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You don't have to +fav if you use it, but it would be nice to know who is using it. :)

This idea has been floating around in my mind for a while now...only just got around to making it.

It's come to my attention that you can't post a joke comment/deviation/journal/poll, stating your opinion, without some fantards attacking you.

Gee, I'm SORRY that I dislike what you like. Get the fuck over it.

You're probably thinking "Oh, but if someone makes fun of your favourite thing, then you'll get mad too." To be honest, no. I will not care, and I don't see why anyone would, unless it was a personal attack or dislike. (EG: 'I hate you and your original characters', type of thing.) I understand that everyone is different, we will not always agree on any subject matter at all.

For example, if someone made fun of Kingdom Hearts, then it's not my problem. In fact, I often laugh at many jokes people create...and I love the games. Why? Because I like people who have a sense of humour.

Fantards, despite what some of them may think, DO NOT OWN THE SHOW. Therefore, they technically have no right to be angry at a person with a different opinion to them.

It doesn't matter if someone hates something which you love.







So, if you believe that:
*Joke comments/deviations/journals/polls are usually funny, despite what you support.
*Fantards do NOT own the -insertnamehere- which they support.
*Everyone has different opinions.
*Everyone has a reason WHY they have said opinion.
*Everyone has the right to express said opinions, so long as no other opinion is bashed in the process.
*People are always going to disagree. DEAL with it.
*No person deserves to be attacked, flamed, or given a rude comment, just because their OPINION is different to that of everyone else.
*Flaming is immature.
*The world is full of conflict, and we don't need immature brats to create more.

...Then use it! :D

If you read all that, have a cookie.

Comments disabled. If you really need to say something on this matter, then NOTE me. Don't be an immature bugger and just flame my page.

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