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i can't believe fantage is closing oof 
i haven't logged on to this account in a while but if u want to keep in touch or chat with me u can follow me on instagram @/ep.evelyn (i seriously dont know what im doing i joined a new community lmao)
i also made a new deviantart account idk what i'm gonna do on it but yeah oof it's arabxsque 
i hope you guys are having a good day & i'll see ya on the other side (:

- The Story of Felicia and Ms. Sarcastic -

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2016, 8:20 AM

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The Story of Mrs. Felicia Filth, and Ms. Sarcastic | PART 1

Felicia Filth (banana): Okay, that's enough 
Ms. Sarcastic. 
Please everyone, take a seat. My name is Mrs.
Filth. Please call me Felicia.I'm Felicia Filth

Ms. Sarcastic (Krissy): Bye Mr. Filthy head. Your class sucks!

Felicia Filth: o:
Excuse me?
I simply said to call me Felicia. NOT Mr. Filthy!!!
You suck!

Ms. Sarcastic: Yeah, I said it, Mr. Filthy Head.
You suck dick!!

Felicia Filth: I am a Mrs, excuse you.


Ms. Sarcastic: Are you sure about that? You sure don't look like a "fe"male

Ms. Ess (Princess): STOP AHHH
u guys r being dicks rn

Ms. Sarcastic: Who are you?

Felicia Filth: [picks up phone] Hello? Is this Mr. 
Dirtface, the principle? Yes, I'd like to send Ms. 
Sarcastic to the office. Okay. Yup. Okay. She'll 
be there, just hold on. Ms. Ess Is here. 
Okay, I'll hold.

Ms. Sarcastic: lol

Felicia Filth: [automated voice] Hello. 
You've reached Duncan Dirtface. 
Please leave a message after the tone. 
[throws phone to ground]
Stupid Wi-Fi.

Ms. Sarcastic: Mr. Filthy Head, you know
that I can escape the office, right? Mr. 
Dickface is so dumb and blind he won't 
even know.

Ms. Ess: wtf

Ms. Sarcastic: Is that a mosquito talking?

Felicia Filth: What did you say? Ms. Sarcastic,
you've said enough. I warned you. I've had 
enough of you blabbing and complaining 
and name-calling. 
GET OUT of my classroom.
[kicks ass]

Ms. Ess: Hi, I'm Ms. Ess, but you can call me 
Hole. I am the guidance counselor. Please stop 
this bickering at once!

Ms. Sarcastic: I said this "Mr. Filthy Head, you 
know that I can escape the office, right? Mr. 
Dickface is so dumb and blind he won't even 
know" You must be really stupid since you 
didn't hear that. I'll love to leave your filthy 
classroom!! Bye bye suckers!

Ms. Ess: [ zips mouth ]

Felicia Filth: [locks door]
You're not going anywhere.

Ms. Ess: what even

Ms. Sarcastic: breaks window and jumps out

Ms. Ess: [chases]

Felicia Filth: Ms. Sarcastic, you have detention
for a whole year!

Ms. Sarcastic: BUH BYE SUCKERS

WOMAN YOU *******************

Ms. Sarcastic: Yeah, yeah! Whatever you say, 
Mr. Filthy Head!


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havin' the time of my life
this was the highlight of my morning

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The Story of Ms. Felicia Filth and Ms. Sarcastic | PART 2
by BananaStarxxkrxssy, elysii-an and ixKat 

Ms. Sarcastic: I have no dick.

Ms. Felicia Filth: You're right.

Ms. Sarcastic: And I'm not a cat fan.

Ms. Felicia Filth: You don't have a dick; you have multiple dicks.
Ms. Sarcastic: at least i dont date a blob fish donkey like you c:

Ms. Felicia Filth: Please stop, Ms. Sarcastic!

Ms. Sarcastic: Why should I? The party is just getting started!

Ms. Felicia Filth: Ew.
No it's not; you're in detention!

Ms. Sarcastic: The only person that is "ew" is you.
Like I care if I'm in detention. The fucking teacher there is so stupid!

Ms. Felicia Filth: Were you born on the highway, Ms. Sarcastic? Because that's where most accidents happen!

Ms. Sarcastic: Probably more stupid than you.

Ms. Felicia Filth: You're as stupid as Trump.

Clueless Kat: what in the world is going on here

Ms. Sarcastic: You're more stupid than Trump, Hitler, and Hillary combined.

Clueless Kat: ar

Ms. Sarcastic: If you and those people were in a room together and I had a gun, I would probably kill you first!

Ms. Felicia Filth: Really? You're so ugly, even the trolls are jealous.

Ms. Sarcastic: Please, everyone adores my looks. Maybe you're just jealous since I'm half model and you're just a lousey teacher dealing with idiotic kids.

Ms. Felicia Filth: Really? I don't!
Check your spelling, Ms. Sarcastic.

Ms. Sarcastic: Since you're the teacher shouldn't you be helping the kids with their spelling? Oh thats right, you're too dumb to teach.

Ms. Felicia Filth: Do you have a master's degree? No. Did you go to college? No. I'm qualified. In fact, BY THE FBI OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clueless Kat: LOL

Ms. Ess: I think you all need to settle down, or detention for a week. That counts for Duncan Dirtbag too.
Or whatever his name is.