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I was tagged by Solitaire-Loup to do this journal about one of my characters.

  1. Post these rules.
  1. Post eight facts about your character.
  1. Tag eight other people along with the characters you want them to write about.
  1. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.
  1. No tag backs!

I choosed Taiza because she is my main character:

Taiza by Banditka95


1. She is my main character because she represents myself as a wolf, not in reallife look but in her behavior and also because i like dark colors.

2. Her name is chechen and is actually written with "s" and not with "z", so that means it is written and pronouce as "Taisa" but i took the "z" because i like it more that way.

3. Her weapons are a Collar with musket cartridges on both sides that bears a winged emblem, similar to the chechen coat of arms, her saber is the old traditional Shashka that was used by the Cossacks in medieval times.

4. She is a fun wolf and makes friends fast (if she wants). She doesnt show much emotion which makes her look very serious, mostly when shes in a  bad mode.

5. She has a mate for whom she would give her life.

6. I added leg-bands to her because i have alot of scars on my legs from my childhood, you could say I always lived at the limit. (Im still living extreme because YOLO)

7. She is a really neat wolf and likes when everything is on its place, she also dislikes noise, screaming and when important things are planned thoughtlessly. She is a wolf that likes logic.

8. She has a companion which is an American Staffordshire X Pitbull called Taro.

I tag following people:
1. :iconcvtepvppy:
2. :icongoldywolf:

3. :iconmediciine:

4. :iconmelissa5268:

5. :iconznatchey:

6. :iconr3w:

7. :iconschaeferd3716:

8. :iconazurehowlshilach:

I hope i havnt tagged someone who was already tagged in a jounrla like this. xD
Hello everyone,

I and my team are creating an MMROPG called Reflection Of Spirits and it comes closer to the release date but we have a small problem, we tried to put FeralHeart´s Hydrax-Water into our game and it didnt worked, it was said that a code has to be put into the coding and also searched for a long time for someone who knows how to add it and the Player Colissions into our game, but noone had time nor wanted to help even if we have the money, so im writing this journal and asking you guys if you maybe know someone who has the time and will to help us and put those 2 codes into our game.

If you know someone who has the time and knows for 100% how to put those 2 codes into a Impressive Title Server you can pm me here or on our forum, the link adress is down here, we would be very happy if someone could help us.

Thank you.


Hello everyone!

You have an ImpressiveTitle-Server but need help with animating your critters and items?

Then you are right at this girls site: Magentarose99

She can animate your critters and items and aswell create a 3D-Model for you, she is also helping me with my server at the moment so if you search a good 3D modeler/animator you should ask her to help you.

I am sure she will also animate your critters perfect as she did mine.
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I copy and pasted this I didn't write it