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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


:iconchinaishappyplz: - Hong Meiling

[no image] - Koakuma

:iconpatchouliishappyplz: Patchouli Knowledge
:iconsakuyaishappyplz: Sakuya Izayoi
:iconremiliaishappyplz: Remilia Scarlet
:iconflandreishappyplz: Flandre Scarlet

Commissioned by: Max H.

Time elapse: Approx. 3 weeks [on and off]

Music inspiration: High School of the Dead OP


:iconbanzatou:'s Comment
I'm assuming this is Lunatic mode~ <__<

And whoever's firing all that Danmaku is pretty damn good. :O

In any case, I apologize greatly to the commissioner and my commissioners in line that are waiting. Pretty hard to balance doing this drawing alongside with preparations for school, working at Allstate.........playing BBCS but that's besides the point!

In any case, I hope Max likes his second drawing and I'll get working on my next commissioner's work! :aww:

By the way, I'm currently not accepting commissions due to unexpected situations that pop every now and then, so until I get these commissions out of the way, I'll keep it closed for now.

But if interested, feel free to note me and I'll contact you first thing when I open again! :XD: (And if you change your mind, no harm no foul. =) )
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Hah, I spent maybe 5 minutes looking for Koakuma in the picture (because she's one of my favorite characters, so adorable). I think she's over there, behind Patchouli? xD Little bit of maroon over there.
This looks fantastic overall, the Scarlet girls seem like they'd naturally have a ton of fun in such a fight and are showing that pretty well, and the others are pretty much "yup".
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Flandre's got that look in her eyes again... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES :O

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This is picture is both hard and easy to understand, but is still very very awesome!
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Love Flandre's expression!
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I'm not sure what is going on within the piece, but it keeps me coming back. Fantastic use of movement especially with the blur and cool use of the circle design, never would have thought to use that in an action piece. Good job, keep it up.
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I love the action in this picture. The motion blurs and the danmaku.
Looks like somebody's about to get their face melted off.
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The first and best game in the series~
LokiHeimdallFreya's avatar
Wow that is very epic. I can see how the HOTD opening song could have influenced this. =)

This is the game that I started with and have been a fan ever since. (Geez Flandre is epic hard to beat....)
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Yep. That is very Lunatic.
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Aww~~Make Patchy alittle bigger 8D !
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its soo freaking awasome!i love it
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If I could favorite this 100 times, I would. ;n; It's awesome!!!~
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Uwah! It's a burst of energy and rage! :) I love the colours! All of their poses look so nice! They mix very well in the drawing!
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That right there...
is amazing. Well done. :iconclapplz:
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sexy! (not in a sexual way, in a cool picture kinda way)
Mad-Silence's avatar,they all are in KILLER MODE!!!
Nobody will survive...:raincloud:
great job!:omg:
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this is amazing. simply amazing. funny how I'm getting more into Touhou again and then see this XD
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fff no Koakuma :noes:
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No Koakuma, sorry <__<
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