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August 3, 2008
Sydney by ~banane4joy - has created a very interesting piece of PixelArt with an enormous amount of dithering, demonstrating a wonderful gradient to the sky. The sun's reflection on the buildings and water have created a fine display of light and shade. The artist says ten hours of work and a palette of eight colours. Impressive.
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By banane4joy
Sydney. I put some my-fantasy buildings :)
-10 hours
-8 colors
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colvertheclever08's avatar
Oh! You put where my dad works!
sydneycbdhotels's avatar
Cool Picture of Sydney
slemire's avatar
Wow ^^ I live here.
I've never been in Sydey, but i'm going to live there in about 1/2 year...!
- So of course i am very exited about this beautifull painting... ;)
I already loooove that wonderfull city! <3
thesingingsydney123's avatar
This is a really cool pic! I never knew that Sydney Australia is as pretty as me cuz my name is Sydney!!!
mehmetilbay's avatar
madnesslab's avatar
8 colors?!
WO-O-OW, you a genius, you really are!
Charlene-Art's avatar
Wow, you have a whole new take on this.
Oktanas's avatar
Helo there,

i have featured you on my shoutboard [link] (it's on the right side of the screen).

Have a nice day.
Silverfire56's avatar
wow thats inpressive
aLLySaN's avatar
ChcolatDipdStrawbery's avatar
That is just so beautiful. =]
sambu's avatar
sweet (fav)
KelpieMcManga's avatar
muffinman555's avatar
This is truly amazing. I bow to you. It has so much depth, and I can't believe that you only used eight colors!
MellotronPie's avatar
Wow, that is some brilliant pixel art. I'm glad this got a DD or else I never would have come across it.
H0ppe's avatar
At first I clicked on it to enlarge it...I thought it was a photo! o.o Congratulations, it's beautiful!
TibodinJay's avatar
:wow: Oh, WOW :wow: I'm impressed :jawdrop :D
Djohaal's avatar
Totally fantastic
ZombieToaster's avatar
Nice work, i love the colors you chose for it.
totatota123's avatar
Deathcomes4u's avatar
I really like it, but... what about centerpoint tower? D:
and the bridge? lol, i don't really care, i like it anyway. if you don't live here i don't expect you to get it perfect ;)
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