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3 Waterbears

Tardigrades are represented by more than 1000 different species, and here are just three. They are distinguished mainly by the shape of their pharynx and the shapes of their claws. The central waterbear is the "standard", most widely recognized tardigrade, and not many people are aware of the different forms that this creature can take.
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Cute creatures apart from their teeth. 
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I just Wiki'd them, these things are real!
MobianMonster's avatar
They look like creatures you would use to cross the desert on.
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Thank you for the inspiring visual. :D
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They're just adorable. But are there really some like the third one?
Banvivirie's avatar
As I recall drawing from photographs of individuals of this species. :meow:
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I love how you made them likeable. In all the macrophotography of them they look like little horror movie monsters!
Dinolover1416's avatar
Awesome! Any more on the way, perhaps?
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WATER BEAR ART. My life is complete. ^_^
These little guys are the definition of creepy-cute! They're slightly nauseating and also very adorable. :D
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:aww: Glad you like them!
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At first I thought that these creatures were made up. "Water Bear" seems to be a good name for them. Nicely drawn :D Love the gallery too. 
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Thank you very much! :meow:
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remember, they can survive atom bomb...
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We should understand their biology further so we can develop an ultraefficient escape pod  or maybe a micro spy drone
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We already have a thorough understanding of how anhydrobiosis works in Tardigrades, but preventing radiation damage while in space is something scientists have been working through.
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Wow, these are very well done! 
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These were my favorite animals in middle school :D Awesome depiction!
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Tardigrades - because tough and cute go together soo well...
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