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To approve your MYO or redesign, please join our discord and post it in the #🔍-MYO-redesign-approval channel!
To purchase a MYO Slot or upgrades for your Cinna, check out the shop on our website!
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To update masterlist information, join our discord and pop into the #📬-masterlist-updates channel chat!

Want to show off your art, Cinna, make some friends and have a good time in the best CS community on dA?
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[Current] The Voidal 1.2 (See new 2022 update)✨✨ EDIT (10/07/2022) Vodials are now only approved on the Cinna Server since the majority of the community is only active on discord! ✨✨ 🍰 You can find the voidal prompts here: https://www.cinnacentral.com/prompts.html#/ 🍰 Or you can buy a void cola here: https://www.cinnacentral.com/prompts.html#/ If you don't want to draw to unvoid your cinna! 🍰 If you are buying a void cola, screen shot your purchase with the order number visible please and link it in the Voidal Prompt [Unvoid] (Voidal Prompt Approvals) channel within the Cinna Server! 🍰 For Voidal prompts, submit the prompt art as well to the Voidal Prompt [Unvoid] (Voidal Prompt Approvals) channel for approval ~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dessert your fears… Return to flavor!---------------------------------------------Welcome to the home of the mysterious inter-dimensional portal known colloquially as THE VOIDAL(missing image)This portal has the ability to reunite a voided Cinna with its flavor, thus allowing it to be reinstated as an official Cinna for Masterlist and participation purposes.Here to guide you through the process is Vanta, a spooky but shy Cinna who guards the otherworldly portal. He wants to help all voided Cinnas regain their flavors! (missing image)RULESValid proof of ownership must be provided alongside prompt submissions.You cannot unvoid Cinnas while on the watchlist or banned list. Cinnas must be out of your possession.-Acceptable forms of proofFull screenshot with username, date, payment confirmation or ownership transfer clearly visible and unedited.ExampleExample of Unacceptable proofThere will be a one month cooldown upon having a Cinna reinstated. This means the Cinna must remain unvoided and in your possession for 30 days before any transfer of ownership can occur. Similarly, a voided Cinna must have been voided for 2 weeks (14 days) in order to be eligible for reinstatement. (missing image) (missing image) SUBMISSION GUIDELINESTo be considered for unvoiding, you must draw or write about the following scenario:Your Cinna, monochrome grey, interacts with their flavor and then regains their color and personality!Art submissions must include lined and colored fullbodies. Both versions of your Cinna must be visible!Writing submissions must be a minimum of 500 words and creatively portray the scene. You may interact with Vanta, describe the smell and look of the portal, etc. Entries will be judged by the Admins and approved if they follow all of the rules and guidelines!Entries should be posted below as a reply to the corresponding submission comment (art or writing).Below is a great example of an art submission! Thank you so much @NymBliss !(missing image) THE VOIDAL: RETURN TO FLAVOR BADGEThis badge is awarded to Cinnas who have returned from the Voidal! Congratulations!Upon a successful Voidal prompt submission, you are free to use this badge on your once-voided Cinna's profile.✨🥇✨(missing image)(missing image) Cinnabump - Approve MYOs, Updating Masterlists+Please join the discord to get your MYOs approved and submitted to the Masterlist! Along with all kinds of other fun perks. https://discord.gg/hPJhjc5 See the Masterlist in all its glory here: https://cinnaverse-masterlist.neocities.org/index.htmlJoin the CinnaDND development discord for updates on our new campaign!https://discord.gg/ghJw6UHOur new website is almost done with updates regarding the latest info - and a new shop for MYO slots and upgrades! Check it outhttps://www.cinnacentral.com/shop.html#/ CinnaDIRECT - New tails, events, discord, and +We'd love to personally thank all of your active involvement in the species since Eclipse. We know the website change has been hard for many to stay connected, and it threatened the life of our community. However, you guys have shown that this species and this family are more than DeviantART, and that we can thrive anywhere when we work together. Please read and enjoy the news brought to you by our hardworking admins!---With the launch of our new subreddit, r/cinnaverse, we held a new tail event - the second ever since 2015. With it, we welcomed the newest set of community-voted rare tails;the Boa tail by bunncoa, the Bow tail by lvsu, the Pretzel Twist tail [shortened to Pretzel tail], by u/pillbobuggins, the Beachy tail by u/witchyrart, the Pentagram tail by pichikeen, the Bow tail by archeopsmaster [renamed to the Ribbon tail], the Backpack tail by u/mowolotov, the Fishcrunchy tail by thalliumfire [renamed the Goldfish tail], the Lotus tail by loftiache, the Palm Tree tail by playdeadpossum [renamed the Paradise tail], the Claw tail by lycanthrop-y, the Harpoon tail by greaserdemon, and the Dragonfly tail by jetsetspy!See all the new tails in their glory on this post. See the work in progress fusion sheet on the website here! These new tails, again, are all rare including their fusions.KNOT TAIL JOINS THE FIGHT! Enjoy this rare, once discontinued tail for use on your customs and MYOs once again.Consider joining the Cinnaverse subreddit for a fun easy place to post art and journal-like posts in this sweet social media platform with Cinnalovers alike.---You may have noticed a lack of involvement in the group as of the launch of Eclipse. We deeply apologize to those active dA users, and highly encourage you to join our friendly, community-focused discord server. It is moderated by our amazing, kind, and polite long time mods of Band-of-Butts, and theres virtually no drama.We have fun weekly voice chats, a live hunger games where your Cinnas compete that is community-hosted, a community-aided masterlist channel, places to trade and sell, show off, vent, and interact directly with mods, lesboys, and the community. There's also plenty of channels for memes and gaming, and so much more.We need your help in our CinnaDNDevelopment channel! Our amazing mod unicorin has been working diligently to make tantalizing Cinna characters and a fun story for you in whats going to be their first time DMing. Eventually you'll be able to use your own Cinna in a fun CinnaDND campaign. Hop in there if youre interested in Dungeons & Dragons, Cinnas, and may even be a first timer - we all are too! Lets grow and have fun together. We're also working on having a weekly Cinnamovie night! Vote on movies together and watch with your Cinnabuddies.Make sure to read the rules when you join! https://discord.gg/hPJhjc5---You may have heard that the long-time used and poorly handled Masterlist account, @cinnadog is now defunct. You may be happy or sad to hear that, but we hope you rest easy knowing lesboys has been working for weeks on end to gather and list & number every official design, their traits, owners, and flavor, in one massive, easy-to-navigate list here. With the help of dedicated Cinnaphiles, we've been able to find most if not every Cinna made in the last 7 years of our existence. Thank you all so much!With the very, VERY recent discovery of old archives full of unmarked files in original upload order, the list is being remade for the last time. It is worked on once every two weeks and maybe sometime in between, for sanity. See the latest, polished and final iteration of the Cinnaverse Masterlist here. Help fill in missing info and earn rare traits, MYO slots, and more!Once this list is up to date, we have plans to introduce another, long-awaited and hoped for spreadsheet Masterlist for MYOs, where users can submit forms to be automatically added to the list. It sadly won't be in original upload order, but it will be much easier to read and edit than a lousy journal or account ever could.We will be taking all Masterlist updates to the discord channel, so please consider dropping in if you care about being listed correctly on this massive piece of Cinnahistory.---That is all from us! Hope you soaked in all that juicy info and are ready for a fun bright future for the species. Thanks for bearing with us all these years. From the ashes of Eclipse will rise the Cinna, reborn and more powerful than ever. EDIT: Removed old spreadsheet masterlist, please refer to Cinnadex - Charahub linked on the front page of the group!

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Magical hefty creatures with funky tails and lots of love. Welcome to the Official Group!

Official Cinna Masterlist (Cinnadex)

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Hello! I haven't been in the community for a couple years (I bought my MYO cinnadogs back in 2015) and I am trying to figure out how to rehome/sell them since I don't use them? Can anyone offer any guidance as I am really lost with the group and discord right now ? 
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Honey-Otter Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi! i had bought a cinnadog from someone but theres no masterlist, how do i get them into a masterlist?
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Hello! I was wondering, if someone were to put their Cinnadog up for trade/offer, would someone offering be able to offer art? 
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