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Zuko's costume_Step 1 PATTERN

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This is how I defined the pattern for my Zuko's costume and the cotton fabric length/height I'll need.
In the past, people asked me how I'll work. So, here is Step 1.

I have not a lot of experience on creating costume so I hope it will turns good. I used a Japanese Kimono pattern for reference.

I already bought the fabric and material I'll need. For info, it costed around 50 euro. But probably I will have enough to make something else with what is left.

Final work must ressemble to this Zuko's costume> [link]

Mesurements and new pattern for the pant added.
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Nice pattern. I'm going to try and modify the vest for a FE7 Linus cosplay 

Thanks for sharing ;)
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This is by no means to sound rude, but what size are/were you when you wore this? I'm wanting to make my own but I need to figure out which way to adjust the measurements! Thank you for your time!
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Omg thank you for this! I'm going to make a Zuko costume and I think this will help because I have no idea how to sew it lol XDD
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so...will you uptade it?
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There already is someone asking this but do you have any more pictures of your Zuko outfit, the link doesn't work?
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Do you have any pics of the Zuko costume you made using this pattern?
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YOU. I LOVE YOU. ;///; I've been looking around for a pattern everywhere for this cosplay.
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You sir, are a saint.
D: Too bad there are no Katara or Aang versions of this. >w< Lol, aka the ones I need.
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:D Sorry, but I don't have Katara or Aang. Also, be careful with this one, since there was some mistakes in it that I corrected on the costume but not on the pattern.
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WOW. I've been trying really, really hard to figure out how to make Zuko and Azula cosplays for me and my brother, using their season 3 outfits. It's proving quite difficult. Do you have any suggestions? I'm desperate to sew both outfits by NYCC.
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This pattern was my first version, in fact I did it twice. The first version was to understand how it works, because I never sewed before and then I tryed to correct all the mistakes in the second version.
What I can suggest is :
> first do a draft with a cheap fabric. Cutting bigger, then trying to find the right shape. When it's ok, redraw the pattern on the good fabric.
> For the armour, I suggest a light material. I tried to make one with a groundsheet used for gymnastics. Then you can paint it with acrylics and protect with a varnish (not sure of this word?!) spray.
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Oh, thank you so much for the advice! It makes a lot of sense, thanks again!
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insanely cool ;)
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Tell me you're not wearing this to anime north :P I started making this exact outfit just this morning. lol
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No. I live in Europe. ^^ But I'll probably wear it for the San Diego Comic Con, I want to go there this year. Could you please show me some photo of your when finished? You have done a better pattern than me. It was my first attempt at cosplay and I know well that mine is not very good.
I'll work on the weapons soon and post a tutorial. I found a interesting solution. I think it could interest you too.
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Looking forward to your cosplay! :nod:
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Man, I can't wait to see the finished product!!:dance:
That is a cool Zuko outfit... although, most of Zukos outfits are cool when you think about it!! ;) :D
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:D It was hard to choose which one to do. Finaly I choose that one because Zuko will probably wear this until the end of season 3 :D
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that outfit is the third most squeeful he's ever worn. The second most squeeful is the Blue Spirit outfit, and the most squeeful is Book Three armor!
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That's a good idea. :)
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Oh, cool! I bet it will look really neat after it's done. Hope to see it! :)
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Thanks, and yes, I'll post ^^
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