Power.

1. This is what Satan says: “Power is when you act unconsciously; And on the contrary, being aware, you are inactive. 2. Power is when you laugh at your idols, which you were taught to worship from your birth. 3. Power is when you reject those who love you, and bring those who hate you closer to yourself. 4. Power is when you can think about what is really important at least once a day. 5. Power is when you clearly feel what you cannot express in words, thoughts, or images. 6. Power is the awareness of your true value; Reverence for the higher and contempt for the unworthy. 7. Power is the ability to find pleasure that you cannot be fed up with. 8. Power is love for the law, and especially when it brings death to the manifestations of your nature. 9. And power is when they do not see the ruler in you, kneeling before you. '

2. Those who did not accept.

1. I saw you, who did not accept the teaching, and I know what your further fate will be. 2. You were hypocrites, and the community of your rulers will become hypocrites; So that by preaching peace they will wage long wars and by preaching common prosperity they will put you on the brink of the abyss. 4. There is no agreement between you, for your laws are the laws of fools who do not have the power to agree among themselves. 5. Behold, there will be two world powers, scattered throughout the earth; One is the power of the faithful, while the other is the insignificant. 6.You will fall, striving for prosperity alone, and when you achieve that, fatigue will appear to you, 7.and there will be wars in the name of peace, and you will hate your brothers senselessly, for you have no goal before you. 8. Not from weapons will your power perish; it will perish from satiety and from the triumph of your values; 9.and when you are weakened, so that life loses all meaning for you, we will come to establish our dominion forever.

3. Marriage.

1. This is what Satan says: “Faithful! Try to marry the followers of the teachings, for the wisdom of Darkness will unite you more strongly than anything else. 2. If you marry an unbeliever, or a woman of white light, try to show her the true path, for this will help her achieve eternal existence, divinity and joy. 3. Entering into marriage, do not perform white-light rituals, even if you do not believe in their power - the one who sacrifices it, yielding to human desire or the usual, is unworthy of the higher world. 4. Come to my archon, and he will be a witness of your union, and he will bless you with the names of the Dark Gods, so that this union will bring joy. 5.And bring up your children in the Dark teaching - then they will become faithful from their very birth, which will bring them good, giving wisdom and strength. 6. Children do not have the mind of an adult, and therefore they cannot distinguish between true and false, being easily exposed to the action of white-light lies. 7. You are the root from which the man-god will grow, and therefore your responsibility to your children is great. 8.Therefore teach them the words of reason, and do not hide from them anything that exists in the transformed world. 9. Remember that marriage is one of the fastest paths to Dark perfection, for it is the fulfillment of many laws of life at once. '

4. Parent.

1. This is what Satan says: “My followers! I promise you that when you reach divinity, you will be able to give birth to new worlds in accordance with your own will; 2. and you will become parents, so that the best will appear in the universe, and any word of yours will be embodied. 3.What you command to be will be, for the power of Darkness will appear in your words, and no one will oppose your will. 4. But even now, my followers, you are giving birth to a new world, the kingdom of the Dark Gods, which will last forever. 5. Everything that you do according to the laws of Darkness does not disappear in vain, but changes existence in accordance with your will. 6. I have transformed myrrh with my divine power, but you are transforming it now with human power. 7. Generate a god from yourself and give him freedom - then everything that surrounds you will also become divine. 8. The world should be what you want to see it, and you are given the power that you can achieve it. 9. So, transform yourself, and everything around will bow down to you, and you will become parents. '

5. Suicide.

1. This is what Satan says: “Behold, some of my followers are looking for death, for they want to receive perfect deification and divinity as soon as possible. 2. It is worthy to desire this, but it is necessary to remember that divinity in nature arises gradually. 3. Everything happens in due time, and nature knows when it is better for it to reject past manifestations; 4. and therefore accept death in time, otherwise your nature will not manifest itself in the image of God, because he still will not have enough strength for this. 5. The law measures the life of people, and fulfilling it, you will be reborn, even if you die early; 6. and if you don't. Long life will be useless for your exaltation. 7. My follower can kill himself according to the law, if only he is doomed to death, an unworthy life and endless suffering - 8. If not, then suicide is a sign of weakness, and the weak will not become gods. 9. So, try to make your death a part of life, and not its end, which is a shame for my followers. '

6. Desires.

1. This is what Satan says: “If a person's nature is powerful and healthy, then all his desires are lawful. 2. There are no impure desires - everything that my follower wants gives him pleasure and makes him more exalted. 3. It is worthy to desire strength, wealth, power and carnal joys - this is the voice of the law, prompting everyone to a life full of pleasures; 4. for life in accordance with the laws of Darkness will always bring great pleasure to my faithful, and they will bless her, rejecting complete death. 5. Indeed, the fulfillment of your desires will exalt you, for the more you can achieve, the more you can desire. 6. Do not follow the path of the people of white light, suppressing their desires for the sake of their God, remember that only the dead do not experience desires. 7. Your will is my will; Until you break the laws of the Mother of Darkness: and all your desires will be fulfilled if you identify yourself with the world. 8. Desire more than what you have now - if you do so, then by right I will call you my disciples. 9. Enjoy, sisters and brothers, the desires of your flesh and spirit, for your joy gives me pleasure. '

7. Steps.

1. This is what Satan says: “Everything that happens in the world is a ritual, for the ritual is performed when the power of Darkness is absorbed. 2.And the first step of the ritual is the action of the four elements, pushing the boundaries of the world, so that the outer Darkness becomes the inner Darkness. 3.And the second stage of the ritual is the actions of various beings performed according to the law: birth, life, death and everything that surrounds them. 4. The third stage of the ritual is the sacrifice performed by my followers in accordance with my word. 5. Indeed, a person receives strength both from the elements and from his actions: but most of all, from the offering of sacrifices. 6. my wise followers, constantly aware of the universal ritual of the world, receive knowledge of the true nature of things. 7. This is a great mystery - each creature sacrifices others and itself is sacrificed, so that it is renewed by death and brings the Dark Power into the world. 8. Look, my chosen one, at the relationship of creatures in the world - don't you see in them a ritual that creates the secret of life? 9. To fully understand life, look at it as the greatest ritual in the world, and then you will know a significant part of the truth. '

8. Randomness.

1. This is what Satan says: “There is no all-perfect rational will, and the world is ruled by chance, so that everyone sees the goal, but does not know the true path to it. 2. Having lived the law, and not dead - being unchanged, it changes; Being ordered, it manifests itself in randomness. 3. I truly tell you, order and chance are merged in the world into something single, which is the laws of our Mother of Darkness, 4. for there is no freedom without randomness, just as there is no being without order; Therefore, life combines two extremes, and my followers must accept this. 5. Where does chance rule? He leads you in multiple paths, and you do not know which path you will follow tomorrow. 6. These paths are different, but the goal to which they lead is one - the exaltation and endless growth of beings. 7.Therefore, my followers can be free, fulfilling the laws of Darkness, that the essence of the world is super-order; An accident that affirms the law of the world 8. When you comprehend this and are able to apply it in life with dignity, you will become earthly gods, and an abyss of wisdom that has no end will open to you. 9. I cannot tell you more now, because even the best of my followers are not able to contain all that knowledge that is available to the dark gods. '

9. Blessing.

1. I brought a sacrifice to Satan, and he said to me: “My chosen one! This night I speak for the last time with you and with all my faithful. 2. My followers and brothers! Fulfill my words, if you wish, knowing the laws of Darkness and its wisdom. 3. I have given you a lot - you know now the true ways to endless life, deification and power. 4. I gave you strength, and freed you from slavery to the god of the white light - now you are not afraid of him, nor his followers, nor his flattering lies. 5. Be worthy of the wisdom I have passed on to you without asking for gratitude; Keep a firm clarity of thought and ritual. 6. Spread our teaching among the worthy, and you will be rewarded with life itself. 7. Remember, my faithful, that the Dark gods are with you and their power is great, and the white-light god is doomed to complete death. 8. Keep what was handed down to you, increase the Dark knowledge, and you will own the world, which rightfully belongs to you. 9.I, Satan, the highest of all gods, bless you with my name and the joy of life; And let my words be fulfilled. '


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