Feature: Wolves and How to draw them
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This is a Feature about wolves and all the necessary for draw them.

Este es un “ultra-super-artículo-de-imágenes” (o súper-duper exposición) sobre lobos, todo lo necesario para su estudio (visual) y posterior dibujo ^^.

Fotos / Photos:

Noble Faces of Wolves by Entophile Tranquil Arctic Wolf by ChinookWolf Wolf Portrait by guitarjohnny Locked Up by guitarjohnny lobo by renatobh :thumb14231515: Wolf by Dickie67 :thumb21826594: icy wolf by FeralKid Mexican Wolf by Art-Photo Mexican Grey Wolf by elshorty Wolf Drinking by CoupeKid Shinook from Ghostwalker pack by KerwoodWolf Waiting for you by BoHoR White portrait by woxys Happy Kisa by Nieme Petite Wolf by nikkiburr Mexican Wolf 3 by Art-Photo Mexican Wolf 5 by Art-Photo Arctic Wolf Face by nikkiburr :thumb66643202:
Wolf on the scent by ambermac148 wolf by bundestaag Wolf by happy-schnapper Cry Wolf by W0LLE   Timberland Wolf 01 by W0LLE :thumb82139215: :thumb93539421: WolfStretch by thrumyeye Dreaming Wolf by joeyrunswithwolves sleepy Maki by Nieme Arctic Wolf by nikkiburr Gray Wolf by PBPhoenix
:thumb4288570: Wolf by Alex999 Lakota Wolf Preserve 05 by Mardonic Male wolf front by Taseevo Mexican Wolf 9 by Art-Photo Big Bad Wolf 1008 by Sooper-Deviant It tastes great today... by woxys On watch by woxys Tired Wolf by W0LLE Arctic Wolf No.2 by W0LLE I am alone and sad by woxys :thumb81565117: Wolf from Zoo by Pawkeye :thumb38193463: Shaunie by flowers by Nieme Nakona with big eyes by Nieme
:thumb69528438: Repose by guitarjohnny Wolf by wolfkid14   drinking wolf by ChristopherMarx   The White Wolf I by KeezRha Arctic Wolf by iwolf1 wolf by creativegrafix Grassy Wolf by CoupeKid White Wolf by IsaidSO9732382times wolf by uno-da-raccoon Wolf in the water by ambermac148 Wolf Soup by AltecApollyon white wolf photo by Pookchan Following the Trail... by Toboe wolf photopic by Pookchan Shania by ShaunJersey :thumb50009715: :thumb19978295: Chuchus mexicanus by BoHoR Wolf No. 01 by W0LLE Water wolf by woxys Wolfy by raisedbywolves Wolfy .4 by PaPeRDoLLLL Frost and pumpkin by WSWS Queen of her realm by Nieme Butt scratches by Nieme Arctic wolf by caro77 Near a spruce by woxys :thumb81843947: :thumb88080461: Wolf two by Cam-2007 Wolf on the tree by Pawkeye Grey Wolf of Yellowstone by Iamidaho Amadeous by Nieme :thumb3620851: :thumb34540475: Wolf Prowling by CoupeKid Wolf by rad-ix Mexican Wolf 13 by Art-Photo Loki by Nieme Wapanie poses by Nieme Pale Wolf by nikkiburr White wolf by KateWalker Wolf Smirk by nikkiburr

Cachorros / Cubs
Fluffy baby wolf cub by woxys :thumb85618022: :thumb87742535: Puppy fluffy by woxys Snooze by Nieme Sleepy pups by Nieme Scouting wolf cubs by Nieme What is that? by Nieme Posing cub by Nieme Wolf pup in the weeds by Nieme Huh? by Nieme

Grupos / Groups
Wolf Kiss by Wolf-Lovers :thumb48736770: :thumb49147196: :thumb93204603: No Friends...? by thrumyeye So Happy Together.... by thrumyeye WolfLuv by thrumyeye
silly wolves 2 by Pookchan Da Gang II by thrumyeye Arctic Wolf No.3 by W0LLE :thumb89830062: :thumb77914052: :thumb93254694: Photo: Whitewolf XVII by VitaniFox85 :thumb45855831: Evil wolfish laugh by woxys On the hill by woxys Can I have a dog? by woxys En route by woxys Wolfs pack by Pawkeye SWH by FPManips whole pack by tayanita WolfChaos by thrumyeye Young ladies by woxys White duo by woxys :thumb50009776: :thumb19943655:


Dibujos / Drawings:

Digitales / Digitals Ashes and Embers by WindSeeker :thumb10556483: Wolf wallpaper by Deligaris :thumb14237825: Canis Lupus by jocarra COMMISH: Wolf Mates IV by jocarra Wolf Mates II by jocarra Wolf Mates III by jocarra Commission: Wolf Mates V by jocarra Little Wolf by Joliet Wolves in the forest Detail1 by furocious-studios Yogi the utonagan by emorei Loving Gaze by Autumn-Sunrise The wolfpack by Vyrhelle-VyrL Free spirits by Yellow-eyes Cold by Yellow-eyes Heavenly wolves by akelataka Run by Yellow-eyes :thumb67294242:

Tradicionales / Traditionals Conbadge: Thornwolf by vantid Cosmic Pause by vantid :thumb3892971: Wolf by Xialexi Wolf Pups by DemonHorse70 :thumb18024996: Wolf Pup V1 by iduck    Wolfy Sarcasm by nikkiburr King of the forest by Amarevia Pups wolf wolves by waderra Why? ? by waderra Wilus by waderra Lizz by waderra Wolk by waderra Wilkopis by waderra Michelle's Wolf by nikkiburr Wolf by chipset ink wolf by staccato :thumb6562632: Call of the Wild by Greywolf42 :thumb31855547: :thumb21880320: wolf sketch by hibbary :thumb9742021: Sitting Wolf by greenleafcm Wild Eyes by Okamigan Oka.me by Okamigan Howl by Amarevia They are Free by Novawuff - by RedrumWolf Se Lang Wolf Commission by WildSpiritWolf Wolf Cub by Mournsong In the silent night by AlectorFencer :thumb43527394: :thumb44429379: :thumb56457234: Pathway by Goldenwolf Raven's Calling by Goldenwolf Breathe by Okamigan

Mature Content

Tosko v.s Suka by NatsumeWolf
Lifestudy - Wolf by BluntieDK  Wolf Mates by jocarra :thumb30782208: :thumb30337543: :thumb27934254: Tahlin Wolf by WildSpiritWolf :thumb70474492: Wolves by chandito Wolf by chandito Ever Dream by Embers The howl of the wolf by melyanna Never forget... by aternity Wolf mates by Amarevia :thumb35291338: :thumb49814753: Lupus by Okamigan wolves by Raipun Yawning Wolf sketch by mkuppe Wolf Moon by mayshing Spirit of the Wolf by Goldenwolf :thumb75256186:


Otros / Others: Three Wolves by Novawuff :thumb41872920: wolf by bassplaya


Tutoriales / Tutorials:

Pelo / Fur :thumb25125510:  OC Fur tutorial by daisy7 Jen's Fur Tutorial 2 by jocarra :thumb38826575: Wolf head and fur tutorial by autumnjaguar Digital Fur Tutorial by Blattaphile :thumb92191598: :thumb32253741: :thumb66912798:

Detalles(orejas, ojos, patas) / Details(ears, eyes, paws) Animal Eye TUTORIAL by carriephlyons Wolf Ears by SnowySMT :thumb13326086: How I draw eyes by Yellow-eyes Wolf Paw Tutorial by Anuwolf Karms' Paw Tutorial by Karma-Cameleon

Cuerpo / Body Drawing realistic wolves... by Yellow-eyes How to draw the wolf - in Ru by Elruu :thumb50002114: :thumb51224792: Wolf Tutorial by blayrd :thumb66107579: Wolf head tutorial by daisy7 OC tutoral for Wolf Profiles by daisy7 :thumb46344490:

Sketches :thumb29489556: Animal Anatomy sketches - 7 by KatieHofgard


Mis dibujos / My Drawings:

Descansa by Baphita Afecto by Baphita Juego by Baphita Paraiso by Baphita Atardecer by Baphita Moonlight by Baphita En Blanco y Negro by Baphita Lobo estas O.o by Baphita
Anochecer by Baphita El Risco by Baphita
dos by Baphita Aparte by Baphita Abrazo by Baphita
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New member

Checkout my page

Working to upload lots of wolf bear photo

All owned by me and available for use by anyone.

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lollycavalierHobbyist Traditional Artist

This is great! Anyone doing ekud's #30everyday challenge should check this out...

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KimmyRandomusHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome and a big help too! X3
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thewolfcharmerStudent Traditional Artist
Hey some of these pictures are from the Wolf sanctuary
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account o place?

(because I remember someones that take the photos in sanctuaries)

I only show the photos of DA's people -like a reference-, I don't want appropiate of them. ... Even, i never have see a wolf and take a photo =(
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thewolfcharmerStudent Traditional Artist
the pics that im talking about are from the wolf sanutary in New mexico
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Darkstar9Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In Gallup, New Mexico to be exact. :D
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thewolfcharmerStudent Traditional Artist
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all these photo's are cool for refrencing right?

I mean I don't want to draw anything and get in trouble.
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GadoHobbyist General Artist
como favoriteo este articulo D: es ultra util XP

salu2 del lobo
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Gracias xD...

¿Lograste darle fav? Al lado del nombre de la noticia está el ícono de quién lo subió: bajo éste hay un |+"corazón"|, ahí es.
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GadoHobbyist General Artist
sii ya lo hizeee gracias :3
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Lovely collection! Thank you, this will help my study no end!
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Loves it, will be handy for my main focus in art, thanks!
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¡Eso espero! =O

De nada ^^
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Gracias a Dios para sitios Web de traducción xD
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Jajajajaj XD
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ConspiracyOfRavenzProfessional General Artist
wow thats cool, i've sketched most of those pics of the photagraphy wolf (the real pics)
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Gracias =D

Hay que practicar =P
ConspiracyOfRavenz's avatar
ConspiracyOfRavenzProfessional General Artist
de nada

sí, su buena práctica, entonces para obtener mejores <D

disculpas por mi español soy utilizando una clase pequeña así que estoy en lo nuevo
Baphita's avatar
No importa, genial que puedas hablar =D (yo casi nada de inglés =()
ConspiracyOfRavenz's avatar
ConspiracyOfRavenzProfessional General Artist
Que bueno. sí me alegro i finalmente yo uso mi español. pero mantener practiceing en Inglés y que usted será capaz de hablar en ningún momento <D
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