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So you want to make a character for mugen using fighter factory.

Okay, today, I will explain to you how to make your character pallete, and as well as the .def files. (I'm sorry, but this will be quick, I have to go soon!)


Okay, go to file, templates Elecbyte player, don't try the others. Why? Well in Elecbyte player, the first two blank spaces are the portraits in the .sff file. The first
blank is a small portrait that you see with the lifebar, while the other is the one that goes with the select menu. Let's start out like this:

   Go to the pallete editor (the icon with color on wood) and load an image at the right side of the editor. With that image open, there will be a small, blue square, which is optimize. Click it, and you'll get all of the colors used with the image. Transfer those colors to the right side, which is the side for the pallete in those blank boxes. Click on that blue floppy disk with the pencil to save it. Below the White box it says "Mugen Palletes (.act)." This is how I made my pallete for the Hollow Ichigo I have in progress.


Did you see something on the right with empty boxes? That's where you'll make your .def file, and that's needed to play with your created character.

What you see here is a "text-made" diagram (made that myself). Here's an example of a def file

Character name
Hollow Ichigov1 (current character I'm developing)

Character name in the game (Display name)
Hollow Ichigo

Date of creation (Today's date)

Mugen version (there are different version of mugen, but 14 04 2002 is used. USe that date instead.)

Author (You)

Standard Pallete order (That you can edit your way)

SFF (Furthermore explanation in other tutorials)

SND (Furthermore explanation in other tutorials)
hollow.snd (create snd file first before applying sounds, .wave files required to make sounds.)

AIR (Furthermore explanation in other tutorials)


CNS (Constants)

CNS (States)
hollow.cns (keep this the same as the normal constants)

CNS (Common, leave this alone)

ACT palletes
hollow1.act (your made pallete must be in it's own line)

Extra States (You can ignore that)

INTRO (make one first!)

ENDING (Make one first!)

What my def file looked like:

name="Hollow Ichigo"
displayname="Hollow Ichigo"

This is it, I'm sorry I have to make this quick, and you might not understand some parts. At further tutorials, I'll show you how to make .sff files, .air, .cns, .snd, and as well as turning bitmap images into .pcx files since mugen only accepts .pcx files.
Sorry if this is quick. Someone requested a tutorial, so here it is. I try the best to my ability to explain.

Tutorial Requested by RisingManes. Here ya go, dude.
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this happened, when i got all done;
Error message:
Error in sanseon.cmd
Error loading chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def
Error loading p1

What to do?
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This is a super old tutorial, don't follow it. It only applies to the old Fighter Factory from 2007 or so.

If you're looking for tutorials, try The Mugen Fighters Guild forums.
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no answers... some have only the sff problem or something. i have cmd problem.
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How did you first start out making your character? I'd like to know more about the development process behind sanseon up until the problem occurred.
MinePuyo's avatar
1st, i made my own sprite.
2nd, i made the color pallets.
3rd, i loaded the sprites.
4th, i put the sprites into the animations (added hitboxes).
5th, i checked states and commands, removing Taunt and Throw.

nothing wrong there... but not for the FF.

And guess what. I used a Winane AI Template.
BTW, i use FF3, and i can make a empty project, or a "TrueFont" thing, so there isn't a option to make a character, that have animation placements and scripts done for me (Not counting Winane AI).

(BTW, i didn't have no idea, what Winane AI means)
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Use this link:…

Scroll down to "Content Tutorials", and take a look at  Elecbyte's Official Mugen Documentation and [Character] Official Creation Tutorial. You can also click on [Character] Complete Creation Tutorial by Ryon Persaud.

If you don't have internet, then the documentation is also available in the docs directory in your M.U.G.E.N folder. Don't be afraid to ask Ryon questions on his YouTube account.

Consult this link when organizing your AIR and sprite file. Take a look at Character Reserved Action Numbers and Recommended Action Numbers.…

Last but not least, study the CNS format page on Elecbyte's Documentation carefully.

Also take a look at Alexei Roschak's video on M.U.G.E.N variables:…
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"I used a Winane AI Template."

There's your problem.
nikbotx's avatar
were the heck is the blue square?
BanditFalcon's avatar
The instructions you see here were for an old version of Fighter Factory, which is known currently as Fighter Factory Classic. If you have Fighter Factory Ultimate I don' think this tutorial will help you unless you have that version. If you don't have it, here it is just in case:…
Dbldude's avatar
When I click optimize I get this message.
"access violation at address 774D8C39 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014."

Did I download FF wrong or what do you think the problem is?
BanditFalcon's avatar
You just have to restart Fighter Factory If it happens. I had this problem numerous times, so I have to warn you to save your files often as long as whatever change you make in them is final.

If it happens again, you'll have to be persistent until you get your colors optimized. I always did that.
SoraismynameWAO's avatar
My palette colors come out weird, and then when it starts working the pictures disapear
When i try to load a picture for the pallete, i cant find the one i made on the desktop. I juts cant see it at all. Can you help?
SSBB1998's avatar
I don't have electebyte. I only have Winane AI.
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Sounds like your using Fighter Factory Ultimate. Sorry, but this tutorial is meant for the old Fighter Factory. I think it's still up for download, and it's easier to use than FFU ironically.

I think FFU could still play a major or minor part in creating the MUGEN character, most likely for positioning the character when it is idle in the sprites part of the program.

Would you like the old Fighter Factory? My tutorials involve this version. I'll PM it to you whenever you're ready.
kepnel's avatar
can you please give me the old one?
SSBB1998's avatar
I already have obtained the old fighter factory, but i screwed up badlly, so i've given up on the project.
HoTP's avatar
i dont get it at all
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This is a kickass and helpful tutorial for anyone unfamiliar with the formatting, but I think it'd be more helpful if you could add pictures and such fore select parts. It's kinda hard to visualize the Palette editor, especially since I have no_effin'_clue how to use it.

Can't wait to figure out what the hell everything means in the CMD files ;p
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"Transfer those colors to the right side, which is the side for the pallete in those blank boxes"? I think you mean left side.
BanditFalcon's avatar
Oh, nice find there.
RisingManes's avatar
Why didn't you send me a note? I didn't even know you had this up! I barely even remember having asked for this... but thanks!

(By the way... I'm a girl. :giggle:)
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