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Starlight Grandeur (Tales of Graces F)

By Banzatou
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Title: Starlight Grandeur
Anime videogame: Tales of Graces F (SPOILER end)
Music Inspiration: Mamoritai ~ White Wishes ~ (English Version) - BoA: [link]

Time elapse: 1 month (on & off)

Programs used: Manga Studio (Lineart), SAI (color), Photoshop CS3 (Color correction)

:iconbanzatou:'s Comment

This drawing was heavily inspired straight from the music OP itself, so feel free to look at the music link that I've provided. :XD:

Yeah...this took longer than I had wanted. @_@

I saw a lot of promise in this drawing and I found it sad that I kept procrastinating a lot on it, and with AX starting tomorrow, I wouldn't allow myself to give up on this~ >_<

I actually pulled off an all nighter on this drawing, coloring the clothes on them from start to finish.

In any case, I hope everyone likes this. I know I did~ :D

- Banzatou :iconbanzatou:

P.S. To those who have interest in the game and have not played it, note that this is kind of a spoiler (with Sophie looking like an adult and the coupling and what not)~ ^^;

And yes, there's a thing between Hubert and Pascal. :iconbakaishappyplz:

P.S.S. I told everyone awhile back that I'm working on a video of my process making this. I'll be working on the video and uploaded on youtube some time after AX. Thank you for your patience if you've been looking forward to it. :)
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That looks great.
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I love this picture, but there's one problem with it that kinda bugs me...that sophie has definitely been through lineage and shouldn't asbel have a purple eye?
Banzatou's avatar
Yeah, someone pointed this out to me while I was selling this print. It's an error on my end.

For some reason I remembered Asbel no longer having the purple eye because Lambda miraculously left his body and left Asbel on to doing his own thing with Cheria and Sophie.

But then again, I was finishing coloring this at an ungodly hour in the morning, so maybe the insomnia caught up with me.
naruto9000believeit's avatar
DAMN Asbel, you can't keep your hands off your woman, huh? =D
Jesse-Hill's avatar
Totally my desktop background. amazing :3 So amazing
Omnimon1996's avatar
Freaking amazing :D
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Beautiful portrait, tho I have one Citique - Asbel's Eye color is wrong, he has 2 blue eyes, one of them should be purple. Why do you exclude.....ok no spoiler, but not everyone thats part of the Lineage and Legacies portion of the game is here =(
Banzatou's avatar
Play the entire game through.

What I did with Asbel's eye color is correct.
AlisonPrime's avatar
I did play the entire game through =) Asbel still has the Purple eye from his....joining with you know who at the end of the game. Granted I still havent done the final final final dungeon (Xenophange or whatever its spelled) but after destroying the core of fodra, he was still combined know who. [link] Proof there =) (Warning Spoilers!)
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Huh, weird.

I could have sworn Lambda left Asbel's body after helping everyone fend against the Fodra queen.

Well unfortunately, I don't really plan to fix this unless there's more demand from people to want me to correct the error, and from when I was selling it last con, there weren't any complaints about it and I sold out. =P
AlisonPrime's avatar
XD just offering my 2 cents, I blame my GF for getting me into this series and turning me into some crazed fan girl. Still I did enjoy the picture. I felt it was incredibly done. That being said that was my only critique :P. I guess it got to me more cause I have Hetrochromia myself irl (I wear contacts to hide it) My left eye is blue and my Right eye is Green. I Tried to avoid spoilers for those who didn't play.


Yeah Lambda absorbed Fodra and went dormant trying to heal her malice but he did not leave Asbel's body. Little Queen merged with Sophie to age her into her form we see at the end of the game. Asbel still has his purple eye at the end of the game.
video-boy-mal's avatar
Would you mind if I used this as the title screen for my Tales of Graces f LP?

I would give you credit for having made it and link to both the original image and to your deviantart page in each video description.
Banzatou's avatar
Sure thing~
Thanks for letting me know. :meow:
video-boy-mal's avatar
Although, I'll only use it when we get to the future segment of the game, because as you said, the picture has spoilers in it (Sophie being 'older', pairings, etc) but when it comes to it, I shall use it and credit you. ^3^

...Not sure when I'll BEGIN the Tales of Graces f LP, since right now I have Final Fantasy 8 and Valkyrie Profile 2 being uploaded (VP2 finishes Jan 22nd and FF8 finishes mid feb) and I already finished the immediate Lp after that (Resonance of fate) and Im starting the one that will follow FF8 (Dark Souls) and I promised to do Vagrant Story and Still life 1 after those two...

...But after those, I'll want to do a Tales of Graces f AND Tales of Vesperia LP. =P

...absolutely no idea when in the year i'll even begin those...

in fact, if you want, you can check out some of my episodes if you're interested. ^3^

For the moment, I just have one of the official wallpapers of the 'normal' game being used as the title screen, until we get to the future arc anyway.
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This is so beautiful! Great work! :aww:
TarielOfLorien's avatar
Just finished this game with my husband, and we're dying to cosplay Hubert and Pascal! This is now our desktop background, haha! :D

Great work! Natural poses, great expressions, and the coloring looks awesome. :)
Banzatou's avatar
Thank you for the comment! :XD:

I'm honored to know that you've put this up as your desktop, and it's great to know that there are Hubert/Pascal fans out there that want cosplay as them, especially couples. :aww:
Orangepopsiclez's avatar
Your art is amazing! ^0^
*stares at Asbel's eyes and wonders why one isn't purple* e.e

Amazing game~ I'm done my second play through and I'm still obsessing over it. ;w;
Banzatou's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for your kind compliment on my drawing. :aww:

The reason why one of Asbel's eyes isn't purple is due to the endgame of the F arc. =P

And it's absolutely a wonderful game, indeed. :XD:
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Aww this is just so sweet! I love this game! You drew them all so accurately and beautifully! Amazing work!
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Loving the Hubert and Pascal. I have got to finish that game ASAP
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