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Now that I think of it, it's been a very long time since my last Harry Potter fanart!
Something struck me yesterday, when I managed to see the 7th movie for the second time.
And I loved it, really...It was so close to the book, for once!

There was still a silly thing that I couldn't help to notice. It seems that Snape's hair get fluffier and silkier with each film! The man known for his hideous greasy black hair...the irony.

The guy is ready to make a L'Oréal commercial! :flirty:
The other death eaters are jealous of course, who couldn't be...
Lucius is all shaggy after his stay at Azkaban (poor man doesn't even have time to shave), Narcissa's still wearing her Badger wig, and Bellatrix...Well, she's furious because she doesn't get her dear Voldie's attention anymore!:tears:

Sorry Bella, it's all about the hair, your aren't puffy enough! :p

Oh, and by a strange coincidence, today is apparently Snape's birthday...Well, you finally get your shampoo, Severus!
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This is hilarious! :D
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Oh, this is great!
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That's very nice of you, thanks! :glomp:
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This is just too funny to pass up! :lol:

PS: I like your sig, so true that. :)
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héhéhé xD Watching the movie, I thought that too ! Fantastic work !
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Very funny, Good Job!
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You're so right... The more the series went on, the fluffier and prettier his hair got... Hohohoho. I love this. :iconlaughingplz:
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GOTTA love it!
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"Sorry, Bella. Maybe if you BRUSHED YOUR HAIR for once in your life......" *bursts out laughing*
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XD I don't think she even knows what a brush is!
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Heh, true. I wish I could actually say that to her. Curses and spells don't work on me anyway.
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HAHA! XD Lol! This is so funny also you did a nice job. =3
Lol Beatrice. XD
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