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Octoling in need of Asquidstance - Page 5/7

He has to show that someone cares about her.
But she's been living in the gutter; her mind is still there.

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Her mind:Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Me reading the damn thing: oh crab thing are gonna get spicy...

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It looks like he's about to do the, you know the cute thing
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In the game, the inklings think the octolings are inklings with weird tentasytles.
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This is around the point that alot of octolings are still confused and simply scared to mingle, in fear of being found out.
And the Off the Hook message is about to come out.
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And so it appears that the octogal is rescued by her knight in shining yellow jacket, her one and only Prince Charming~

Girl seems all too pleased that 4’s taking off his jacket for her lul
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He's unzipping his outfit in front of her and she's blushing, thinking he want to do "it".
Relax, girl... He's just gonna make you wear his clothes, so you can walk in streets without looking too suspicious. XD
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Page 5 1/2.
Hot cephalopod action in the alley.
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The Next Garry's Mod Comic I Make. Will have These Two In It. ^_^
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BanditofBandwidth, This Is To Good. For Me. =D. You Gonna Make More?
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What's This, I'm Looking At. *Blush* =D
BAGGY220's avatar
mmm seems very suspicious sure he brings a gun or maybe not maybe it's just my imagination and we'll see something very nice

if you know what I mean  >;3 MLP:Evil fluttershy 
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
Clearly he's going to put her down, Ol' Yeller style.
Just with ink instead of lead. X)
BAGGY220's avatar
then he will fill it with ink
that sounds weird in all languages XD
Insecure-Miku's avatar
Omg. I’m devoted to this story now.
Omega-ShaHaley's avatar
He's beauty, he's grace~!

She has lewdish thoughts in her face~!

Goddammit Octoling...
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things are heating up!
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They certainly are~
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