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Agent 4 in Octrouble - Page 2/8

Octoling with a kink.

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Somebody needs to make an SFM of this

i wish this comic is my life

Marie: ugh 🤦🏼‍♀️

Callie: what’s wrong

Marie: I’ve felt a disturbance as if someone has taken something that’s mine I need to go check on Agent 4

That got disturbing really quickly.

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well this escalated to PG-13 quickly

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Agent 4 "why doesn't Marie help, this is hopeless" 
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Side views are kind scary looking tho
good comic
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He knocked dem hypnosahdes off
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That octoling definitely  has something on her mind... Marie (giggle)
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She wants the tent (tentacle)
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Uh-oh... Four's in trouble now. Eyebrow Dance 
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I’ve been looking for a comic that’s basically playing out like this
bless you
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Looking forward to the next page~
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