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Please visit my new Website; You'll see a lot of my current photographic projects as well as my digital art and architecture. There's an archive of my past work in stained glass, mosaic, wood and interiors. I am regularily updating a journal and there is an extensive 'About me'section and 'Press' section. Please pop over and say hello;
Hello and Welcome to my new photo site BANGOPHOTOS.

On this site I hope to show some of my purely photograghic work. I've got over 20 thousand images stored on my computer at this stage so I think its about time I did something with them. I suppose I've been taking photographs since I was about 10 and that wasn't today or yesterday. I live in Ireland which is an absolutely beautiful part of the world. In the gallery you'll see pictures of my surroundings and influences, nature, flowers, sky, birds and water amongst other things. In some ways my photography is similar to the sketchs that I have consistently created over the years in that it captures ideas for future artworks. Although I would consider this work to be able to stand independently on its own artistic footing, I really only use it as roughwork and notes for other projects.

I'm best known as a stained glass artist and as the artistic director of The Salvage Shop. On my other deviant art website (BANGO) you can see my work in glass and wood aswell as some of my sketchs. There are also images from my last exhibition Photo Distortions where I digitally manipulated and enhanced colourful photos and had them printed large on vinyl and tin for an outdoor and indoor show in Waterford city. Enough about the BANGO site click this if want a look.. Thank you for visiting the BANGOPHOTOS site and please call back again soon.

Sean Corcoran


ps. Please visit my Lost and Found exhibition; WHOSE GARDEN WAS THIS whosegardenwasthis.deviantart.…