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Sphinx )

Species: Sphinx clairvoyanus

ClassSupernatural Beast

Habitat(s)Deserts, Pyramids, Temples


The apex predators of the desert, Sphinxes are known to be powerful, and mystical creatures. They have the head of a human woman, body of a large cat, and wings of an eagle. Sphinxes are capable of taking down most beasts that cross their path.

Psychic and capable of speaking all known languages, Sphinxes are sought after by adventurers to gain knowledge or peer into the future. When an adventurer wants to gain anything from a Sphinx they must answer her 3 riddles or pass 3 small trials that she has tasked. If the adventurer fails in either, the Sphinx will kill them with telepathic powers.

Sphinxes are female and can have up to 1-2 cubs by self-reproduction. Mother Sphinxes are relentless and will eradicate anything that harms their cubs.

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i want a baby one

Ok i have one question that have been freaking me out for a while...well really 2 questions the first one what is in the mouth of the Sphinx in the third drawing other Sphinx? a lion? and there is a like a rival of the Sphinxs like hyena and lions in the desert like a Spinosaur (is like 5 meters tall and 18 meters long) so and have a dinosaur brain or other kind of beast in the desert pls answer me

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  1. Nanotyrannus

  2. as far as rivals, nothing really other than possibly wyverns and Dragons.

Is really that big to kill a nanotyranus ?that’s new but kind of obvious but still with the question there is any dinosaur that can with this thing that is not a magical creature

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Deviljho would make this creature feel like a kitty cat

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Hey! Don’t look into my inner, personal thoughts, those are private!

Cute cubs by the way.

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Dear god that baby is way too cute.
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aww is a good kitty

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So what do males look like

Or is it an all female species?
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These sphinxes are all female, but Androsphinxes exist so yeah

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did you know some animals don't need males to procreate?

heck there's an entire species of female lizards, the males of that species literally went extinct because the females found out how to reproduce without them. So maybe its like that?

whats the name of the species?

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the New Mexico whiptail

I legit thought you were joking. But there actually is a only female species

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I don't joke about useless science facts...

Be honest, how adorable do think that the baby sphinx is? I like how mom is taking a nap and the baby is chewing on her ear and she is like "stop". Pff like its really gonna do something to a hyperactive sphinx cub

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Very cool! :D Love the feathery mane!
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I think this is my favorite creature in your Bestiary. She just exudes this sense of power and nobility, but still has this doting, motherly feel to her (especially in the second illustration).

A very interesting interpretation of one of the more underrated mythical creatures, I think.
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Really? I named mine "Panthera divinus"
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Is there any beast that a sphinx probably wouldn't mess with?
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