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Before you decide to jump on board when someone offers you a spot in their hotel for Comic Con, please read this so you don't get scammed by people like :iconmechangel2002: like we did.

I came back today from San Diego Comic Con, and although I met some amazing people that I'm so happy to have had a chance to room with, ( :iconjuanele: :iconwyliman: :iconloremjay: :iconel-roacho: :iconlivewiredstudios: to name a few) we had a bit of a disaster at the end of the con.

We found we had not only been cheated out of a lot of money from our room organizer, :iconmechangel2002: , but we were also threatened by her that if we told anyone she would seek legal action against us.  Well we're not staying quiet.  $1400 was collectively stolen from us, and we don't want this to happen to anyone else.  :iconmechangel2002: did this last year, and we assume that if not stopped she will do it again for 2011.  Hopefully this gets enough attention that she will only charge the ACTUAL amount next year, or if she chooses to overcharge each person then she will be up front about it.

When we agreed to share rooms, we were told the total price was $4,200 and that we would each pay $350 for the six days.  Ten of us paid $350 each, one paid $300.  We were told there would be enough room, and because she knew the hotel manager that this was fine that we had thirteen people to the one room.  Many of us spent the night on the floor, in the chair, sleeping across multiple chairs, etc.  Had we known the room (suite, as she kept saying, and kept reassuring us it had enough room for everyone) then we wouldn't have gone.  For $350 we could have got our own rooms, or split one with the six of us so each person was able to sleep on a bed.

It didn't seem right that the room was so expensive, especially for the size, so one of our roommates (who had his name registered to the room) asked for a copy of the bill.  We found that the total cost was $2,400 (and change) and NOT $4,200 so we each overpaid by $127.00  

We gave the :iconmechangel2002: the benefit of the doubt and gave her a chance to come clean.  When she got back to the hotel we asked directly how much the room cost.  Without hesitation she told us it was $4,200.  When we asked why the bill was $2,400 she said that was a lie, and that the room was $599 a night.  We gave her our copy of the bill, and she left the room.  Approximately twenty minutes later she came back, said that she owed us an apology, and that the additional $1,400 that we paid was going to a family emergency.  I won't state the details of her emergency, just that they had admitted to all of us where our money was going.  When asked if we would be refunded, we were promptly told that no, our money would still be going to where she had originally planned. (Even though she was then going on an extended vacation with her boyfriend)

She admitted to stealing $1,400 from us, after repeatedly telling us about how much she had been screwed over by other people.  To add insult to injury, when she ordered the $13/day internet we were told to pitch in for it (which we did, to be fair) even though we had each over paid by $127.  After she admitted to stealing, she then said that if we told anyone what she had done, then she would sue us.  So now we have theft, and threats.  

These are the facts of what happened.

#1 - We were told the room was $4,200 and we would each pay an equal share of $350 to cover it.  Ten of us paid $350, one paid $300.  The room was in fact $2,400, so we each overpaid by $127.  We know the room cost because the other roommate with their name on the suite received a copy of the bill.

#2 - When confronted directly about the cost of the room, :iconmechangel2002: continued to lie about the cost.  We were again told it was $4,200.  We were not willing to accept that answer, and after some time alone she told us the truth, and where our money had really gone.

#3 - When she told us the truth, she immediately told us she would sue us for slander if we told anyone.

#4 - One of the roommates bunked with her last year too.  Last year they were told the same thing, and each paid $350 (there is written proof of this.)  She denied this regardless of the proof and that the roommate was there with us.  We do not know where the extra money went that year.

#5 - When we first signed on, we were told the amount of people in the room was allowed because she was friends with the hotel manager.  When we got to the hotel we were told not to let the front desk know how many people were in the room because it wasn't allowed.  When she threatened us and admitted to stealing the money one of our roommates announced he was going to the hotel front desk to tell them what was going on, and how many people were in the room.  :iconmechangel2002: ran after him, yelling along the way that he had to stop and couldn't say anything, and then grabbed him from behind.  Because the Embassy is built like an inside-out motel, there is a banister and a seven story drop.  We were afraid that (by accident) someone could have been pushed off the side when she grabbed him, so I ran out and yelled for her to let him go.  When she didn't I called for security (and another roommate called security) and she let him go and turned and hit me.  Even though it was witnessed by myself and the other roommate, she later denied this to the hotel staff, and then later changed her story again to say "she barely tapped me."  She knew that I have horrible tendinitis in my right arm, which I had been taking aspirin for earlier in the day, and I was hit directly in the muscle.  I was shocked she hit me, the roommate came to help me, and the organizer ran to the front desk.

#6 - Myself and another went to the front desk after security failed to show up, to find security standing between us and her.  We told them what had happened, and though they said there was nothing they could do (though it was implied they were willing to send us all out of the hotel, because there had been a complaint about the incident in the hallway,) she then turned and said we were liars and that she had never said where the extra money went.  We have a room FULL of witnesses, and yet in front of the hotel staff we were called liars.

#7 - We were given the option to stay the night (our last night that was booked) or leave immediately.  I initially said we would stay the night, however the other roommates were furious and we decided to leave because we no longer wanted to be associated with :iconmechangel2002: .  It was around 2am when we left the hotel.

#8 - It was ironic that we were told by her that if we told anyone what happened, she would sue us for slander, when she herself told all of the roommates and her friend that one of the girls staying in the room was bulimic, which she had no proof and repeatedly brought up.  The girl in question had been sick and was open and honest with us, and repeatedly said that she was unable to keep her food down, which she assumed was from nerves from being away from home on a trip by herself for the first time. :iconmechangel2002: again told the rest of us when she was in the other room that she was forcing herself to be sick and was bulimic.  She had no right to lie about someone else, and then continue to tell everyone else about it.

#9 - When asked again if we would get our money back (while in the presence of the security guards) we were told we would not receive a refund for what we overpaid, because the people who "received" it needed it more than we did.  (again, I'll mention that she went on an extended vacation after this)

We had other issues with :iconmechangel2002: , but these are the ones we have solid proof of, and many witnesses.  She admitted to stealing our money, told us where it would be going, (also told us she was extending her trip, as her date was paying for her) and told us we would not be getting any of it back and that we were to keep quiet about it.

I've included no hearsay in this.  Everything written has at the least seven witnesses at all time, minus the hallway that was myself and one other roommate.

I don't want to name names, because I am not that kind of person.  She is very popular here on DA, and I don't want to start a war, however what she did was WRONG, and people need to be warned so she can't do it to anyone else next year.  So I decided to include her name, so that others won't make the same mistake we did.

She can threaten us all she wants.  What she did was morally wrong, and thus it is our moral obligation to speak out about it.  If you ever find yourself in a similar experience, please speak out.  Please repost this if you know someone it can help.

defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
Law . defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.

If it is the truth and can be proven or has witnesses, then it is not slander or libel.  Slander and libel only apply when the accusations are false, and can be proven as such.  We have a room full of witnesses and a bill that speaks the truth.

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