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Tarzan Stamp

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Think about it...

then, stick it in your journal
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I've been asking myself that question for years. I know that most Native Americans, some Asians, and a few African tribes don't typical grow beards. Maybe it has to due with some disrupted hormones or weird nutrient chemistry.

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Because he's hairless on the chin? It can happen.
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* Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard, if in the jungle you have no way to shave your beard.
* That question will have me questioning me all my life.
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the babboons ripped it off of his face because their butts were cold! xD
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In the books he has a photo of his parents and picture books with humans in it from the cabin. Following those images he uses his fathers hunting knife to shave.
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Haha I've always wondered that! No body hair either XD
I assume because they wanted Tarzan to look more attractive?
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Some races naturally don't have facial hair ( some Asians, native Americans, etc ).

If you think about it though, maybe he does find a way to shave or cut his hair/ groom himself. His hair would be a LOT longer in actuality otherwise. Unless he snagged it on something, which would be preeeetty painful.
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He spreads honey across his face and the ants eat the hair off.
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why doesn't he? o3o
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XD I always wondered that also
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If you look closely he doesn't have any body hair either... this is the disney cartoon we're talking about?
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an version...phil collins or not
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Oh well in that cause it's because facial hair is scary or something along those lines
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Because he knows how to shave with a banana.
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that's so cool!
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That's a good question!
Tarzan is actually blonde but he has mud in his hair but not facial hair because the mud washes off when he eats or drinks. XD
Lol, this what I asked my mom when I first saw it.
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you're mom is a very smart lady!
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Hmmmmmmmmmm... That's a good question.
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wow i haven't really thought of it before.
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but you are now, aintcha!
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It never made sense to me that he didn't have facial and body hair, and had a loin cloth. He was raised by apes, in the jungle, with no shaving tools, or things to make clothes with.
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yeah...but all that wouldn't fit on the stamp...
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Wow, that's a good question. I don't think he was born with the etiquette of shaving...:D
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