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And Another Year Gone... (2nd UPD)
2nd update
Sorry for the 2nd update of this old thing but I just have to share this picture with you - the least I can do to thank for it! And I couldn't leave it out just because it was uploaded later than the previous ones ;)

koobikitsune commissioned dSana to draw me a birthday gift art with Berzie ^^ Well, the gift is NOT late as I was told about the thing on my b-day (and was allowed to suggest something too!) so it counts normally... just had to wait for it to be finished ;)
It was worth the wait - I love this picture so much xD
Thanks a lot, dSana and koobi!
That makes 3 pics and a comic for my b-day. Not bad, Berzie! Not bad!
Well, apparently there are people concerned about my general mood, and seeing how I'm permanently in bad one (that's kinda my specialty), they wanted to cheer me up. What's better to cheer someone up online than draw their OC? And that's what doubleWbrothers and xXAngeLuciferXx did -
:iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 18 78
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Hello everyone!

here is a dub of my comic "Who's afraid of Celestia?" by ZionKraze :iconzionkraze::

This is a comic I especially wanted to see dubbed and I'm very happy with it :D



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a hobbyist that likes My Little Pony. I hope you enjoy my drawings :-)


Claimed! Part 4
A continuation of these pictures:………

And here they are!
Butterscotch's and Daybreaker's demonic but friendly quadruplets:
Super Nova (in the middle, powers of radiation),
Solar Flare (right, powers of heat and fire),
Nightmare Star (on Eris' face, mystical powers like her aunt Nightmare Moon)
and Event Horizon (left, the only boy, powers of a black hole and very unpredictable).

And as expected, they are totally in love with their Auntie Eris, the coolest and most fun godmother ever!

Daybreaker might have claimed Butterscotch, but Eris has now claimed the fruits of their love.
Of course, Eris won't steal those babies from their mother.
But now she will always be the cool aunt, while Daybreaker will be the party-pooping, scolding mom.

And, as you can expect, Eris will be enough of a bad influence on those little rascals to drive their mommy nuts ;-)
Claimed! Part 3
A continuation of these two pictures:……

One year later...

Daybreaker and Butterscotch (male Fluttershy) are now happily married and expecting quadruplets.

Due to their mother, these wil be some demonic babies that could destroy the world.

But due to their father, they'll have hearts of gold and be harmless cinnamon rolls XD
Daybreaker might be a bit disappointed about their personalities, but she'll unconditionally love them nonetheless.

And for everyone who feels bad for Eris (female Discord):
She WILL be the godmother. How could Butterscoth not do this for his (arguably best) friend?
And those kids will ADORE their Auntie Eris!

Because, let's face it, Eris/Discord would be the coolest aunt/uncle ever! :D

And now you can see that, in this continuation:…
Breaker Dater
As you might have noticed, I'm recently on a Daybreaker-X-Butterscotch shipping trip.
And when I saw this picture by MrIncon:, I just couldn't resist making a fan-picture of it, featuring Butterscotch on something like a date with her in this outfit XD

And to make one thing clear: Butterscotch (male Fluttershy) is an adult here! He just appears quite small, since Daybreaker/Celestia is about 7 feet tall XD

I hope you'll find this picture cute... and a maybe a little sexy XD

Man, these two are gonna make lot's of babies soon... XD

Only that you know: I was a bit lazy and for that matter I mostly traced this picture. This is a non-profit fan-drawing (like all my drawings) and I don't want to take credit for somebody else's work.
I largely traced this picture from a screenshot of the anime "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" featuring the character "Lucoa" in a Kimono.
This is the screenshot I used:
"MINE! Who needs world domination when you have such a cute cinnamon roll?! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I just LOVE shipping Butterscotch (genderswapped version of Fluttershy) with intimidating mares XD

And if anyone asks, why Eris (genderswapped version of Discord) hasn't turned Daybreaker into a clown yet:

Well, she tried...

...but when you play with fire, you get burned. And Daybreaker doesn't hold back like "goody two shoes" Celestia XD

But the story doesn't end here! This picture has a continuation:…


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