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Harpies ( Revamped )

  • SEX: 100% Female Gender Ratio
  • AGE??yrs 
  • HEIGHT: 7'5"
  • WEIGHT223.6lbs
  • ABILITIESFlight, Stealth, Night Vision, Sharp Talons And Teeth, Vocal Mimicry 

  • BIO: 

Hybrids of human female DNA and the genomes of owls, Harpies are Pantheon's living drones. Pantheon uses these feathery fiends to capture and retrieval specific targets. They have also been used to hunt down targets as well, ripping into foes and leaving an unrecognizable pile of mush and entrails. Harpies are not outright murderous monsters, they are rather curious creatures and have childlike intelligence this, however, gets in the way of their tasks so Pantheon has implemented the use of shock collars to get them focused on the task at hand.

During Venus's rampage, a handful of Harpies escaped and have gone feral. These Harpies are led by older, larger, white-feathered matriarchs.

  • *Pantheon categorizes their experiments on a danger scale from 1-10, 1 the least dangerous to 10 the most dangerous.
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Just got done watching "The owl house". And this explains a lot

this is the best take you've done on the harpy

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Could the harpies you have already drawn part of its life cycle or the result of Pantheon making them for different puposes?

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This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

DraconisKiller's avatar

This is nightmare fuel if I saw this thing in real life.

I would ask if i could borrow this version of the harpy but i want to first say what i like about it.

I like this harpy version better because, it's a combination of version's 1 and 2, it has talons and claws and jaws for slashing, hacking, and tearing. And it can fly. I also like that sad, but also confused look you gave it.

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I got an interesting question. If all the bio weapons that Pantheon made are more recent experiments, which was their first experiment? I would imagine it would have to be something horrifying, grotesque, disfigured and completely dangerous.
Brydav's avatar

Like something based on the Thing or the Flood?

anotherrandomguy1's avatar

Man, I find the design history probably the most interesting with how drastic the changes have been, going from basically just an owl with a human face, to something more in line with your usual idea of a harpy just with giant therizenosaurus claws, and now this hulking gorl. Very cool.

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i dont wanna sound annoying by asking this, but could i draw her meeting one of my creature, inspired by shin godzilla (this movie somehow reached a cosmic level according to the creators of this zilla), the design is great, a great mix between pterosaurus, owls and human, wich put me on the idea of asking this request? if you do not want me to draw her, i will consent to your demand, a lot of art are being stolen and i would understand you stay on guard on such a demand. regardless of this , i genuinly think those creature should be featured on a movie, mainly because of all the usage of creature that exist and have existed

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I wonder if it hurts them when they open their mouth es to their full length like that.

hooksnfangs's avatar

Those are some fine teeth there

Chimera-gui's avatar

I always like the idea of harpies having pterosaur-esque wings, particularly those of Jeholopterus to give a superficially "human" hand.

BulbaFriend's avatar

I don’t know which is worse: when they bare their teeth or just looking at their face.

Xquid's avatar

... and they're delicious.

Litanus's avatar

These girls may be big spooky genetic anominations, but hecc me they’re still oddly cute!

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I feel like the second and third versions of the harpies can be two different species that have different uses. The third version being a capture and retrieve bird, while the second version is a hit and run assassin bird. That sounds like something Pantheon would consider. Having a type of harpies that help retrieve targets and a different type that kill targets.
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Why does this remind me of Eda from Owl House?

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