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Agent 4 in Octrouble - Page 5/8

Caught an actual agent?
Pics or it didn't happen.

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I would so love to be caught by a group of Octolings girls like them if it meant getting that treatment. X3

I wish that happened to me instead of getting killed by octos

(insert Lenny face here)

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the girl with the dark tentacles wanted to face sit him

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Agent 4"*looks at marie*do you mind giving me a hand here"
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why cant i be facesat like that? T//~//T
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar

A question we all ask ourselves my friend.

Just-Bianca's avatar

You desire the octo-booty as well


Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar

Very much so.

Respect reciprocated. :D

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re-re-priciated— stupid keyboard..

l-love the comic-

stupid lesbian tension-

GeekyRioluGamer678's avatar
the heck that panel on the top left
oOsleepyboiOo's avatar
Lol your so creative 
I wish I had the energy to make comics but I procrastinate 
BanditofBandwidth's avatar
Hehe I know the feeling.
At some point I realized that Good instead of Perfect is no issue and to get it started to just go for it instead of overthinking.

That said, my first attempt at a webcomic failed because it was too detailed, took too much time to make and was planned for a story that would take me years to complete. 
Simply unrealistic for a first time.
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What the heck is that third one
thatoneboi613's avatar

that would be kicking a grenade out of his hands while he's getting a face full of *18+ content*

Literarily I can't stop laughing about the situation agent 4 is in. I kinda doubt he's that annoyed, seems that he doesn't really mind it the way it turns^^

in the photo i can kinda see red so i feel like he likes it

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"My mind says No. But my body says... Maybe?"
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..Well, there's a humiliated agent right there.
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