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Catboy No Wanna Go

Seen only a hand full of these type of chibi crafts over the years.  Looked like fun to make.
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how do you do these?... I shall investigate..
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I just adore your style and not to mention your creativity with this piece! I would love to see you do some more of these in the future :3
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impressive O_O
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Huh, that is a lot more adorable than expected. I approve. :)
(And yeah, these cuts are way too rare.)
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Never seen work like this before, seriously cool :D
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Oh boy, that is a fun one! w@ Very clear photography, very nice idea with the cut still being visible, even the signature thing seems clever. Very nice~
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thats soooo cute >3< 
awesome artworks btw xDD:D (Big Grin) La la la la La la la la Meow :3 +fav Heart Heart 
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Oh.... I want to make paper children!
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Jist got a .3 mechanical pencil, but it came with an eraser on a line of thin metal. What is it?
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Thin metal piece with the eraser is to clean or remove any lead jams in the tip of the pencil.
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Hilariously funny and cute. Very nice.
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I luv it ^^ 
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So cute and funny, great job!!  XD
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Nice! I tried this once, and it just didn't work ;(
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