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Octoling in need of Asquidstance - Page 7/7


Have you heard about the inklings that are sporting these weird new hairstyles lately? Marina is one fresh trendsetting squid, isn’t she?

You KNOW they’re gonna be roomies/woomies after this.
And yes, for the final page of this comic I figured it’d be fun to add a little nod to the work of if you look closely enough. X)

First Page:…

Sequel: A Kelping Hand:…

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Graysonuniverse77's avatar
those two inklings in the back there look familiar.
AgentRed123's avatar
Do you mean Orange (Clementine) and Blue (Frost)?

Or the other inklings?
Graysonuniverse77's avatar
his name is Whinter, but yes the first one.
Creepermadness200's avatar
My ship has sailed😍💖❤️💕
the reference is in panel 1 if that helps anyone
White-Fire-The-Drgn's avatar

Heroes of Inkopolis!!! Love that comic and those characters.

SorahWolf's avatar
Awwwww new splatoon ship <3
Rose-Supreme's avatar
With Octolings now being welcome in Inkopolis, there's no need for her to disguise!:D
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
If you look closely, you'll see the "haircut" news of Off the Hook on the screen in the back ;)
Rose-Supreme's avatar
I know, hence why I said it.=P

Also, don't you find it funny yet sad how some Inklings see Octolings as Inklings with weird hairstyles?
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
I think they're happy as it is that they are able to blend in.
Sure, it always sucks if you're not able to just be yourself, but if they were all brainwashed at some point, this is certainly a step up. X)

If there's ever gonna be a Splatoon 3, I'm sure it would become common knowledge in the city and restoring the relationship between species would be one of the main points.
(good reason to be able to play Inkling and Octoling from the start of the game then)
Rose-Supreme's avatar

Also for Splatoon 3 - Octoling hairstyles. We need MORE of them. So we'll have less of the ponytails, mohawks, afros, etc. I've seen many creative fanmade styles that can work well.

I'm curious if there should be a third 'ling species. Salmonlings, perhaps?=P I'm alright with the current two species, it's just a random idea.
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
Dunno. Reason Octolings got wanted was because there already was an octoling in splatoon 1 and people liked them so much that people hacked the game to play them. They just got so wanted and popular that they became playable in 2.

Salmons got nothing to do with ink or cephalopods and overall seem pretty feral. X)
But they would make for a more interesting main enemy. Considering how exploited they are in 2 now, there's probably plenty to write about regarding salmonids and Grizzco. Rather than the 2nd comeback of Octavio.

Maybe a coop option for singleplayer story, agent 5 & 6 octoling & inkling? A good enemy to cephalopod kind would be a common enemy.

Dunno. Getting ahead of myself. X)
We probably won't get a new Splatoon untill a new console comes out.
CapioCaberMan's avatar
The lack of text (save a few speech bubbles) proves that actions speak louder than words, every panel captures the feeling of each character plus the story was adorable from start to finish!                            Bravo, good sir! Clap 
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
thank you! ^^
That's what i was going for.
CapioCaberMan's avatar
And you nailed it! 
TigerfishAori's avatar
Aww, I've been waiting for this! :aww:
xjames2001's avatar
In the future, they will have their own child when they become married.
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
I originally intended to have them hold hands in the end to subtly suggest something blooming between them.
But then I figured, why not let them "smooch already!" X)
thatoneboi613's avatar

soo to sum it up you went with go big or go home good decision

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