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Ninkami - After leaving Hidden Leaf Village by Banditka95 Ninkami - After leaving Hidden Leaf Village by Banditka95
This is Tsuchiya Uchiha, daughter of Kagami Uchiha and the younger sister of Shisui Uchiha. She is a fictional character that i created in wolfstyle. So please dont claim her as your own or use her name anywhere, i hate when someone has the same things like me, mostly when it took me days to research for a specific and unique thing.

Tsuchiyas past:
Tsuchiya is a proud, female member of the Uchiha clan, she is possibly the only female member that survived the massacre that happened years ago within the Uchiha clan. She was a close friend to Sasuke Uchiha and also in love with him. She got lost in the Hidden forest during the time where the massacre happened, she was strayeing in the forest until dusktime and was paralyzed by fear when she arrived at home. "What happened here?" Everyone was dead. Her whole clan, her family, her friends and Sasuke and his brother where nowhere to find.

From that moment her heart was filled with hatered and questions, she had to become stronger, she seeked for power, she couldnt protect the ones she loved and that made her feel horrible, "whoever did this will pay with their life", so she awaked her sharingan. She was now all alone, She knew that the villagers disliked the Uchiha clan and so she left the village, what had she here to look for? Nothing... except the question why nobody stopped the slaying, why are the villagers filled with much hate thorwards the Uchiha. After straying around the land she was stopped by a strange wolf claiming to be Madara Uchiha. "You have interesting eyes, dont be scared little one, we Uchihas should stick together shouldnt we?" She was tired, hungry and needed a place to stay over the night so she followed him. There was no talking on the way to the hideout, she was a bit frightened because she couldnt believe that this guy was really claiming to be Madara Uchiha. She was confused and asked if he really was Madara Uchiha, she couldnt believe that it was him, since it was said that he died many years ago during the fight with the 1st Hokage. He looked back at her and she could see his sharingan, stopped for one moment and continued following him.
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May 8, 2015
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