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Band-of-Dragons' Rules

#1::bulletred: All submisions must contain at least a dragon or
half dragon in art or literature.:bulletred:
#2::bulletred: Please, no inappropriate pictures or language.:bulletred:
#3::bulletred: Feel free to submit Journals also.:bulletred:
#4::bulletred: Anyone can join.:bulletred:
#5::bulletred: Feel free to submit as many pics as you want.:bulletred:
#6::bulletred: You will be given warnings after every rule violation. On the 4th violation, you will be banned, no questions asked.:bulletred:
#7::bulletred: Follow submission rules listed in each folder,
thank you.:bulletred:
:bulletred:If there are any questions concerning these rules, please conact the Founder ASAP. There will be contests for this group, so if you feel that you want to enter, but don't know how, just contact the Founder, or note the group. Thanks!:bulletred:

:star:Chatroom! Yes, we have an official chatroom now! Go check it out! Open 24/7!!!:star:… :spotlight-right:

:icondragonnod1: But Most Importantly, Have fun!
And here is our new mascot! Jewel!
________,88P_____________ Dragons
_______d888*_____________Unite !
____,888888888888888888b. Put this
___,8*_;88888P*****7888888 on your page
__,8;,_8888*________`88888 if you support
__)8e888*__________,88888 the Dragons.
_,d888`___________,888888 Dragon fans
,d88P`___________,8888888 vs
888*____________,88888888 the Dragon
_`P___________,8888888888 haters war!
______________88888888888 I'm on
______________88*._*88888 the
______________`888b.`8888 Dragons
_______________**88b.`*88 side!
_________________88888b.` For Ever!
__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!

Advertisement board:
Well, we are going to have an advertisement section of the rules that anybody that notes the group or the founder can have their work, services, or contests advertised here! However, unless you are a member of the group, an advertisement will cost 1 point per week, which can be paid for at the founder's profile.

$20 Traditional And Digital Commissions! Please! Any help would be appreciated! Shipping on traditional art is $3 (standard) or $6 (two day) No sexual or hateful art. All other stuff welcome! Paypal accepted. Once you pay, I can add you to the que and I can get your project started. :)
PM me if interested :)

Come and get some maps for your RPs or books or stories! Just note me! Literature commissions welcome as well!

Come visit my gallery, I do commissions, requests, and I love drawing dragons and other critters!

Come and visit my gallery, I do dragon art and 10 point commissions.

Come and join our group! We are looking for more members and art!

Offering commissions, both Digital and Traditional (Markers). Prices and other information are on my main page. I also do art trades.

I'm open for commissions. I do digital and traditional work. Prices and guidelines can be found in my journal here:…

Open for commissions, of which are digital, traditional, and literature. Of which can be 3D models, pixel, sketches, and so on so fourth, the lowest starting at 25 points. Just nothing that would require a maturity filter!

Open for commissions to get some financial aid. Draws only dragons. Starts at 125 :points: or $1.50, and goes up accordingly. Help out a fellow!


Go and see our amazing affiliates!! They work hard to do their jobs!!:clap: Also, go check out the people that are members there.

Random from Featured

Spyro, A Hero by Shadow-Kento Spyro, A Hero :iconshadow-kento:Shadow-Kento 152 34 A gift for Begol01 by Cyndergirlonly A gift for Begol01 :iconcyndergirlonly:Cyndergirlonly 12 35 Dragon Fire: Pact - Page 26 by Silver-Wings1000 Dragon Fire: Pact - Page 26 :iconsilver-wings1000:Silver-Wings1000 28 10 D and D Dragons: Red by adorety D and D Dragons: Red :iconadorety:adorety 49 20 Two worlds by Art-by-Ling Two worlds :iconart-by-ling:Art-by-Ling 76 25 Shira flying by Dragonkeeper911 Shira flying :icondragonkeeper911:Dragonkeeper911 9 14 And another collab on iscribbl by floravola And another collab on iscribbl :iconfloravola:floravola 32 38 ANB Disney Theme by ViscountDevil ANB Disney Theme :iconviscountdevil:ViscountDevil 191 136 Through the Clouds by IcosaDragon Through the Clouds :iconicosadragon:IcosaDragon 7 8 Dragons by spoofe Dragons :iconspoofe:spoofe 978 103 Dragons by IcyBluFire Dragons :iconicyblufire:IcyBluFire 5,480 606 Dragons by adambn Dragons :iconadambn:adambn 1,319 80 Dragons by dragoon000 Dragons :icondragoon000:dragoon000 4,247 863 Orangey Saphira by Soraskies7 Orangey Saphira :iconsoraskies7:Soraskies7 22 4
Here are some of our collective favorite deviations. You too can submit a fav!
One of our lovely long time members, :iconbipolarnonsense: has asked for us to advertise his commissions.  I have known them for a long while, and decided that they needed a longer reach than just our advertisement board for this one.  For more information on his commissions, please follow the following link to his journal:  


On another note, we are still interested in doing some form of group activities, and in advancing our member count and boosting some people up into the role of Contributors.  Please feel free to comment if you are interested!  In all reality, we will only need about three more contributors willing to help with organizing events to make this group lively again!  Also, just as a warning, we will temporarily stop accepting pictures into our featured folder so that we can do some clean up and move around.  We will also be purging some inactive accounts from our member list.

Also as a reminder, we do allow our members to create their own journal/blog entries on our group as a sign that we are open to you guys reaching out to your fellow community members!  Also, the reconstruction of our chatrooms will commence in the next couple of months, so please have fun and enjoy everything!

Yours truly:
I must apologize to all 1,000+ of you that have still been around.  I have been living life, school, job search, the works.  Still haven't found the job, but schooling is going to be slow, and as such I can do more stuff until I find a job to pay for more school.  So if you guys are willing, we can try to make this an active group again!  It would be my deepest desire to do so.  And the first step, is to collect three more admins.  I think I'll just look through the member list and send out invitations.  However, if you want to be a contributor, go ahead and send me a personal note and I'll go ahead and make you one.  We will also be holding a contest for a another new icon, featuring our pretty little mascot!  
Dragon by bwusagi
So, without further ado, all entries must be submitted to the contest folder by November 31st.  The winner will be our new icon, and the other entries will have a permanent place in our featured folder!  Also, if you would rather donate a prize for this contest, probably points would be the best, then by all means go ahead.  I will start it off with 250 points to the winner, 100 points to second place and 50 points to third place.  Alright, you have an incentive, and I will probably make a new journal in September for the official announcement.  So please, I look forward to your entries!

yours truly
Hello everyone!  I'm horrible at being active myself and I'm sorry, but I really do want this group to become awesome!  That's why, I'm going to be asking anyone who's reading this journal/blog to go ahead and apply via comment on this journal if you desire a position as a group admin!  We are in the need of active members, so please comment!  I will contact you via notes if your application catches my eye, which would happen if you just comment but still haha.  Anyways, we will be needing about 6 people, so lots of room!  Even if you see 6 people have already commented, go ahead and apply anyways, because we might just need you later on, so what are you reading this for?  Apply today!

Sincerely yours;

Hello Everybody!  This is your founder, giving you a full update on what is going to be happening for the next few weeks:

1.  We are sad to inform you that due to lack of community response, the originally planned contest is going to undergo some changes, and details will be released on June 30th, it is still going to be a literary based contest, so stay tuned for more!

2.  We are also doing a bit of membership clean-ups and admin role changes.  I have already made some changes to the co-founders, as you can tell, and will be working on getting new admins.  Applications for being a co-founder will start on June 1st and end on June 20th.  Notes will be the best form.  We only have 2 spots open as of this time, so please, keep that in mind if we don't pick you.  Also, in your applications, state time zone and any experiences you have with running groups.  An Interview date with me has yet to be determined.

3.  We are also closing submissions for the featured folder so that way we can move excessive files from it to the appropriate folders.  We will also make the featured folder more exclusive so that way we can keep it looking neat, spick and span, which will also require us to make a new folder which will be titled "Group related items" which will contain pieces of art and literature that relate only to our group and any contests.

4.  We are still trying to become a super group!  I would pay for it myself, but I don't really do subscription services myself, so it's hard for me to pay for something online.  Anyways, I think though that if we donated points towards that end together, it would give us a much better feeling of accomplishment.

Well, that about sums it up, so if you have questions, please feel free to respond!  Thank you all for taking the time to read this and to understand that we are trying to make this group as great as possible!  Until next time, take care!

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These are the admins of the Band-of-Dragons.
Their word is law, but they are all kind people that deserve your respect. Oh, and one thing, they are also the judges for the featured folder and all contests that are hosted here. Thanks for reading and joining!




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