Still gone, but made a promise!!!

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So I promised :iconiloveanimeandmanga: that I would feature them as soon as I could, considering I was on hiatus. Which I still pretty much am. I'll just be checking in every now and again so I don't get swamped like I was when I checked my inbox 3 days ago. ^_^" SO here :iconiloveanimeandmanga: is!!! Enjoy. ^_^

1. iloveanimeandmanga.deviantart.…
2. iloveanimeandmanga.deviantart.…
3. iloveanimeandmanga.deviantart.…
4. iloveanimeandmanga.deviantart.…
5. iloveanimeandmanga.deviantart.… <--- CUTEST THING EVER!!!!
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np! i did promise after all. ^_^ and your work is so nice!
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1st link is to someone else o.o
and u used something twice, 5 and 6 are the same! D:
But they're really good @.@
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oops! >< Thanks. ^_^"
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