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So, my new webcomic is now online.  It's titled "Doesn't Pay Attention in Class."  I took down the samples because I'll likely end up re-using some of the drawings down the road.

You can find it here:

Enjoy =D
So, I'm planning to launch a new webcomic soon.  Someplace Else, my original, failed because I took it too seriously and putting deadlines on my work didn't agree with me.  But this new one should be interesting and easy to work with.

I have problems with paying attention in class.  Big problems.  All of my notebooks are 75-95% doodle with 5-25% actual notes from the class.  Some of these doodles have backstories and some are created out of pure unadultered confusion and boredom, but I love them all in their own way and have saved almost all my notebooks for the last few years to save these drawings.

So... I thought I might see if these drawings would be interesting for others to see.  What if the byproducts of my absentmindedness were actually an exciting form of entertainment for others?  It's a win-win situation, and I've got hundreds upon hundreds of pages of material to satisfy those who are interested, and the number grows every day.

I uploaded an example of what the average page might be, so check that out.  In addition, here's another exmaple page:…

Once exams are over I'll start poring through my notebooks and scanning all the worthwhile doodles I can find and start making comics... once I have a lot I'll launch the site, with hopefully at least a one or two month lead on the comics with more material available to make.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the formatting or another way for me to make use of my drawings for a webcomic, I'm open to ideas.  Also, if you have any ideas for what to name this webcomic, that would be appreciated also.

I look forward to launching this!

I stopped using deviantart roughly 3 years ago.  Lately, however, I've been doing some artwork, so I thought I might try it out again.  I've deleted most of my old deviations and will now proceed with uploading some new ones.
Bleeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x_x

Hey, lookit that...I never ntoiced before, but I can edit a journal and post stuff here!  Yay ^^

Well hi, my name is Greg, but please call me Banov.  I thouroughly enjoy drawing, and I have a webcomic called Someplace Else (found at

I'd stay and say more but I'm quite starving :hungry:

So hey, I hope you all enjoy my art, and if you happen to stumble by here, please, pretty-pretty-pretty pleas,e leave at least one comment for me?  If there's anything I love more than drawing, its being told my drawings are good. ^^