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HP RP: Effie Calswop

By Banans13
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-Name: Euphemia "Effie" Calswop

-Age: 11

-Astrological Sign & birth date): Gemini, June 5th 2000

-Birthplace: London, England

-Blood Status:Half-Blood (mum is a pure blood, dad is a muggle)

-House: Ravenclaw

-Wand: 10" Cherry with Unicorn Hair core

-Pet: Great Grey Owl named Urnic

-Patronus: A Red Fox

-Favorite Class: I think I'll really enjoy Transfiguration, 'cause I can turn ordinary things into amazing things.

-Least Favorite Class:I'll probably hate Potions and Arithmancy because I'd probably forget some important ingredient or number and ruin the whole thing.

-Likes: I really like to read. A lot. That's why mum says I should be in Ravenclaw like she was. I also love to sing, and I enjoy watching quidditch and football. I also like drawing, small animals, being warm, holidays, tea, and muggle TV.

-Dislikes: I'm rubbish at juggling. And I hate bossy people, vegetables, thumb tacks, hospitals or nurses suites, cold feet, and being bored.

-Fear(boggart):Thumbtack Monster

-Personality: I'm very forgetful, so I'm usually really disorganized, especially since I have a lot of really eclectic interests. I don't like being the center of attention but I'm not afraid to stand up and voice my opinion. I'm pretty friendly, but I can hold grudges and once you get on my bad side I tend to avoid you.

-History: My Mum met my Dad when she was working undercover in the Muggle Ministry. They fell in love and got married. Dad works there still, and Mum is back in Muggle Affairs in the Ministry of Magic. I had a normal upbringing, for the most part, but I had a lot of babysitters since both my parents worked. Mum always told me I was a witch and I used to be scared by that 'cause this one time I accidentally bewitched all the thumbtacks in my bulletin board to come together and attack me. Mum managed to stop it in time, but ever since I've been wary of thumbtacks.

-Other information(special equipment/etc.)
My mum enchanted my favorite head band before I left. She made it so that I can add a different colored star to it as a way to keep track of things, since I'm really forgetful.
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