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Time Lapse: 2 Hours

Had this idea in my head since I came out of work today, and wanted to get this out on my tablet~ :meow:
(I even thought of a quick story for how this piece came to be too! But that might come in the future. Let me know if you guys are interested to seeing a story of this in the future~ :aww: )

Ever since the drawing I did of Rarity last night, I wanted to try out that style again to see it wasn't a fluke.

And it wasn'tPinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz 

I'm super excited that I can finally start doing this now (not to mention doing this with only 4 layers [Outline, Twilight's colors, Starlight's colors, and background + effects], and would love to play around with this art style more in the future. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 

Unlike my Rarity drawing, I actually did record this, and will label this under "Speed Paint" on youtube since I did this with speed in mind~ :aww:

Hope you guys look forward to more in the future!
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Did this happend to season 7 ? ( i havent saw any episode from season 7 )