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Is there a mod I can talk to? I've been blacklisted without being able to talk to someone and prove that the evidence against me was incorrect and in bad faith.
Hello! I haven't been in the community for a couple years (I bought my MYO cinnadogs back in 2015) and I am trying to figure out how to rehome/sell them since I don't use them? Can anyone offer any guidance as I am really lost with the group and discord right now ? 
Join the cinna server and post a trading/selling advertisement in the trading center channel
it's the best way to rehome your cinnas, though you can still post a journal too and submit it to the group here
hi! i had bought a cinnadog from someone but theres no masterlist, how do i get them into a masterlist?
The masterlist is listed on the front of the group actually: Screen
You just need to click the cinna icon and it leads you to the masterlist.
Hello! I was wondering, if someone were to put their Cinnadog up for trade/offer, would someone offering be able to offer art? 
I think this comment got skipped awhile back, sorry about that.
Sure you can offer art on someone's up for sale/trade cinnadog.