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Snow Elf

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Snow Elf )

Species: Homo elvus


Habitat(s)Tundra, Taiga


The smallest of the elven races, the snow elves are small yet quite resourceful able craft weapons from any material around them, usually making weapons out of sticks and stones. Though not aggressive, snow elves are wary of outsiders and will calmly warn them to leave unless they're passing by or seek help.

They don't worship any particular deities but snow elves do worship the spirits of their ancestors as well as pay respect to the animals they hunt. Snow elves respect nature as it is and will proudly treat beasts big or small with some respect. They understand that nature is also brutal and

will try to approach threats cautiously.

Snow elves mostly hunt the larger herbivores of the region such as the Elasmothery, Anatosaurus, Giant Elk, Woolly Mammoth, and Pachyrhinosaurus. Though as a rite of passage, young male snow elves group together and hunt predators, the most dangerous to hunt is the Yutyrannus and most snow elves dare not hunt them for the mass loss of tribesmen to hunt one.

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Can you do Forest Elves and maybe Dark Elves next?

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when I get to it...

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i hope we get more races like trolls, ogres, giants, wendigos, pygmys, cyclops, werebears, centaurs, minotaurs, draugur, goblins, hobgoblins (like goblins but taller and red), hags, selkies, succubi, imps, werewolves, harpys, nagas, dark elves, skinwalkers, and yetis

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Jesus Christ...spoil the fun, kill joy

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Cute but deadly.

Love them.
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kind of reminisent of gnoms
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oh wow. nice idea and design

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awesome work, i freaking love good snow civilization designs :D
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your welcome :D
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foreshadowing on my favourite dino

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Yutyrannus or Pachyrhinosaurus?

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the fluffy fluffy chinese trex. sure you can call it Yutyrannus but i like fluffy.

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For a race of short elves, they know how to take down beasts that are much larger than themselves. 
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yes, that's how they roll

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What do they do if someone confuses them for Dwarves?

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