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CMSN-Were-woman by Banedearg CMSN-Were-woman by Banedearg
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monstermaster13 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You've done a terrific job here.
Banedearg Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
Thank you.
monstermaster13 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome.
Slime-Series Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
Fantastic and sexy fun work and style as always!  Great gals here.
I'm going to name the end form woman here 'Craft'.  Name inspired by the word 'WitchCraft and Shaft.  Her name origins taken when she assumed they were calling her by a name vs a proclamation of a magic user (Witch 'Craft').  Also inspired by Shaft theme that the tune plays in my head looking at her.  Sexy, strong, and a lady that can 'dig it'…

Jennie Pudden in the past dreamed of being a superhero but her parents discouraged it and in time Jennie went on to be just another regular woman in society.  Safe and pure Jennie didn't expect much from herself but had great mastery in physics.  But then one day walking alone on the beach she found a strange talisman stone in the sea carried by the currents.  The sun's rays hit it and naturally the shiny stone would reflect the light in patterns determined by a scientific way that would be away from Jennie but broke the rules of science by only bouncing the light towards Jennie shining in her eyes.  Bewitched by it she picked it up and saw that the stone looked like a woman and on the back words in small fine font was inscribed.

Others that looked over the stone saw no words but Jennie could and it confused her why that was.  Using a magnifying glass to be able to properly read it she saw the words:

"If the selected one accepts and freely chooses thyself for the great undertaking then please read out these words in the Haitian Creole language when the sun in a state of twilight: 'Born agian in moonlight and unleashed to repeal evil's blight, two souls entwine, change into a goddess so fine, to be a hero I openly trend, to be the catalyst of wickedness end, place on me the mark to that I choose, the spirit of the hero I openly let in to fuse.' "

That day Jennie was planning on visiting her sister when the sun set for some drinks.  Her sister formerly worked for Google as a intern but now was working with the local police station setting up some new hi -tech system for the station.   Going for an afternoon jog after filling on some job applications in the morning Jennie didn't know why but took the talisman with her.  After pushing herself to go farther than before and sweating up a storm Jennie was at a lose of breath and sat down on a park bench.  Feeling the talisman in her pocket she pulled it out and recalled the words of the stone "when the sun is in the state of twilight".   Jennie saw that the sun was in that small time frame considered twilight.  Then for a laugh Jennie pulled out her phone google translated the words to Haitian Creole.  Mockingly she lifted high the talisman over her head and spoke out the words in perfect Haitian Creole.
Then the clouds covered the skies and sun, lighting and the winds blew unexpectedly, the talisman glowed becoming hot and making yawning like somebody was waking up and orgismic moaning sounds shocking her.  Then after 5 seconds of strangeness nothing.  The glow dimmed, sounds when mute, and the sky became clear agian as if nothing happened.

Not thinking much about it all she placed the talisman in her back pocket that had a small hole inside it that placed the mouth or the taislman woman agiasnt her right but cheek.  As soon as Jennie put the talisman in that pocket she felt yet could be described as a bite on her ass.  "YEOAH!  What The F***!?"

Reaching in her back pocket the talisman was gone.  Feeling a bit sore she ran into a clothing store that she would normally bypass full of leather and latex goods.  Grabbing some latex and leather outfits that was her size just so she could have access to the store dressing room Jennie rush into a open booth with a clear body mirror and close the door.
Stripping and pulling her pants down she saw what looked like a bite mark now on her ass.  A mysterious voice then spoke in her eyes  "That's my love mark hun.  Most might mark themselves on some place less sensitive but that is where you wanted it apparently."

Jennie: "Who said that?!"
Then from nowhere a sexy muscular woman looking alot like the talisman appeared before Jennie.  Spirit: "I did hun.  So you are my new partner huh?  Most of the time the one selected as a candidate by the gods and the one's that chooses to accept this power and burden of responsibilities and is my host is that of a warrior.  You don't look like a warrior hun."
Jennie didn't know if she was going crazy.  Before her eyes was the strong, sexy, naked woman yet in the side mirror she wasn't showing up.  Like she wasn't really there.  Jennie: "I'm an unemployed physicist not some warrior."

Spirit: "Really?  Then why did they.. best not question them.  You have to be select by them for some reason and you agreed to this all for a reason as well.  Want to make a difference in the world and be a hero and battle evil hun?"

Jennie: "My name is not 'hun' it's Jennie.  When I was young I dreamed of being a superhero but that was just a childhood dumb dream I have...had!  What is going on?!  Who are you!?"

Spirit: "Name is Craft!"
Craft: "I once was a regular human like you but a warrior and shaman.  I battle alongside gods and took part in and great battle between good and evil for the souls of all mankind.  I help turn the tide and win the war sealing evil away.  However I was fatally wounded and many of the evils while sealed can get out.  The gods made me a powerful spirit and every time one or more of the evils spilled out I would be given to a warrior or sorceress to partner with.  Infusing part of our souls, sharing the same body, and both sides would help in the ongoing battle of evil.  When every new soul I enfuse with that person's talents and powers is added to my own and in return that chosen one will also gain the ever growing pool of abilities and strength that I can offer to them.
This happens about every 1000 years that a new champion for Earth is selected by the gods and the talisman that contains my sleeping soul would be given to that person to be my new host and soul partner.  The select person can turn down the offer by tossing the talisman away where the gods will collect it and find a new champion.  But by following the instructions only the chosen one can read the new champions accepts the terms and it is sealed with a mark.  Like the mark on your ass.  Right now you can see and touch me representing out our link but I won't officially make my return to the world of the flesh till the full moonlight shines down on the host/your body.  Afterwards we can swap and battle evil without limit."

Jennie began to feel very warm and horny.  Jennie: "Why do I feel so very... OOOOHHH!"

The spirit named Craft also looked and was feeling a bit horny as well.  Craft: "Most unfortunately most warriors I fused with had to delay their own personal lust of the flesh and focused on only battle and training never getting satisfaction of the sexual ways in their life.  One is fine and controllable but after a series of horny and self deiyng of sexuallal desires warriors I had been infused with as my partners in the past this collected bottled up emotions and desires is starting to break though even my strong will.  Thus as a part of our souls now entwined that build up of lust that I gained from the many before you as my host and partner you now are experiencing a bit of what I feel much how I'll experience a bit of what you can feel."

Jennie: "Oh god!  It feels so... so.."
Pulling down her panies and ripping her bra off Jennie began masterbating herself hoping to remove her urges.

Craft: "Wait!  Stop!  I have been well trained to control the urges but it seems you lack that training.  As I said what you feel I feel and what I feel you feel.  Your masterbating is afeacting me!  AHH!"

It was true.  The more Jennie pleasured herself that emotions, experiences, and touches was sent slightly over to Craft.  Craft trying to resist just added to the increasing desires of lust sent over to Jennie who responded by intensifying her self pleasures.  
Craft: "It seems you can't stop until you run your course and exhaust yourself.  Let me help then move it all along.  I have years of experience and knowledge in the art of pleasure."
Moving towards and touch Jennie Craft began to makeout with her.

Craft: "I feel you won't make this partnership easy.  Your already are the most beautiful partner I have had thus battling future desires for pleasure vs focusing on evil when necessary will be a task.  Still I love a good F*** and I think you will be most pleased at what I can do."
Jennie mind raced and body burned with the ways Craft expertly controlled the situation and domination of the passions and body.  With every movement and actions taken the synchronous gals felt and moaned.  The intensity was too much for Jennie to handle and even Craft found it hard to think.  But soon Jennie fainted while Craft the ancient experienced and strong willed spirit remained upright.  "That was one hell of a good F***"

Jennie awoke hearing the door being knocked by a female worker at that store.  She had been in there far longer than most customers but more importantly she screams of pleasure rang all over the store and out the door.  The female worker wanted to know what her secret technique was that she to could scream like that in her bedroom.
Feeling great but cover in her own orgasims her outfit was ruined.  Forced to buy all the latex and leather outfits she took with her into that booth out of necessity for a fresh outfit but also due to the ruckus she made in the store embarrassing her she put on one of the latex outfits and looking herself over she admitted that it looked great on her and it had her looking like a sexy rebel like woman.

She rushed out of the store and rode the bus to her sister's home.  As for what just happened.  "Logically it was all a wet dream and hallucination brought out by lack of hydration during my run.  Nothing else."  If she checked she would of seen her dream 'mark' was still on her ass.

When she got to her sister she was beat and landed on the couch.  Her sister when to grab the beers and one bottle of water as requested by her Jennie.  Then as Jennie waited patiently she saw the moon was full and partially covered by a few clouds that was moving away.  She recalled her "dhulationtion" but it wasn't real so...
Then she became to feel very warm, horny, sexy, strong, and a good kind of funky.

Craft is an ancient Vodun Warrior and priestess spirit that finds a new vessel from a woman who is chosen by her Vudom god particular the goddess Oya, the goddess of sudden change, and protects the world when the ancient darkness she locked away long ago begins to break free and torment the world.    She controls great powers of holy magic empowered to her by the deities of Vodou (note 'Voodoo' was the name Hollywood gave Vodou) and abilities from former hosts/partners.  The host normally is the one in control and has access to Craft's abilities and teachings when fighting evil but Craft herself can come out taking control of the host body transforming into herself during a full moonlight or at short periods of time any other time to battle evil.

Who awoke with mystical moonlight
to fight for truth, goodness, and right?
(origins folks)
Who is the lionhearted woman
when injustice happens is summoned?
(Yeah, she's coming)
Who has that incredible bosom
While battling a nasty hoodlum? 
(Sweet divinity)
A pure soul named Jennie
transforms into who for the many?
(Two woman, two heroes in one fine body)
Who has the powers of muscles and voodoo
and vanishes fearsome demons in her view?
(saving lives with no hitch)
Who's the black private witch
That's a sex machine to guys and chicks?
(You're damn right.)
Who is the Woman
that would risk her neck for all humans?
(Can ya dig it?)
Who's the cat that won't cop out
when there's danger all about?
(Right on)
You see this cat Craft is a bad mother--
But I'm talkin' about Craft?
She's a complicated Woman
souled bonded to Jennie Pudden.

I rushed to write this wanting to make a short tale/idea base on this picture much like I did for fun with your others.  Because of the rush spelling, grammar, and some off writing might show up and hopefully I'll go back to review it all and add more to this idea/tale or fix it all up later on.  I hope you and other readers who so happen to read the comments might enjoy it.
Banedearg Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Wow, you've done it again, I always amazed by these.
JustAnotherTGCartoon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
not to be cpt. obvious and an oblivious smart-ass... but... "were" means "man" so...
Slime-Series Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Looking up the history and definitions of that word and what might be based from the Old English and other languages the proper equal could be "Wīfmann-Woman".  If she is a wife in this picture then the 'mann' part can be cut out and thus Wif-Woman.
Since 'Were' was archaic terms for adult male humans and were often used for alliteration with wife as "were and wife" or "Were and Wif" thus 'Were' in itself would of been more linked to the term husband then just man but forklore and fantasy literature created a back-formation to it as so to have it mean Man (Were-Wolf=Man-Wolf).  Thus one could do the same with Wifmann (Wifmann=woman while Wif by itself would mean Wife).  Back-formation it thus getting for fiction uses Wif-Wolf or Wif-Woman.

Since most don't know about any of this and the term 'Were' has been altered already in fiction to apply differently the open possibility for further altercation for fiction can still apply to it making it common to be now more seen as gender neutral and more linked to matters of shapeshifting and therianthropy then it was originally made to be.
JustAnotherTGCartoon Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
How insiteful. I'd usually say there's no point for long paragraphs of replies, but this one was rather educating. Thanks for that, mate
botmin Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
More race change!
Rob3rt95 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
More transformations from woman into a sexier woman...
praedatorius Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, the "were" part of the word "werewolf" means "man", so were-woman literally translates to "man-woman".

Isn't it so much more amusing now that I've explained it?
monstermaster13 Featured By Owner Edited May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
That would basically imply a male to female tg in that case,  or if we're going backwards...female to male.
Rob3rt95 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Sounds more like Tg transformations...
Firingwall Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2017
oh my god, she's become Misty Knight!! :o

But yeah, it looks great! :)
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
Looks like she already WAS a woman.
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