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.../////////////////___________{ / . h a t e ❤ s o n g . }--♂x♂

....( )♔/丿
= („ơ ⋏ơ) { BL ★ RANKINGS )
:: last updated Aug. 8th, 2013 ::

`{01} ♚ [ 神アレ / Yullen ] » Kanda Yuu × Allen Walker (DGM)
`{02} ☊ [ ヨシュネク / JoshNeku ] » Kiryu "Joshua" × Sakuraba Neku (TWEWY)
`{03} ☠ [ シズイザ / Shizaya ] » Heiwajima Shizuo × Orihara Izaya (DRRR!!)
`{04} ☀ [ シンジュ / Sinju ] » Sinbad × Judar (Magi)
`{05} ❂ [ セバシエ / SebaCiel ] » Sebastian M. × Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)
`{05} ♛ [ スザルル / SuzaLulu ] » Kururugi Suzaku × Lelouch vii Britannia (CG)
`{06} Ψ [ Hannigram ] » Hannibal Lecter / Will Graham (Hannibal)
`{07} ✋ [ Destiel ] » Dean Winchester / Castiel (SPN)
`{08} ✈ [ ミツナル / MitsuNaru ] » Miles Edgeworth × Phoenix Wright; +reverse (AA/GS)
`{09} ✩ [ サスナル / SasuNaru ] » Uchiha Sasuke × Uzumaki Naruto (SasuNaru)

current active ships: Yullen, JoshNeku, Sinju, Hannigram, Eruri

age: 19 {b.o.d: Dec. 30th}
gender&sex: ♀
personality: 60% tsun, 30% yan, 10% dere. Passionate, obnoxious, bitchy, judgemental, harsh on everyone and ever harder on myself, can't deal with sincere stupidity, perfectionist--no more like anal, Queen of Procrastination, extremely insecure, tendency to use crass, random, crack, reference, offensive, and dark humour, usually soberly drunk, bizarre, and stubborn--way too stubborn to change.
extreme complexes: Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder; being extremely slow at tasks; being unnoticed; failure; non-existence; old age.
aspirations: To become a character designer; be a part of creating a twewy sequel; costume design; adjlgakdjgfl so many things.
race/nationality: Chinese-Canadian
orientation: Pansexual(?) aromantic (I'm too messed up, so I gave up on romantic relationships).
religion: Castianity (aka I'm a minion okay); agnostic (98% athiest, but open to the idea that there may be something out there beyond human comprehension)
likes: See tags list.
hates: Too many to list.

`{/ мonocнʀoмϵ ♛ αʀκ }
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Favourite Visual Artist
Hoshino Katsura, Toboso Yana, CLAMP, Mikanagi Touya, Nakamura Asumiko, Misoka (Monokuro Penguin), inumog, tknk, MACCO, Obata Takeshi
Favourite Movies
Inception, FF7 Advent Children, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd
Favourite TV Shows
Durarara!!, Code Geass, No.6, Mirai Nikki, Steins;Gate, Shingeki no Kyojin, Supernatural S4-6, Hannibal, Sherlock, Queer as Folk
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Wotamin, Soraru, Mimu, Usa, clear, Yamai (KANAN), supercell, ALI PROJECT, Aoyama Thelma, Otsuka Ai, JYONGRI, Radwimps, Matsushita Yuuya
Favourite Books
(manga/light novels), D.Gray-Man, Durarara!!, Silver Diamond, Koisuru Boukun, Yume Musubi Koi Musubi, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Beelzebub, Death Note (until v7), Skip Beat, Akuma to Love Song
Favourite Writers
Oscar Wilde, Ohba Tsugumi, Narita Ryohgo, Arakawa Hiromu, Takanaga Hinako, Nakamura Asumiko
Favourite Games
TWEWY, Ace Attorney, Devil Survivor 2, Radiant Historia, Disgaea, Ghost Trick,
Favourite Gaming Platform
DS, 3DS, PS4, PC
Tools of the Trade
Intuos4 tablet, pencil/paper, SAI, Photoshop CS5
Other Interests
Boy's Love, slashing, character/fashion/costume design
Not associated with the other Yullenator (sans "the"), who likely appropriated my handle. I'm The Yullenator, Bani, or Baniita on most social media sites.

{ / Fujoshi Review },, DGM 208, SPN7.2,

{ / Fujoshi Review },, DGM 208, SPN7.2,

.../////////////////___________{ / . h a t e ❤ s o n g . }--♂♂ ....( )♔/丿 = ( ಠ Дಠ) { . . . ohmy. fucking. god. ) » Like dark matter for the brain, » That was a beauty most incomprehensible. Bani: There will never be anything as gorgeous again after that chapter. elyuu: Oh, but what if there's a reunion chapter between Allen and Kanda? elyuu: WILL THAT BE NOT AS GORGEOUS? Bani: ... Bani: asdk7$%*#hserhs!!$YW&^^@!!!! Bani: CANNOT Bani: COMPREHEND Hoshino's art style for this revolution has improved. Kanda was beautiful in every panel he was in. ...How. Why. WHOM. I can't



.../////////////////___________{ / . h a t e ❤ s o n g . }--♂♂ ....( ) ♔/丿 = (。∏ д∏)〴 { NO TIME FOR GREETINGS--★ ) (Steins;Gate after this.) » Like a jolt to the crotch, » Here comes the Fujoshi Review! First of all. I have never cried so hard. /Ever./ It was even more touching to me than Lelouch's death or the ending of Nabari no Ou. Alright, let's start--episode 11; the finale of the No. 6 anime. OTL I'm kind of dissapointed in myself, though. I didn't think of Yullen at all while watching this. ...Okay, let's face it, No. 6 has the huuuuuge advantage of

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Thank you very much for the fabourite! :D
D-an-GStudent General Artist
Hi, hi Bani! :heart:


Your art is very cute and lovely! :heart:

Thanks for you watch!!
I really love your icon :love::love:
BaniitaHobbyist Interface Designer
Ehhehe~ Thank you! I follow you on Pixiv, tumblr, and here... and I wish you posted on your tumblr more lol.

I've been a Yullen fan for 8 years now, I think. :P Oh, Yullen Celebration Weeks is coming up.

If you could draw something for the themes, I'd be very happy!…

For example, for Clockwork, one can draw steampunk fairytale Yullen. Or for Partners, one can draw them waltzing.
To share your entry, all you need is to just tag #Yullen Week or #Yullen on the days of the theme, mention which theme your entry is for, and I'll reblog it.

You don't have to, of course, but I'd be thrilled if you would! :3
AramisdreamProfessional General Artist
Happy2 Excited Meow-thank You Hi! Thanks for+fav !Heart Smile Happy2
Thanks for the fave!
Thank you for the +fave!
AmyNChanHobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fav~!  *^-^*