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Sunset Shimmer (Manga Style)

Will be selling at Bronycon 2017, August 11-13 . Located at Table #39 at the artist alley.

Rarity will be next, and will try to push for Pinkie, but she's not guaranteed she'll be made in time.
I know I won't be able to make Applejack at all at this rate, sorry AJ fans...! MLP Applejack (Sad) Plz 
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You Know What great a good friend of mine from Germany Used To Have This Profile picture on Instagram

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Amazingly done 
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Love this one!  Bought it at BronyCon and had Rebecca Shoichet sign it.
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this is so awesome (nosebleed)
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This looks amazing!
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Aw, AJ or Pinkie? Man, Earth Ponies gets no love these days.

Aside from that, I really like this one and the other manga style you put out.
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Very cool ^^
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Saw that grade-A zettai ryouiki! ;) And I love it
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Ah gosh visually stunning looking^^ Great stuff overall~ I'd love to see more like this:]
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Very nice style! You really captured her awesomeness!
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This is beautiful absolutely beautiful Bahn :D I love it :love: Sunset is one of my favorite characters :heart:
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This one's my favorite definitely <3 Ahhh, I love how she looks in your style so much & just the colors!!!

Aweee, AJ 
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