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Inkapacitation - Page 13/12


Good thing Agent 8 put a stop to that sinister complex months ago!
That’s what you get for late-night reading Agent 8’s mission dossiers, Biff.
It was aaaaall just a bad dream~

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OH MY GOSH, these are amazing, please, please make another

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This is so freaking awesome! I love everything about it!

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I really enjoyed reading this series, I think it is well-made art-wise and story-wise .

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aaaa *big sigh of releif* oh my gosh i was so worried

ZoeyTheOctling's avatar

That Jetman dude was so rude he refused to comment on this because Alivia wasn't dead.

That's what he gets for hating on a character that isn't even real.

HxneyOcto's avatar

ikr! they were so rude! Alivia is precious, not a peice of s*** like he said

M00rthy's avatar

damn dude your comics are really good I loved reading them!

You’d think it wouldn’t get even better every time to me it does can’t stop reading it over again it’s so cute

I had flashbacks on the numbers of test failed in that test

ZoeyTheOctling's avatar

*W H E E Z E*

not what I expected XD

I hope he makes more of biff and alivia maybe even continuations of the what if universes so the dud bomb and if marie never saved biff

Happy! #clap#

Ending! #clap#

ZoeyTheOctling's avatar

They had us at the end, not gonna lie

Yes, they did.

So it was all just him dreaming what a twist never would’ve guessed loved the comic

Best comic ive seen

superkirbyfan9867's avatar

What’s your next one

dasjester's avatar

a few things

1- they had us in the first half not gonna lie

2- we've been duped we've been backstabbed and more than likely we've been bamboozled

thatoneboi613's avatar

why do i feel like thats a reference to sarge......

dasjester's avatar

*nods furiously* IT IS IT IS A RVB REFERENCE

thatoneboi613's avatar

man of culture i see

PatricXPunchers's avatar
So what we saw it was a draw I was scammed
LovestarHazelangel's avatar
OH, THANK THE OCTO-SQUID GODS. I really thought I was gonna be really sad there for a sec... O-o;
thatoneboi613's avatar

after looking through the WHOLE STORY all i have to say is i HATE you for being such a brilliant person for making people fall in love with two fictional characters for pulling the biggest "you've been PrAnkEd" in the splatoon community that is why i hate your creative as F%&K mind

P.S: is that a gamecube in the background?

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