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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm Grant! You can call me Banane, Sleepless/Sleepy, and Skelly. I'm an English major, poet, aspiring cartoonist, and Halloween junkie. I draw cartoony art, usually of Halloween-y or spooky characters, and I'm half of the YouTube gaming duo Bullet Bros.

As one might expect, I draw cartoon characters. I haven't posted any poetry, but I might consider sharing some of my work in the future. I don't actually know code, game design is just one of those things I want to learn. I have a sort of undying urge to "create something." Deep down inside, I feel like I've yet to achieve my magnum opus and I won't be happy until I do. It's a real anxiety I have, I should probably see a therapist about it.

Aside from my art, I love 3D platformer games and subsist entirely on microwave chicken sandwiches and Flamin' Hot Cheetos. No, seriously, I thrive on the stuff. I also collect skeleton or Halloween-themed stuff, I currently own ~40 plastic skeletons.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk commissions, have any questions about me or my work, or just want to chat.

Some things people might ask about me or my art:

Q. Who inspired your artstyle?

A. Both my artstyle and the types of things I'm interested in drawing are inspired by the works of Edmund McMillen (Binding of Isaac) and Bogleech (Awful Hospital). To a lesser extent, I've also been heavily inspired by Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Celine Tellier (Rayman Origins), and a ton of late 90's/early 00's cartoonists who created the stuff I grew up with.


Q. What inspired your sort of "messy" cartoon style?

A. First off, I've loved cartoons for as long as I can remember (probably obsessively so). As a kid, I would scribble little comics about stickmen going on adventures and come up with funny cartoon versions of my average school day in my head. Cartoons always served as a sort of escape from the incredibly boring shit adults make kids put up with and the even more boring shit that adults make other adults put up with.

As for my inspiration behind drawing that kind of stuff myself, it mostly comes down to my opinions on the current atmosphere of online art careers. Twitter and Tumblr both have an obsession with bright pastel cats (which are cute, but not the kind of thing I want to draw) and blood-stained creepypasta bait. I like creepy stuff as much as the next guy, but I really wanted to do something that less people are doing. I also really hate the same-ness of the anime style and wanted to do the polar opposite.


Q. But you favorited-

A. I favorite art that I genuinely think is great, that doesn't mean it's breaking the mold. Some of the people I've seen here are great at what they do, and they should keep doing that. A lot of times, I look out for things like good characterization, a good understanding of color theory, or something that inexplicably wows me.


Q. So, anxiety?

A. Yes, I've dealt with anxiety for well over a decade now. At some point, it was so bad that going to school would make me physically ill, but nowadays I'm pretty good at dealing with it.

Since people will ask, my tips for anxiety are pretty basic: get lots of sleep, try to eat a healthy diet (lots of protein, lots of veggies, less grease), drink plenty of WATER, cut caffeine (this one is non-negotiable, you're at war with your blood pressure and caffeine isn't helping), practice your breathing exercises (in for 7, out for 11), and get in the habit of doing things you aren't normally comfortable doing, especially rewarding things. As much as people hate hearing it, anxiety is a phobia, and the only true cure for a phobia is immersion therapy. Sometimes you just have to say "fuck it" and regularly put up with it until you're not scared of it anymore. Appreciate the small pleasures in life, make everything a prize for going out.

MOST IMPORTANT: It's okay to tell your friends when you're having a bad day if you want support, but don't post vague statuses or vent about it all day. You are not your anxiety, don't let it be a part of you. Be willing to kick it out on the street and lock your door.


Q. You mentioned junk food??? Why did you tell people to eat healthy?

A. Yeah, I preach eating healthy and tend to aim for the more "organic" option when available, but sometimes I just want some goddamn snacks. I actually really love junk food and I go out of my way to try new things, feel free to ask me if any new snacks or fast food items are good. If I haven't had it yet, I'll happily see if I can try it for you.


Q. You studied English! Can you help tutor me?

A. As a guy who's worked in tutoring before, I'd happily not help you. I'm not the internet's free writing tutor, and chances are your school ALREADY has one of those. Call me lazy, but your tuition and my tax payer dollars are both going towards free tutoring programs that you already have access to. You won't be a bother, go pay them a visit. They want to help you, that's their job. They chose it for a reason!


Q. Can we chat?

A. Sure, I don't bite.


Q. What the HELL is up with that username?!

A. Banane Surprise was an inside joke between me and some friends when some guy came in and wrote some (questionable) fanfiction about us on a public Minecraft server we played on years ago. The fact that he couldn't even spell "banana" properly was the funniest thing in the world to me, and the name just sorta stuck with me.


good characters are yellow and carry knives change my mind
i need everyone to power up my page with their gamer energy thanks
26 letters aren't enough to describe the kind of sexual intercourse you can find on minecraft


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