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Im not worthless! by Banditka95 Im not worthless! by Banditka95
Boruto was placed into a team with Sarada and his rival Tatsuo, a male pup from the Uchiha Clan.

Boruto and Tatsuo began to argue, Sarada tried to end the dispute but failed and then decided just to stay silent in the background.

Tatsuo was not okey that he was set into the same team with Borutos, he dislikes him because of his bad behavior and Boruto dislikes Tatsuo because of his arrogant attorney.

Tatsuo told Boruto that he will never be able to cooperate with his new team members  because he is just a little child which has only nonsense in the head. Boruto became angry and was going to attack Tatsuo but Tatsuo said he wouldnt accept an fight like this because he would win anyways, he will only fight ninja-wolves what are worth it. So he left the village for few days to improve his skills.

This dispute made Boruto angry and brought him to think, he began to train too, he wanted to show Tatsuo that his statement was wrong.

NOTE: Dont claim the name "Ninkami" or the furdesigns anywhere.
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November 28, 2016
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