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Taste the Pug

By bandeau
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I received a copy of :iconblix-it:'s Toilet Genie sketchbook yesterday, and like usual her work made me want to pick up a pencil and start sketching.

Also, it's been a long, LONG time since I've gone so flower happy. Seriously. My fingers forgot how to do this, then they remembered, then they tried to rebel against me.

Now, Skittlez is not supposed to look suggestive (though, I do have a gutterish-type mind and often found myself giggling over, "Taste the rainbow"...) so I hope her happiness comes across in this. I love Skittlez, so I want her to be happy. If she still had her tail, I imagine it would be wagging in a puggish way.

Total time on this was about an hour and a half between sketching and photoshop

Skittlez and Toilet Genie belong to :iconblix-it:
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Heh, having a gutter mind is allowed. P: I have one too. Mostly it gets left out of TG, but that will probably change.

Wow that shipping took a long time to reach you! I wonder why it took so long? It was only going to Canada, and only BC. O_o I live in WA, I don't think it should have taken so long. Maybe it circled the globe a few times. Has the envelope got an Chinese touristy stickers on it? It must have taken a world tour. :/

And yay! I really love your depiction of Skittlez!! <3 She is very adorable as you've drawn her, and I like your deviation from her traditional color scheme and your costume alterations while sticking somewhat to the original.

Thank you so much! :hug:
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Shipping to BC can often take a long time, but when I checked the tracking number it had been sitting in the sorting facility for something like 2 weeks, so I imagine it slipped behind something for awhile. (Run-on sentence, anyone?)

And yes, I have no idea why she wound up with a hat and wings... Her hair seemed to demand a hat. This baffles me, but oh well. I had meant to go with her traditional outfit, but I think after a week at SDCC all of the steampunkers sunk into me and she wormed her way into a billowing, distressed sort of gown. In the end, I knew she had to have her stripes though, so they made it in there.

She was fun to draw and went by surprisingly quick :) So thank you ^^
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Bwhaha! Adorable!
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:D Thank yah ^^
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looks great Jaz
love the angle!
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Thanks ^^ I really need to stop doing "dead on" images. More angles!
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