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Poison Ivy

This was supposed to be a sequel to my Black and Gold print [link] but in the end I did three version and how could this one not remind me of Poison Ivy?

If anyone's interested, I'm selling 8x10's for a limited time at $20 :)

Find me on Facebook! [link]
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Every girl should have this body
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Very pretty - I like how you've not just left her a silhouette, which must have been tempting. The texturing on her body really makes it an interesting piece to look at, especially contrasted with the more stylized hair. Great concept and execution!
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Well the first one (Black and Gold) was supposed to be a flat silhouette. The comments explain it, but I dropped my tablet pen and it made a swipe across the body right around the ribcage and I started playing with it from there. It worked out, so it was just a successful fluke that I'm very grateful for. A few people have been asking me for a second and to make it a series, so this was my first deliberate attempt at the contrast :D Thanks very much for the comment, too!
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You're welcome :)
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