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Environment Tutorial

As it says, i had been getting some requests (mostly on tumblr) for a tut so here it is.
I was a little surprised how much people like it Lol This is one way you can approach doing environments
there are many ways but this is how i pretty much learnt the way of environment. Ive also been ask to 
do another do with with characters doodles i do, ill get onto that one at some point : P


Also the brushes used were from a lot of awesome artists but mostly Jonas De Ro.

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Great tutorial! This will help with my course work for uni, since I've always struggled drawing backgrounds for concept visuals.
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thank you, this tut is exactly what i needed
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very useful ^^ I wanted to try environments for awhile

thanks for sharing!
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Good luck! hope it helps
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Are you a wizard
how do you do such majjyks
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unfortunately im not : P 
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