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Bloodborne: lady maria visceral attack

She slay so good
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Thank you sooooo much for that! Your artwork is fantastic. As gothic as Bloodborne should be. 

P. S. Also, why on earth are we all find the idea of an over six feet tall, increadibly beautiful, pale-skinned woman dressed in black impaling us with a big fucking sword arousing? Are we that sick? Or all of us Bloodborne fans were or are such die-hard goths?
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The only enemy in Bloodborne I'd let visceral attack me.
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honestly same. X'D

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mind blowing work, rly thought it was a frame from an anime. damn
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If Bloodborne got an animated adaptation, this is what it'll look like.
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Is there any chance to get this amazing, beautiful, well done and insanely detailed masterpiece, in a bigger resolution? I want to make it a real life wallpaper for my wall, with your signature on it. Damn, I would love to see your art in a cinematic movie about Bloodborne. 
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*Whispers* git gud
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Lady Maria is badass.
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Lady Maria could stab me and I'd thank her ~

beautiful artwork! Such a nice balance between intimate and gory
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OH GOOD LAWD. :blush: Your art is always gorgeous and seeing any art of Lady Maria makes me so happy!
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