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The Old Owl

When I started work at the Bird of Prey Centre, one of the first birds I worked with was a Tawny Owl called Indi.

She was a rescue from a falconry club, whose site had closed down, and she had been with our centre for around 10 years since.

What a sweetheart! Before her retirement, she flew daily in our displays, was fantastic to handle with public, and did cracking jobs on outside visits to places like schools.
And a beautiful bird too. These big, black, soulful eyes outlined in what could almost be pink eyeliner... with the most stunning orange-red plumage too! Gorgeous bird.

I remember one time, using her for a photography day, I was posing her in a little hole in a tree. It looked perfect...until she decided to climb right on in and get all cozy. She loved it! I can't even remember how long it took me to entice her out. :lol:

Her retirement came around a month ago, due to her age. She was starting to show signs of arthritis, and just didn't have it in her for flying anymore.
A week later, she wasn't interested in her food. Looked really tired. For the first time, she actually looked old.

My boss took her home, knowing that she wanted her to be warm and cozy when the time came, and she passed that night in her sleep.
If a bird is going to go, let it be of old age and not accident or ailment.
And at over 20 years of age, she was ancient.

We miss you, old lady! :heart:

Indi by bladebandit


Some of my other Owl related artwork:

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WIPs of my art can be found on my Tumblr!

12 Days Of Christmas Gifts - #6 for Agent36496, who requested an owl :heart:

Artwork © bladebandit
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Gosh, thanks! <3
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It's perfect! One of the most realistic I've ever seen
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Ohh, thanks so much! :heart:
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You're welcome)
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Aww, she seemed like a wonderful owl. What a lovely tribute picture, the attention to detail is amazing! I just love how you handled the plumage. The background is lovely too, you can really tell it's a nice lush forest. 
Bandarai's avatar
Thanks very much for the lovely comment. She really was a wonderful animal :heart:

I can imagine her version of 'heaven' being a big, green forest. It seemed to suit. :)
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Breathtaking! When I saw the thumbnail I too thought it was a photograph. It's stunning and gorgeous. Her story warms my heart (and I'm usually a rather numb person). Thank you for sharing her with us!
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Aww, well thank you very much! :heart:
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She was beautiful. It's sad she's gone. 
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Thank you.

It certainly is, but I'm just glad I knew her! :heart:
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Indi was a beautiful Tawny Owl, and her story was even better. I worked at The World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, MO and meet many beautiful owls- including some charming Tawny's.  I'm glad you're rescue was there to take her in and give her a nice place.  You never forget the Birds of prey that touch your heart.
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She was such a wonderful bird. :aww:

Thank you so much for your lovely comment :heart:
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What a beautiful portrait! That forest lighting is absolutely stunning. :la:
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Eee, thank you! I love seeing warm rays of light filter through the trees :heart:
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