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Lenny is my beautiful Turkmenian eagle owl.

On the 16th April 2012, I came into work as normal. I was cleaning out some of our small aviaries, when my boss shouted to me from the brooder room.

"Oi, love? Do you want a baby eagle owl? This one needs a mum!"

This wasn't what I expected when I went into work! I remember bouncing up and down lots and running over to my boss and giving her a hug as a simultaneous "Yes please!" and "Thank you!".

Two weeks previous, 3 tiny little baby eagle owls had hatched and were being looked after by their mother.
But she had rejected her babies before, so we weren't surprised when we had to take them away from her after she was refusing to feed them.

So, the tiny little owl came home with me. His brother and sister went home with their 'mums' - two other staff members.
He was a lot of hard work. Fed 4-5 times a day at first, and what goes in must come out!
Lots of mess, lots of keeping a little baby owl out of mischief. And lots of toes pounced on when I walked through the house.

10 weeks later, at the age of 12 weeks, he was fully grown.
And flying in the house.
(This is not as fun as it sounds.)

So it was time to be trained for free flight!
After only 3 days on the training line, he flew free for the first time.

And he has been just as amazing since.

He not only flies to me beautifully, but also clients who come in for experience days. He is a star in one of our flying displays. And he has even carried a ring in for a marriage proposal.
Ohh, I could tell so many stories of you. I feel privileged to be your mummy!

Thank you, Lenny, for the last 3 years.

Let us hope there are so many more. I love you, little buddy! :heart:

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I should add a note: Owls do not make good pets! They should not be kept as pets!
I work at a bird of prey centre - Lenny lives there.
I love him very much, but he is not my 'pet'. He is one of my many winged-colleagues!


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Shanglon's avatar
I love the stunning details and the chromatic contrast with vivid eyes *_* I also enjoyed the story. Lenny is a very cute name :D
Bandarai's avatar
Thank you very much! <3

I named him after my Grandad <3
Glamrgrl104's avatar
WOW so much detail. I love your story about Lenny too.
Bandarai's avatar
Thank you very much! c:
ThorinFrostclaw's avatar
wait...that's a drawing?? When I saw the thumb, I thought it was a photo!! O_O
Holy shit. Just...holy shit. Dem feathers, dat detail. Holy...shit. O__O

That first photo, though...a ball of featherfluff. omg. XD And boy, he grew up to be super handsome.
Bandarai's avatar
Haha, thank you so much! :heart:

I know right?! He changed so much so quickly. I love baby eagle owls, they're just balls of fluff with two feet and a face XD
DarkAfi4's avatar
Wow, amazing work with pencil! :o :3
Bandarai's avatar
;-; Thanks ever so much, dear! :heart:
Bandarai's avatar
Giiana's avatar
Lovely work and super detailed!! Love the contrast of Black & white with his eyes and the background. The feathers are just gorgeous. AND THE WOOD! Is this traditional?? *____* 
Bandarai's avatar
;_; Thank you so much for a lovely comment! :heart:

Yeah! This is done in pencil on A4 paper. :D
Giiana's avatar
Let me just kiss your hands THIS IS TERRIFIC OMG I really love how detailed it is! 
Bandarai's avatar
;.; Thank you again! <333
WendyMitchell's avatar
:iconcrazy-4-animals: Congratulations! This work has been included in our latest Friday Feature!
Bandarai's avatar
Thanks so much! :heart:
suzidragonlady's avatar
Very nice, I really like how you did the eyes. The feathers look great too.
Bandarai's avatar
Thank you ever so much! :heart:
MagicBirdie's avatar
The consistent vertical lines are quite cool :D
Bandarai's avatar
Thank you very much! :D :heart:
DaffoDille's avatar
What an experience! How cool to see all your hard work pay off in such a wonderful way. Thank you for sharing. C:
Bandarai's avatar
Thanks so much for the kind words! :D He sure is an awesome fella. :heart:
youlittlemonkey's avatar
Amazing I thought it was a photo :clap:
Lenny sounds like a wonderful owl :)
You are so lucky o work with thwm that is my dream :nod:

I have a owl group please join :iconthe-owl-group:
Bandarai's avatar
Thank you so much for the kind words! :heart:

Working with animals is something I've always wanted to do. ;_; It's a pleasure to come into work every day. :D
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