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the Porsche

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Very nice work. One of my favourite Porsche is the model Carrera GT. It is one of the most beautiful Porsche ever built. This car also inspired me for a painting in Adobe Illustrator (2-D, using no mesh/no grid for gradients) from another interesting angle. See here:…
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mad skills dude!! i work with corel 2 and think this is very well done!!
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i really love this
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scorpion king!!! :D
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Awesome work :clap:
Will you join my group for vector artists and upload it there ?
It will be very nice and I hope you'll agree. :)

Here : [link]
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maniacal work :wow:

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Lets see the STIG drive this beast...
good luck with more still 2 come i hope...
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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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that is one tricked out car
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very nice...aint the spoiler a bit big O.O
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The RAUH-Welt kit is amazing isnt it ?
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Really love your technical illustrations my friend, you are a credit to our profession, keep it up my friend
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After seeing work like that, it was a real pleasure my friend...are you a technical Illustrator by profession, or are you a Illustrator, I'm a technical illustrator, I work primarily for the military, doing what you have done here with the Porsche, I do for helicopters, tanks etc...then I explode all the sub assemblies off into different chapters of the manual, its awesome work to do, I'm sure you agree, as I can see the time and effort it has taken you to do this illustration, its great being able to say I really love my job hey, not many people in life get to say that, but illustrators can...awesome hey...but as I said, you are a credit to our profession, you, Dangeruss and other people like you, for years they have been saying airbrush art and technical art like yours is not art, and so we couldn't command the high prices other artists were getting for their work, but I look at your piece and say surely now they can see how wrong they keep it up mate and thanks....P.S. sorry for the essay Ha Ha Ha I'm just quite passionate about the subject...cheers....The Original Thug
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i really like the spolier :D
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Fuck!!!! This is the best porsche i've ever seen in my life!!! great work man!
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